4 Tips for Making Your Trade Show Booth Design Social Media Friendly

January 31st, 2017

Almost 90 percent of marketers in the United States use social media to let people know about their brand and get them excited about using their products and services. There is little doubt that channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the ability to reach large new audiences when used correctly. At the same time, trade shows also offer an effective way to reach new audiences, with 67 percent of attendees representing unreached markets for exhibitors. When businesses can combine these two strategies—trade shows and social media—they have the opportunity to multiply the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. What follows is a look at how you can use your trade show booth design to facilitate the use of social media in order to reach even greater audiences and multiply the impact of your trade show display.











Include your social media information on the signage in your trade show booth design.

In order to encourage social media engagement from your trade show display visitors, you need to make sure they know where to reach you on social media. For example, if someone wants to tweet about your booth, they need to know your Twitter handle, your company’s unique hash tag, and/or the show’s hashtag. If they want to keep up with your company on Facebook, they need to know what your Facebook page is. As a result, consider creating a trade show booth design that includes posting your social media information on the signage of the booth. While this information does not need to be part of the largest messaging on the outside of your trade show display, it should be placed just inside the trade show display, where visitors can easily see it.

Plan for events at your trade show display that can be broadcast over social media.

Events at your trade show display offer a powerful opportunity to attract audiences to your booth. Examples include product demonstrations and product launches, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and more. Even contests and giveaways can engage visitors to your trade show displays. These events can and should be announced ahead of time on social media, because they can spark interest in attendees even before they come to the show. With the right events, you can convince people to make your booth a planned stop while they are at the show. Your trade show booth design can contribute to the success of these events by providing a designated space where they can take place. For example, by planning ahead for a product demonstration, you can build a trade show display with the staging, seating, and technology necessary for the event. Then, you can confidently announce your events on social media, knowing that you are prepared to follow through on your plan. 











Build a designated social media space into your trade show booth design.

One of the most useful things you can do to ensure your social media success during the trade show is to build a designated social media space into your trade show booth design. This space should have a few things to ensure that you can stay engaged with social media during the show. First, you will need a staff member dedicated solely to managing social media for your business during the show. This person can post updates, videos, and pictures; stay on top of your strategy for the show, and keep alert for other opportunities to engage with social media. Second, you will need a place where attendees can stop by to take photos and give testimonials. This space might include video equipment so you can take videos of testimonials or record events to post live on social media channels like Facebook. With fun photo booths and backdrops, as well as appropriate signage, you can encourage attendees to take and post selfies or record their appreciation for your brand on social media.

Create a trade show booth design that allows for meet ups with your Twitter followers.

Called Tweetups, Twitter meet ups allow your Twitter followers to connect with you in person. As a result, they offer an excellent opportunity to cultivate admirers of your company into customers and long-term allies for your brand. The trade show can be a good place to hold these meet ups, because many of your Twitter followers will already be there. The goal is to announce these meetings beforehand on Twitter and ideally to offer a desirable giveaway for anyone who comes. Advertising these meetings ahead of time can also encourage others to follow you on Twitter in order to have the opportunity to attend the meet up. Your trade show exhibit design can contribute to the success of these Tweetups by giving you the space you need to hold them. For example, your trade show booth design might include private meeting rooms or comfortable seating areas, as well as signage, so attendees have a comfortable place to connect with you during the meet up. The right trade show booth design can also create enough space to have the meet up without interfering with the other visitors to your booth. A trade show is a good opportunity to boost your social media following and use social media to expand brand awareness and lead generation for your company. With the right trade show booth design, you can build a trade show display that facilitates your use of social media. By providing attendees with information on your social media presence, creating a booth that can accommodate events you have planned and promoted on social media, building a designated social media center in your trade show display, and creating a trade show booth design that accommodates Twitter meet ups, you can make your social media strategy easier to implement and more effective. Ultimately, the right trade show booth design can help you enjoy the benefits of an effective social media strategy at your next trade show.