4 Branding Tips for Trade Show Displays

September 7th, 2017

According to exhibitors, building brand awareness is one of the top three reasons for bringing a trade show display to an event. Thanks to the fact that 67 percent of attendees represent new prospects not reached by other marketing means, and thanks to the large numbers of people spending significant amounts of time in the exhibit hall, trade show displays are a valuable way to build positive perceptions of your brand among your target audience. There are many factors that contribute to successful branding. However, at a trade show, the biggest and most important factor is the trade show display itself. Through careful design and implementation, you should be able to use it to effectively communicate your brand to visitors. Here are 4 tips for creating a memorable branding experience within your trade show display.








Choose the largest trade show display possible for your exhibit space.

Size is not a requirement for an effective trade show display. Even small booths can be designed to stand out in the exhibit hall. However, at the same time, people often associate booth size with a company’s success, and a larger trade show display is also more likely to catch people’s attention. Therefore, in order to successfully build brand awareness with your trade show display, you may want to consider purchasing the largest booth space you can afford (without compromising on the quality of the booth’s design). Since your goal is to get your trade show display seen by as many people as possible, reserve this space in the highest traffic area available. Once you have a large, well-located space, work with your exhibit company’s design services to create a trade show booth design that uses every inch of that space to your advantage. The result should be an eye-catching trade show display that enjoys maximum visibility in the exhibit hall.

Focus on attention-grabbing graphics within your trade show display.

One element of a successful brand is its ability to stand out. While it will be the values and personality of your brand that win customers over from your competitors, the first step in effectively branding your trade show display is to make its design stand out from the other booths. To this end, work with your exhibit company to create attention-grabbing graphics for your trade show display. The most effective graphics have a number of specific qualities that make them more appealing to passersby and booth visitors.

  • Large and active

Attention-grabbing graphics are large enough to be seen from the desired distance (i.e. across the exhibit hall or as people walk by the booth), and contain enough action to make people stop and really look. Swap out static photos for images of people doing things, or change your images of computers for images of happy customers actually using your devices.

  • Bold Colors

The color palette you choose for your graphics will affect the visibility and the appeal of those images. The most effective graphics use colors that work well together, communicate brand qualities, and are bold enough to be easily seen across the exhibit hall.

  • A Clear Hierarchy of Message

Consider creating a hierarchy of messages so that customers see the most important information first, while still being able to access secondary and tertiary messages as they wish.

  • Strategic Placement

Finally, create attention-grabbing graphics by placing them strategically, where the most people will see them. For example, save your most powerful graphics for the sides of your trade show display that are exposed to the most foot traffic, or stack your graphics at varying heights to catch the eye of attendees at a distance, as they approach your booth, and as they walk right by it.

  • Ample Lighting

Lighting is necessary to direct visitors’ attention to the most important parts of your trade show display. Use ample lighting to illuminate your graphics in such as way as to make them look more appealing and to direct visitors’ attention to the images and messages they most need to see.

Create a trade show booth design that is consistent with your branding.

When people become familiar with a brand, they expect certain things to be true of that brand all the time. The most obvious example is the company logo and the brand colors. Anywhere your brand appears, customers expect to see the same brand logo and colors used. However, other elements, such as messaging, language, behavior of your sales team, customer service, and graphics can also come to be associated with a particular brand. As a result, effective branding of your trade show display means keeping your trade show booth design consistent with the rest of your marketing and messaging efforts. For example, use colors that match and complement your brand colors. Include your logo in the design. And, perhaps just as importantly, ensure that the language used in your messaging, the values you espouse, and the ways in which your sales team act are in keeping with the brand experience your customers have elsewhere. By doing so, you reinforce your brand and reassure visitors that they will receive a consistent (and consistently high quality) experience every time they deal with your company.










Use memorable graphics and messaging in your trade show display.

In order for people to remember your brand long after they leave the trade show, you must provide them with memorable branding in your trade show display. Unless they know exactly how your company differs from the rest, they are likely to forget about your brand as soon as they walk out of the exhibit hall. The most effective way to differentiate your brand through your trade show display is to focus your graphics and messaging on your brand’s unique qualities. For example, does your business pursue green initiatives? Put those initiatives front and center in your trade show booth design. Are you known for your friendly customer service in an industry otherwise known for its poor customer support? Make your graphics and messaging about that. Your exhibit company can help you to take these unique qualities and display them in unique ways within your trade show display. As a result, not only is your messaging unique, but the way it is presented in your design is memorable as well. The result? A better understanding of your brand that visitors will be able to recall even after the trade show is over. Trade show displays can be effective tools for building brand awareness, as long as you design them to do so. By choosing the largest trade show display possible within your budget, focusing on attention-grabbing graphics, creating a trade show booth design consistent with your other marketing endeavors and using memorable graphics and messaging, you can craft a branded trade show display that will contribute toward greater brand awareness among your target audience.