4 Reasons to Use an Exhibit Company’s Trade Show Services

March 9th, 2016

An exhibit company offers you the advantage of experienced custom design services and expert construction of your custom exhibits. What you may not know, however, is that many exhibit companies, such as ImageCraft, also provide program management services such as packing, shipping, installing, dismantling, and even storing your trade show displays. While you could hire separate companies to accomplish these tasks for you, using your exhibit company can provide you with a smoother and more efficient process.

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Guarantee Optimal Packing

There are few aspects of event exhibiting more frustrating than investing large sums of money in your display, only to find it damaged upon arrival at the exhibit hall. And there is no better way to protect your display against this type of damage than by making sure it is packed properly before shipment. Typically, this will require the building of custom crates designed specifically to protect your display during shipment.

In these situations, your own exhibit company’s in-depth knowledge of and familiarity with your display allows them to easily create custom shipping containers that will safely carry your trade show display to the exhibit hall. Your exhibit company knows how your display breaks down, which pieces need extra protection, what the most logical arrangement of the pieces is, and so forth. In addition, their experience in the field provides them with the know-how to create the safest possible shipping crates for your needs.

Meet Deadlines

When you are shipping your custom exhibit to the trade show, you typically only have a small window of time in which to get your display delivered. For large events, there might only be a window of a few hours during which the loading dock will be able to accept your crates. Even if you choose to ship your custom exhibits early on to another warehouse to be stored until the trade show begins, you will need to meet delivery the dock delivery deadlines. As a result, it is important to use a shipping method that is reliable, prompt, and organized enough to get your display to its location on time.

Because of their experience in handling the many details of packing and shipping trade show displays, exhibit companies understand the importance of on-time delivery, and are familiar with what it takes to guarantee the timely delivery of your shipments. Your exhibit company is likely to already have processes in place with which they can clearly package and label your crates, working relationships with trusted and reliable transportation companies, and the ability to devote the necessary time and effort to track your shipment all throughout its way to the convention center.

Save Time

Arranging your own means of transportation to and from the exhibit hall can be a time consuming process, even before taking into account that you must oversee the building and packing of the crates. You need to research the best methods for getting your trade show exhibit to the event location (i.e. plane, train, trucks, etc.). Then, you need to research transportation companies, compare prices, arrange drop off times for the shipments, negotiate discounts and payment with the various companies whose services you use, track the shipment, manage any problems as they arise, and so forth. This process can take significant amounts of time away from the other preparation you need to execute in order to oversee a successful trade show (i.e. training staff, creating a marketing strategy, etc).

An exhibit company’s trade show services can save you time by handling all of these logistics for you. Once you arrange for their help, you will have far fewer responsibilities when it comes to getting your trade show display to the right location (and back again). This will allow you to instead focus on preparing for the trade show. The result is more convenience for you, and a smoother trade show experience overall.

Enjoy Smoother Installation and Dismantling

Getting your trade show display packed and safely delivered to the event location is only the first step to a successful trade show. You must next properly set up the display, and later safely dismantle and repack the display. Often times the best way to this is to use your exhibit company’s trade show services and the expertise that comes with their knowledge years of experience.

There are many reasons it is invaluable to have someone on hand at the trade show exhibit who knows your display inside and out. Firstly, they know exactly how your display is put together, which greatly speeds up and simplifies the set-up process. Second, they are there and at your disposal to provide expertise and suggest solutions if something does goes wrong while setting up or tearing down the exhibit. Finally, they will handle the entire breakdown process and oversee the safe transportation of your exhibit back to storage. The result is an overall much less stressful and smoother trade show experience.

Your exhibit company’s services often extend beyond the designing and building of your custom trade show display. Not only can they provide you with guidance on your trade show booth design, but also on getting the finished product to and from the event location. By providing you with optimal packing for your crates, assisting you in meeting deadlines, saving you time, and providing expertise during installation and dismantling, they provide a valuable service that exceeds the support that many other third party logistics experts can provide.