4 Last-Minute Things to Do to Prepare Your SXSW Trade Show Exhibit

January 7th, 2019

The time is almost here: In just two short months, the most creative minds in the interactive, music, and film industries will come together for several days of networking, collaborating, and learning.

And, as a business engaged in these industries and invested in making the most of this annual conference and set of festivals, it is crunch time. While you have (hopefully) been planning your SXSW trade show exhibit and prepping your activations in order to create an interactive and unforgettable experience for attendees, there are a few last-minute things you need to do to get ready.

Fortunately, Imagecraft stands ready to help you navigate the last few weeks before the SXSW trade show. Here are 4 last-minute things that need to be on your to-do list this month, along with some tools Imagecraft can offer to help you make it happen.


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Get local support in place for your SXSW trade show exhibit.

Regardless of where you are traveling from or who you chose to help you create your SXSW trade show exhibit, it is now time to find some local Austin support for those exhibits. Do you know who to turn to if your lights burn out the day after the show starts? Do you have a plan in place for minimizing installation and dismantling delays? What happens if your pricey SXSW exhibit design is damaged when it arrives in Austin? Or worse, what do you do if your display fails to show up at all?

With a plethora of minor and major crises alike possible, you need a backup plan. Let Imagecraft help. As a local, Austin-based business, we can get you the support you need quickly. From providing you with display supplies to sending over reliable partners and support, to offering rapid display solutions like rentals and portable exhibits, we can help you handle a variety of last-minute needs. Take advantage of our locally-based and experienced support to ensure a successful exhibit at your biggest event of the year.


Get a second opinion to save money and improve your SXSW trade show exhibit.

A custom trade show booth can be expensive, and even less costly options, like rentals, require a financial outlay. That does not mean that saving money on your exhibit is impossible. With the right design, you can minimize costs without losing that all-important wow factor.

If you want to make sure that your SXSW trade show display is both affordable and effective, consider getting a second opinion from Imagecraft. With a couple of months left before the SXSW trade show, you have time to tweak your design to improve its effectiveness or to save a few dollars.

Imagecraft possesses years of experience in the trade show field, and SXSW in particular. That means that our design services can help you identify areas where you can save money without compromising on look, or offer solutions that improve the effectiveness of your display. Have us take a look at your SXSW trade show exhibit, and ensure the most cost-effective and powerful look possible at SXSW.


Finalize your SXSW trade show exhibit now.

There are two months left before the SXSW Trade Show 2019, but now is the time to finalize your plans. Waiting any longer means having less time to deal with problems that arise, less time to make changes to your design, and less time to save on expenses.

As a result, take the opportunity to finish your preparation for SXSW this month. Do you need a second opinion? Reach out to Imagecraft for a second look. Are you still unsure where to get your trade show services? Utilize Imagecraft’s deep well of expertise. Do you need help finding affordable shipping? Ask Imagecraft for references to their tried and true (and affordable) partners.

Whatever you need to finalize your plans is available at Imagecraft. Take the last few weeks and make sure you are ready to impress the incredible pool of talent and potential who will be attending SXSW in March.


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It’s never too late to get ready for SXSW 2019.

At the same time, if you find yourself unprepared for SXSW 2019, take heart: It is never too late to get ready. Are you facing the worst case scenario: No display ready yet? Ask us about our quick turnaround options, like customizable rentals and portable trade show displays.

We can help you put together an exhibit that isn’t just quick, but is also powerful. There is no reason anyone needs to know you didn’t have an exhibit until January. All they need to know is that your display looks incredible.

Of course, other, less major, preparations are also possible within the next two months. If your to-do list feels overwhelming, take heart and reach out to Imagecraft. We are happy to lend our expertise and resources to getting you ready for the biggest event of the year.

SXSW 2019 promises to be bigger and more exciting than ever before. With a trade show that has expanded by 40 percent to interactive conference tracks on cutting edge topics like cryptocurrency and technology, to insights into virtual reality, any business related to the industry really needs to be there.


Let Imagecraft help you prepare in these last two months. From prepping last minute (but still incredible) trade show displays, to finalizing your SXSW trade show exhibits to getting a second opinion and finding local support, you can check off your to-do list with Imagecraft. And that means that when you show up at SXSW, you will be prepared to wow attendees and earn new business with displays that are as budget-friendly, interactive, and incredible as possible. Don’t let the size and scope of SXSW intimidate you. Get ready to stand out; thanks to expert local support and careful preparation that puts your business in the best possible light.

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