5 Ways in Which Trade Show Displays Highlight Your Business

July 15th, 2016

Exhibiting at trade shows is all about getting your company in front of potential customers. The best way to do so is to use a custom trade show booth. With the right display, you can instantly demonstrate the unique appeal of your business. When they see this appeal, attendees will be more likely to enter your booth and speak with your sales team. Here are a few ways in which your trade show display can be used to highlight your business at a trade show.

Trade show displays allow you to demonstrate innovation.

Surveys of trade show attendees reveal that more than 90 percent of people at a trade show want to see new products. Trade shows (such as the massive International CES technology trade show) are considered key places to learn about the most innovative new ideas in the industry. People come to trade shows wanting and expecting to be impressed by the ingenuity, creativity, and advancement taking place in their field.

As a result, your trade show display provides the perfect medium for showing off your company’s recent innovations. Not only can you use the interior of your custom trade show booth to highlight your recent advances, but you can also use the design itself to give attendees an idea of your creativity and passion. For example, one business uses an entire wall of their display to show off the plants that form the basis of their thriving company. With the help of the right design services, you should be able to take your company’s innovative and creative personality and show it off to trade show attendees.

Trade show displays allow you to showcase new products and services.

Demonstrating your company’s ability to innovate includes showcasing your newest products and services. Your custom trade show booth provides an ideal space in which to highlight these items. This is, in fact, one of the most common uses of trade show displays: To highlight the newest offerings the business has. Again, this is also why attendees come to the exhibit hall: They want to see what you and your competitors have to offer their industry.

In order to help your products and services stand out, you should consider building displays that take an eye-catching approach to showing off your products. For example, LCD display cases can inform visitors about the products in the display right on the case. LED lighting can add a certain mood or emphasize certain elements of your exhibit that you want visitors to be drawn to. With the help of your exhibit company, you should be able to showcase your new products and services in a bold and productive way for booth visitors.

Trade show displays allow you to show off your company’s unique qualities.

Within your industry, there are probably many competitors, all vying for the attention of a very similar pool of potential leads and customers. The only way to win at this competition is to show off what makes your company different (and better!) than the other companies in your field. For example, if you are providing IT support services for small businesses, you need to show how your IT services are better than the very similar IT services provided by others.

A custom trade show booth can help you to achieve this goal by showcasing your company’s unique qualities. The design options you have available to you when you are crafting your display are extremely varied. For example, you can choose from hundreds of colors and dozens of types of flooring alone. Lighting, graphics, materials, furniture, and more add even more selections. With the help of a skilled and professional exhibit company, you should be able to combine the right features into a display that demonstrates how your particular business stands out from your competitors.

Trade show displays can reach new customers.

One of the reasons that trade shows are still an important aspect of many industries is because they offer businesses like yours an entirely unique way to connect with potential customers. In fact, almost two-thirds of attendees at a trade show are new prospects who have not been reached by any other method. Clearly, trade show displays are critical for effective lead generation at a trade show.

Your custom trade show booth can help you to connect with this new pool of prospects by making your business an appealing and obvious choice when they are looking for a booth to visit. When you use your booth to demonstrate your innovation, showcase your products and services, and display your company’s unique qualities, you are more likely to reach new prospects who will stop by your booth, speak with your sales staff, and leave you their contact information for follow up.

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Trade show displays allow you to educate your audience.

Finally, a custom trade show booth can help you to educate your audience. One of the reasons that attendees come to a trade show is to learn more about their industry and to get ideas for their own businesses. If you can provide them with this kind of information, they are going to think of you first the next time they need something you offer. For example, if you can provide attendees with a brief introduction to troubleshooting network problems, you might earn more business the next time they have network problems they cannot solve on their own.

Your custom trade show booth is an ideal place to educate your audience at a trade show. For example, you can hold demonstrations in network troubleshooting, have an interactive presentation on network troubleshooting, and so forth in your booth. When you can educate your audience in addition to pitching your products and services, you help your booth visitors to believe in your expertise.

Using your trade show display to showcase your business is an important part of having a successful trade show. If you can demonstrate innovation, showcase products and services, show off your company’s unique qualities, reach new customers, and educate your audience, you will be more likely to enjoy a profitable time at your next trade show.