8 Tips for Using Digital Signage in Your Trade Show Booth Display

June 21st, 2018

In today’s technology-driven age, digital signage is an obvious way to attract attention to a trade show booth display. It can also be used to tweak messaging from show to show; engage visitors who may not be ready to talk with sales people yet, and save on printing, storing, and distributing physical literature. Getting the most out of your digital signage, however, requires a little bit of planning. Here are a few suggestions for using it effectively in your next trade show booth display.

Consider your overall design and budget when incorporating digital signage.

Design and budget are critical considerations for almost any element of a trade show booth display, and digital signage is no exception. You need a cohesive look that communicates your brand message in a compelling way. That means that your digital signage must fit into the overall design of your booth. It must also fit into your budget for the booth. A tabletop kiosk or a simple screen on the wall, for example, might be wiser choices for a tighter budget than a large kiosk or a wall-sized presentation.  Ask your exhibit company’s design services to help you select a look that meshes with your overall design goals and budget for the booth. 

Deliver targeted content through your exhibit’s digital signage.

A screen in and of itself might be enough to draw eyes to your booth. People are naturally inclined to pay attention to technology, after all. However, once you have their attention, you will need to deliver engaging content if you hope to keep it. To that end, ensure that you are delivering targeted content through your trade show booth display’s digital signage. For example, promote your event or product demo. Alert attendees to special deals. Create content that is specifically designed for your target audience for that particular show. You can even change content based on time of day. The beauty of digital signage is that your messaging can be changed as often as you wish to maximize interest in your trade show booth display.

Consider omitting sound from your trade show booth display’s digital signage.

In a busy exhibit hall, more noise is probably the last thing you or your booth visitors need. Trying to create audio that successfully competes with the surrounding noise without becoming annoying is an almost impossible task. Instead, consider turning the sound off and sticking with visuals. They will make the same point with less annoyance. In addition, even attendees looking at your trade show booth display from a distance will be able to understand your message because they won’t need to also listen to the audio for your digital signage to make sense.

Choose interactive digital signage for your trade show booth display.

Once people enter your trade show booth display, you want them to stay there and learn more about your business. One way to achieve this goal is to choose interactive technology for the booth. For example, provide visitors with tablets or kiosks where they can watch product demos, play games, enter their contact information, and more. That kind of interactivity can also be useful for keeping visitors interested when all of your sales people are busy talking with others. The interactive technology can either capture their contact information for future follow up or keep visitors occupied until it is their turn to speak with a sales representative.

Tell a story.

A good tip for many types of displays (especially museum exhibits), storytelling can also be useful in digital signage. The naturally engaging nature of stories makes them more interesting to listen to and easier to remember. As a result, consider incorporating stories into the digital signage in your trade show booth display. For example, don’t just introduce a new product. Tell a story about what drove its creation. Communicate the history of your brand. Include a narrative about your visitors’ needs and your company’s ability to meet those needs. Doing so will keep your visitors interested and engaged for longer.

Keep your digital signage messaging short.

When used properly, your digital signage will communicate a clear and engaging message quickly. Attendees have short attention spans, even for screens, and are unlikely to watch for more than a couple of minutes. Ensuring that they get your whole message in that time frame is important if you want them to fully understand your message and your brand.

Go beyond digital signage in your interactions with booth visitors.

Digital signage can be an effective way to attract and keep the attention of attendees at a trade show. However, it is not as effective as the personal interaction visitors will receive from your booth staff. The two need to work hand in hand in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your trade show booth display. To that end, go beyond digital signage when interacting with booth visitors. Have your sales people use the signage as a starting point for conversations with individuals who are watching or interacting with it, but make sure that the personal interaction is there. A personal touch added to an effective display will achieve better results for your business. Digital signage can be a smart addition to your trade show booth display. Just make sure that it meshes with your design and budget, delivers targeted content, omits audio, possesses interactive elements, tells a story, is short, and is not the only element of your strategy for engaging visitors. If you need help choosing the right signage for your trade show booth display, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft for professional and effective support.