6 Ways to Incorporate Technology into Your Trade Show Display

February 15th, 2016

From smart homes and smart watches to mobile apps and laptop computers, technology is an integral part of daily life. People naturally respond to its presence, and its capabilities make it both useful and practical. That is why integrating technology into your trade show exhibit is a smart move. Following are just five of the many ways you can use technology in your exhibit to drive traffic, generate leads, and close sales at your next trade show.

LCD technology at exhibit space

Use mobile apps and tablets to generate leads.

Every business card your sales team collects is a potential lead. That is why losing business cards and contact lists is a blow to your trade show success. Nowadays, you can prevent the loss of physical contact information by using technology in your trade show exhibit to capture the information you need.

Specifically, certain mobile apps will allow you to snap a picture of a business card instead of hanging onto the hard copy. Tablets can be integrated right into your display to provide visitors with access to your website and to encourage them to leave their information. The result is more reliable lead generation than you can achieve through paper means alone.

Incorporate interactive elements to fuel interest.

Active participants are going to learn more, remember more, and connect more deeply with your brand than will passive observers. Museum displays utilize this principle to good effect by providing an immersive experience for visitors. Likewise, custom exhibits can benefit from implementing technology that encourages interaction with the display. These interactive elements are important because they engage visitors’ attention and interest for longer than do static displays.

For instance, recessed tablets allow participants to scroll through information about your previous work or your latest products. Integrated TVs or tablets can provide product information, website access, and easy ways to leave contact information. Transparent LCD display boxes can provide visitors with interactive information about the items they contain. Not only does this kind of technology keep visitors engaged, but it also assists in answering questions and generating leads.

Offer digital presentations to build brand awareness.

By allowing technology to do some of the work for you, you increase the number of people you reach with your message. This is why digitizing presentations within your display can work well: They provide a way for visitors to get to know your business before they talk to your sales team.

Modern technology offers many ways for you to build brand awareness through digital presentations. For instance, strategically placed video monitors can make your messaging or product demonstrations visible to anyone in the booth. Alternatively, you can include presentations on recessed tablets that visitors can choose to access with a single tap.

When it comes to critical events that will take place at your booth (e.g. product launches), technology (such as live streaming) can also get your message out to people who are absent from the trade show. Using this kind of technology can help you to create interest and appeal around the event and can help you to broaden your audience.

Provide digital literature.

Brochures and other literature have long been a staple of trade show displays. However, just as you may have difficulty keeping track of a hundred business cards, so do trade show attendees have difficulty managing the flood of literature they receive at an event. Your material risks getting lost in the literal shuffle of papers.

Trade show display technology now gives you the opportunity to offer digital literature to interested visitors. Many visitors will prefer this method of receiving information, because emails are easier to handle than are armfuls of papers. Digital literature benefits you, too. Because visitors access your material later on, it serves as a post show reminder of your brand. Plus, you end up with names and email addresses for future contact, all while spending less than you would on printed materials.

Showcase products and services through videos and display cases.

Finally, technology can support your trade show display goals by enriching the way in which you display your products and services. Rather than remaining a flat, static entity, your display becomes a living, textured introduction to your business. The result is a display of your products and services that will leave visitors wanting what you have to offer.

For instance, the addition of LCD information on a display case can add depth and usefulness. Alternatively, videos of customer testimonials, pictures of completed projects, etc., can showcase services that are otherwise difficult to capture tangibly in a display booth.

Use technology to create a wow factor.

Finally, you can often use technology in your trade show exhibit to create a wow factor that will catch people’s eye. This type of attention-grabbing design is especially important when you are exhibiting alongside competitors and at large shows where attendees are overwhelmed by a sea of displays. Technology that makes your display stand out from the crowd can make the difference between attracting the visitors you need and struggling in the shadow of a flashier display.

For instance, moving images can sometimes be incorporated into the display itself. LED lighting can be strategically used to highlight products, make a statement, or set the mood for the booth. Digital signage, tracking technology, and more can all be used to get your brand in front of attendees and drive home its uniqueness and appeal.

Regardless of how you want to use technology in your trade show exhibit, an experienced and skilled exhibit company’s design services should be able to guide you through the options available to you. There are many ways for you to use technology to generate leads, incorporate interactive elements to fuel interest, offer digital presentations and literature, showcase products and services in enriching ways, and create the wow factor that will contribute to your trade show success.