4 Ways to Use Digital Signage in Custom Exhibits

February 15th, 2018

Digital signage has begun to come into its own, with advancements in technology and the technology-driven mindset of modern-day consumers making it an appealing option for exhibitors wanting to more deeply engage booth visitors. This year, digital signage is expected to continue its upward climb in popularity, at least in part because of how versatile and effective this type of signage is in trade show displays. In fact, when it comes to completing almost any task critical to the success of a trade show exhibit, digital signage has a role to play. And, digital signage often accomplishes these tasks more effectively and for a lower cost than other means. If you are wondering how to use digital signage in your next custom exhibit, consider these potential uses:

Use digital signage in your custom exhibits to capture attendees’ attention.

The first task of any trade show exhibit is to capture the attention of trade show attendees so that they want to come over and learn more about the business. Of course, to do this successfully, you must have an exceptional booth design. Technology alone will not accomplish your goals. However, digital signage can go a long way toward giving your booth a look that stands out from all the other exhibits on the trade show floor. Hanging digital signage in particular can serve as an eye-catching addition to any custom exhibit. It is hard to ignore a large sign visible from every corner of the exhibit hall, especially when it boasts a compelling design and a simple but clear message. Less dramatically, other types of digital signage (such as towers, animated fabric graphics, and more), can add pops of interest and appeal that catch attendees’ attention and turn them toward your booth. Once you have their attention, it becomes easier to begin educating them about your business.

Use digital signage in your custom exhibits to create interactive stations for visitors.

Educating visitors about your business means engaging them at some level with your custom exhibit and your business. The more hands-on they can be with a display, the more information they are likely to remember about your company and your products. And that knowledge may lead to further conversations and sales for your business. Interactive digital signage is an effective way to create this level of engagement with booth visitors. From tablets to kiosks, stations where visitors can interact with the signage in order to look at products, view demonstrations, engage with social media, and leave contact information can help to engage visitors in new and deeper ways.

Use digital signage to customize your message to every trade show.

A custom exhibit is a large investment that is intended to last for about 5 years. However, businesses often need to update their messaging more frequently, while some companies cater to a number of target audiences, each of whom have their own preferences and require their own messaging. Meeting this challenge is one of the benefits of digital signage. Thanks to its digital nature, you can easily tweak or change the graphics and messaging for each trade show you attend, and do so for very little cost. As a result, with digital signage, the same custom exhibit can be tailored to reflect whatever message you need to send or audience you need to reach.

Use digital signage in your custom exhibit to ease waiting times for visitors.

Even when you carefully staff your trade show exhibit to handle the levels of expected traffic, you may occasionally find that your booth is busier than your sales team can handle at once. This means that visitors may end up waiting to speak to a member of the sales team. Unless you can engage these visitors while they wait, you may lose them to another booth. Similarly, you may find that visitors come to your booth for a chance to rest and recharge their phones (Charging stations and lounge areas are ideal for attracting this type of traffic). Being able to engage these visitors during their downtime can be a smart way to build brand awareness and interest. The key is to do so in a way that fits in with the visitor’s goal of resting (which often means not talking to salespeople). In both of these instances, digital signage can be put to good use. For example, when a trade show exhibit is very busy, waiting visitors can read and interact with your digital signage. Ideally, these interactions will encourage them to also leave their contact information. That way, even if they do leave the booth without talking to a member of your sales team, you will have a way to reach out to them after the show. When people are using a lounge area to rest and recharge, digital signage can provide an unobtrusive and interesting way for visitors to learn about your business, without the pressure of a one on one talk with the sales team. As a result, digital signage can turn your lounge area into an educational, productive, and pleasant part of your overall trade show display. There are many ways to put digital signage to good use within a custom exhibit. Whether you use it to attract attention within a crowded exhibit hall, to create interactive stations for engaging visitors, to customize your messaging for every trade show, or to ease waiting times for visitors, digital signage can enhance your trade show exhibit efforts.

If you need help building a custom exhibit or figuring out how digital signage can fit into your trade show display, an experienced exhibit company like Imagecraft can help. From finding you the best fit for your display needs to walking you through your digital signage options, our design services can help you create the exhibit that will allow you to achieve your exhibiting goals.