5 Tips for Creating Effective Portable Trade Show Displays

March 28th, 2016

Portable displays offer a number of advantages for businesses looking to cut down on costs without giving up trade show exhibiting. Designed to be lightweight, small, and easy to transport, they allow you to enjoy a more cost effective and hassle free display experience. While they may not come with all of the options that are possible with custom exhibits, they can be designed to support your trade show goals. Here are 5 tips for crafting effective and eye-catching portable trade show displays.

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Choose a display that fits your display space.

Portable trade show displays tend to be smaller than custom exhibits. Their smaller size and lighter weight are part of what makes them so easy to transport (most of them can be carried by a single staff member instead of needing to be shipped separately). However, at the same time, they can be purchased or put together in a variety of sizes to match your display space.

For this reason, one of the first steps you can take to create an effective portable display is to choose one that fits your display space. For instance, if you have reserved a 10×20 space, a tabletop display will be almost entirely lost in your exhibit area. Instead, you want to fill your exhibiting area with enough of a display to attract visitors’ attention. This can mean choosing a slightly larger display, or building additions (such as LCD screens) into a smaller display to add both appeal and size.

Choose a background color that matches your business.

Most portable trade show displays sport background material onto which the graphics and messaging are added. While this material may not seem as important as designing images that will stand out to attendees, the appearance of your background plays a role in the overall impact your display has on visitors. For instance, certain colors (like red) will catch the attention of attendees, while other colors (like blue and yellow) will communicate professionalism.

For this reason, when crafting your display, select a background color that matches your business. If you are an edgy business, for instance, you may want a bolder, brighter color. However, if you are in an industry where professionalism is key, you may want cooler colors. It is also important to select a background that meshes with your brand in order to keep your overall messaging cohesive. The result should be a look that immediately tells visitors who you are as a brand.

Create a clear and visible message.

Messaging is a critical component of any trade show display, be it a rental exhibit, a custom exhibit, or a portable exhibit display. However, the type of message you choose for your portable display can make the difference between getting the trade show attention you need and ending up falling short of your trade show goals. This is why you need to take the time to craft a clear and visible message for your display.

Especially on a smaller display, visitors need to be able to easily determine what your business is about and what advantages you can offer them. The elements that lead to clear and visible messaging are clear fonts (such as Helvetica), a short message, and a visible size so attendees can see your messaging from a distance. The result should be a display that is easy to read and, therefore, more likely to attract visitors.

Build balance into your design.

When crafting portable displays, one of the key elements you need to incorporate is balance. This means that all of your colors, text, and images need to be spread out in a visually satisfying way. For instance, dark colors and large images appear “heavy” to viewers, so they must be counteracted with “lighter” colors and smaller objects. When you achieve the right balance, your display will come across as even and refreshing.

In addition, you can achieve balance by creating a focal point upon which the viewer can fix their attention. Typically, this focal point will be an image that encapsulates your brand, or will consist of your messaging. When your display is balanced around this focal point, it creates an eye-catching design that will immediately communicate brand value to trade show attendees.

Add useful features.

Finally, in order to create an effective portable trade show display, you should also consider adding details that will enhance the overall appeal of the display. Contrary to what you may think, although a portable display is not the same as a custom exhibit, you can still add lighting, technology (such as LCD screens) and other accessories. These features can enhance the overall effectiveness of your display by allowing it be more modern, interactive, and polished than it would be otherwise.

However, the real key to adding the right details to your display is to consult a skilled exhibit company like ImageCraft. The right company can guide you to the right display for your needs and walk you through the process of customizing it into the most effective possible exhibit for your business.

Portable trade show displays have the potential to add a great deal of impact and cost effectiveness to your next trade show. It is important to create a display that fits your space, includes an appropriate background color, has a clear and visible message, is balanced, and includes useful features that make it uniquely yours. The result will be a more effective and attractive portable display.