Add Flair to Your Custom Exhibit Display with These Tips

October 9th, 2018

With only a few seconds to capture the attention of passersby at an event, your custom exhibit display needs to stand out. And while the best design approach will depend on your brand and organizational needs, there are a few elements known for their ability to add flair and draw attention. Here are a few ideas for your next custom exhibit display.


trade show exhibit lighting

Backlit elements use lighting to add flair to your custom exhibit display.

Lighting, in general, is an effective way to create appeal in your exhibit. The right lighting can set a mood, differentiate the separate areas of your display, and show off your products to good effect. When it comes to adding drama to your custom exhibit display, backlit lighting in particular is a powerful addition to your booth.

Backlighting involves illuminating graphics from behind. For example, a backdrop may have lights sewn into the back to add a striking glow to the images. Backlit elements can also include illuminated towers and hanging signs.

Thanks to their generally large size, as well as the striking effect the lighting lends the graphics, backlit elements can create quite the show stopping look. In addition, they are often portable, allowing you to incorporate them into a larger custom exhibit display, or use them on their own as a portable, yet powerful, trade show display.

The exact type of backlighting you choose, as well as the graphics that work best for you, will depend upon your particular company and your goals for the event. In general, the more dramatic and focused your graphics, the greater the effect of the backlighting will be. Ask your exhibit company’s design services for help creating the backlit look your display needs to stand out.

Hanging signs create a compelling look on a custom exhibit display, even from a distance.

Sometimes, you end up with a less-than-ideal display location, such as one in a back corner or away from foot traffic. At other times, your display may be smaller than the competition’s, or you may be competing against hundreds of other exhibitors in a crowded exhibit hall. In any of these cases, you need a dramatic element to attract interest in your booth and make it stand out from all of the other exhibits at the trade show.

In these cases, a hanging sign can be the perfect way to add a little flair to your custom exhibit display. These are signs that, as their name suggests, are suspended above the booth. Usually, they are very large, and often include other design elements, such as backlighting.

Because they are up so high, and because they often contain compelling graphics and messaging, these signs are extremely eye catching. A combination of a hanging sign and backlighting can multiply its eye-catching effect. Even from across the exhibit hall, attendees can see and be engaged by the sign.

The key to an effective hanging sign is to select graphics and messaging that are central to your brand and are compelling for visitors. In addition, the right size will make them both visible and appropriately proportional to your custom exhibit display.

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Vertical displays add height and flair to a custom exhibit display.

Even if you choose to forego the hanging sign, you can always add flair to your custom exhibit display by creating a tall booth. Adding height to your exhibit, for, by example, creating towers, adding second floors, or incorporating dramatic staircases, can allow your booth to literally stand head and shoulders above the competition.

In addition, these height elements can also be quite striking in and of themselves. For example, a set of private meeting areas can add a sense of importance that is quite appealing to attendees, while a staircase can be an unusual and eye-catching element. And the more compelling your elements are, the more likely people will be to come check out your booth and the business behind it.


Incorporating natural or unexpected materials can add interest to your custom exhibit display.

Finally, one way to add flair to your custom exhibit display is to incorporate natural or otherwise unexpected elements into your booth. For example, wood is a natural element not used frequently in booths. When used as an accent piece or a main element in the display it adds an eye-catching and beautiful look that is quite unique.

Other natural elements you may want to consider using are plants, glass, brick, and stone. These elements, if they are too heavy or expensive to use in large amounts, can work well as accents that add a pop of interest to the trade show display.

Creating a dramatic and eye-catching custom exhibit display may mean incorporating a bit of flair into your booth. Whether that means using backlit elements, hanging signs, height, or natural or unexpected materials, this added flair can be just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

If you need help developing this kind of striking look, you may need to consult with your exhibit company’s design services. They can show you the options for creating the look your specific booth needs to communicate your message in a compelling way. And, you may be surprised at the number of creative and effective options you have for adding a little drama to your booth. With the right look, and the right exhibit company, you can enjoy a more successful trade show display and event.