6 Tips for Standing Out from Your Trade Show Competition

July 12th, 2016

Trade shows are typically filled with dozens or even hundreds of booths, many of which are manned by your competitors. Unless you come with a trade show display that will stand out, your business might get lost among all of those other booths. Here are a few tips you can use to craft custom trade show exhibits that will draw attention specifically to your business.

Use your brand to distinguish yourself.

The first step in distinguishing yourself from your trade show competition is to brand your custom trade show exhibits. This means using three things in your display: 1) your color palette 2) your logo and 3) your brand personality. Ask your exhibit company to work your brand colors and theme into your design. Place your logo in a prominent area of your display, such as a banner at the top. Also incorporate elements (such as messaging and images) that reflect your brand’s personality, whether it be elegant, understated, edgy, or bold.

By incorporating your branding into your trade show display, you will be making it easier for attendees to identify your company. When they see your booth, they will immediately associate your display with what they know of your company. Plus, when attendees return home, they will be more likely to remember your brand when you follow up with sales calls or when they see your name mentioned in other places.

Create buzz with product launches and displays.

Another great way to stand out from your trade show competition is to create buzz with product launches and displays. The more excitement you can generate, the easier it will be to get attendees to choose your booth over your competitors’. For instance, say you are planning to release a new product. Time the release with the date of your largest trade show and advertise it beforehand. The result should be a large audience at your booth, eager to see what your business has come up with.

Even if you do not have a new product to launch, you can still generate interest by creating compelling product displays for your current products. Your exhibit company can help you to craft a display that highlights these products in such a way as to make them more eye-catching and appealing to visitors. Plus, by accompanying these displays with a message that emphasizes the value and success of these products, you can generate interest that will bring more people your way.

Add fun elements to your booth.

Trade show attendees spend much of their time attending workshops and lectures and discussing the nuts and bolts of your industry. By the end of the day, they are likely to be tired overwhelmed by the amount of information they have been given, and easily bored by standard presentations and sales talk. That is why making your booth a fun place to visit can help you stand out from your competition. A laid back atmosphere will almost surely be a welcome change from the typical trade show display.

There are many ways to add fun elements to your custom trade show exhibits. For instance, you can work with your exhibit company’s design services to add lighting, flooring, and other details that create a fun (but brand-faithful) atmosphere. In addition, you can add games or craft a theme for your display that will make it enjoyable for visitors to enter your booth.

Keep your trade show display simple.

The exhibit hall is filled with booths sporting flashy signs, information, graphics, giveaways, and more that can distract and overwhelm attendees. Plus, attendees have much on their minds as they plan presentations, reply to work emails, and absorb the information they are learning in their seminars. In order to stand out from the competition, you may actually benefit from simplifying your look.

This does not mean shrinking your signage or compromising on your graphics. Instead, it means using your custom trade show exhibits to communicate a simple, streamlined message. For instance, choose two images for the side of your booth instead of four. Cut your message down to four words instead of five. Build white space into your display. Carve out quiet places with comfortable chairs and charging stations where visitors can relax. By doing so, you will immediately appeal to attendees who want a quieter, less cluttered place to think and talk about your industry.

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Show your credential.

Before people walk into your custom trade show exhibit, they will want to know that you are a reliable presence in your industry. As a result, use your trade show display to communicate your credentials to attendees. By doing so, you will set yourself apart from competitors who may not have the same credentials (or who may not have had the foresight to broadcast those credentials).

For instance, if you have won an award in the past year or two, place a reference to that award on your display. If you are certified or licensed, make that evident. If you have spent 100 years in your business, or if you have served an unusually large number of clients, make that a prominent part of your display. The result should be more credibility in the eyes of attendees and a resulting willingness to choose your booth over your competitors’.

Create memorable giveaways.

Giveaways are a great way to get your brand name out beyond the walls of the trade show. For instance, a pen will get back to the office and even out of the workplace. However, at the same time, every single booth at the trade show is going to be giving away something. That is why you need to create memorable giveaways (that are not pens) to help your swag stand out from the competition’s.

For instance, consider a giveaway that will be useful to the visitor throughout the rest of the trade show (such as a reusable water bottle). Give away something that relates to your industry. Or create a competition to win a truly remarkable giveaway (such as concert tickets to a raffle winner). Whatever you decide, make sure it is desirable, memorable, and different from what anyone else at your trade show will be doing.

You want to create custom trade show displays that stand out from the competition. In order to do so, you need to put a little bit of creativity and forethought into your display. By using your brand to distinguish yourself, creating buzz with product launches and displays, adding fun elements to your booth, showing your credentials, and creating memorable giveaways, you can create a display that attracts as many visitors as possible.