8 Ways to Refresh an Old Trade Show Display

June 28th, 2018

Even the finest trade show displays eventually grow old and outdated. New technologies and trends emerge. Old graphics start to fade. Flooring might tear, and furniture might begin to show its age. Usually, a trade show display needs to be replaced about every five years. This does not mean, however, that every aging exhibit needs to be replaced immediately. Instead, there are ways to refresh an old exhibit that will lengthen its life and keep it looking modern and updated.

Replace the graphics of an old trade show display.

As a trade show display ages, its graphics might fade, or become outdated. Maybe you find that they advertise products you no longer sell. At these times, you can easily refresh your exhibit by replacing the graphics. Some displays, like portable or modular displays, have graphics that are printed on fabric “skins” that can easily be reprinted to create a new look. At other times, you may need to put a little more work into refreshing the graphics. However, a professional exhibit company (like Imagecraft) should be able to renew your graphics without putting you through the expense of building an entirely new display.

Add modern technology to an outdated trade show display.

Of course, it isn’t always the graphics that are the problem with an outdated trade show exhibit. Sometimes, the technology has changed rapidly, and the current display simply hasn’t kept up. At these times, you may just need to add technology to an otherwise fine display in order to update it. Adding elements like screens, kiosks, tablets, and digital presentations are usually relatively simple and less expensive than building a new booth.

Refurbish rather than buy a new trade show display.

If you find that one element of your trade show display is outdated or worn down, you might be able to refresh the look of the entire booth by simply refurbishing that one part. For example, a worn out floor can easily be replaced without building a new display. Scratched furniture can be switched out for a fresh (and more stylish) look. You might even be able to refinish furniture and flooring rather than buying new to save yourself even more money. The result can be a trade show exhibit that looks new for a fraction of the cost.

Reconfigure your trade show display.

Are you ready to enlarge your trade show display in order to make a bigger splash at your exhibiting events? You could purchase a new trade show exhibit in the proper size. Or, you could reconfigure your exhibit to accommodate the new size for a smaller cost. There are a couple of ways to achieve this goal. If you invested in a flexible trade show display to begin with (such as a modular display) you should just be able to put the pieces together in a different way to get a different size. Or, you can purchase (or rent) additional pieces to add to your exhibit in order to enlarge it.

Add hanging signs to your trade show display.

If you want to expand the size and the impact of your trade show display, you could also choose to add a hanging sign to the exhibit. These signs can be purchased and designed separately from the rest of your display. That means you can save money over buying a whole new display while being able to add big visual appeal to a booth that is becoming tired or too small for your needs. Plus, because they are so customizable, you can put whatever graphics and messaging you want on your hanging sign in order to maximize the impact your trade show booth makes at your next event.

Add new accessories to your old trade show display.

Just as an old outfit can be given a new look by adding accessories like jewelry, so an old trade show exhibit can be given a new look by adding accessories like tables, chairs, stands, and display cases. These items are not an integral part of the booth, which means that you do not need a whole new booth. You just need to change those items. Consider selecting new and stylish accessories and furniture to update your exhibit in order to save yourself money and time over designing a whole new custom exhibit.

Create new lighting for an old trade show display.

Because lighting sets the mood for your trade show display, adding new lighting, or changing how you use the old lights, can give an otherwise outdated exhibit a breath of new life. For example, consider switching out your incandescent bulbs for environmentally friendly LED ones. Or add spotlights to highlight your displays. Your exhibit company should be able to give you some workable and beautiful ideas.

Repurpose your old trade show display.

Finally, if your old trade show display is too worn out or outdated to be used at your big events, you might be able to squeeze a little more life out of it by using it in other ways. For example, you may be able to take some of the components of your display (Such as the display cases and graphics) and create a lobby display. You may be able to repurpose other materials in training sessions, sales meetings, or other presentations. A little bit of creativity can help your trade show display go a long way, even outside the exhibit hall. A new custom exhibit is always an exciting purchase. But if you cannot afford such an investment, finding ways to refresh your old display can be an effective (and environmentally friendly) solution. By replacing the graphics, adding modern technology, refurbishing elements, reconfiguring the display, adding hanging signs or accessories, creating new lighting solutions, and repurposing the display, you can create a fresh new look that will give your display new life.