Advantages of Modular Trade Show Displays

September 4th, 2015

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Modular trade show displays are gaining traction in the event exhibit world. In a recent survey by Tradeshow Week, 37 percent of exhibitors indicated a desire to switch to this type of display, as opposed to only 10 percent who planned to incorporate more custom displays into their event exhibit rotation. These versatile, flexible, lightweight, and classy displays certainly have much to offer exhibitors, especially those who need to make an impression on a budget. Following are a few of the reasons for the growing popularity of these displays.


There are many costs associated with transporting and assembling custom exhibit displays. Because of their size and weight, they cannot be carried by the exhibit staff but must be shipped separately. In addition, their assembly often requires extra hands and time. The result is that you must build transportation, drayage, and assembly costs into your exhibiting expenses.

Modular trade show displays, on the other hand, greatly reduce and, in some cases, virtually eliminate, these expenses. Modular displays are lightweight designs that are made of interconnecting elements that can be easily assembled and disassembled. As a result, they can be stored and transported in a compact and lightweight form. Often, they are small enough and light enough to be carried by the employee or employees manning the display.

In addition, modular trade show displays tend to be quick and easy to assemble. The separate pieces of the display can be modified to stand alone, allowing an employee to take a single piece to a show for a smaller exhibit. Even when the whole exhibit is used, the simplicity with which the pieces interlock, combined with the display’s relatively light weight, make it easy for your employees to set up and disassemble the display themselves.


In addition to portability, modular trade show displays are characterized by versatility that makes them ideal if your business exhibits in a variety of trade shows and spaces. Modular displays consist of a number of components, such as shelving, frames, tabletops, and lighting, that interlock to create one large display. However, because the separate elements of the display can connect in a variety of ways, and can be easily disassembled and reassembled, they can be used to achieve a number of different configurations. As a result, you can purchase a modular display that will fit into larger space for a big event and also reconfigure to fit into a smaller area for a different trade show. This flexibility allows the modular trade show display to represent your company favorably in a variety of exhibiting situations.

In addition, the separate elements of a modular display may be designed to be complete displays in and of themselves. As a result, you can take the display apart and use it as a number of stand alone exhibits if you wish to attend multiple trade shows at one time. In addition, you can send a single piece of the display as a stand alone exhibit if you wish to have just one person carry the display to and from the trade show. To make a splash at larger trade shows, you can bring the entire display. This versatility provides you with significant flexibility and value wrapped up in a single display.


In addition to portability and versatility, modular trade show displays boast a customizability that allows you to tweak your message for every trade show. Custom trade show booth displays still tend to offer more choices when it comes to design. However, the ability to easily tweak your message for every new audience you encounter makes modular displays an appealing option for businesses looking for a combination of customization and convenience.

The modular display’s message is communicated primarily through the “skin” that is overlaid on the frame of the display. This skin can be designed with images, logos, or words to create a look that will clearly communicate your brand and attract visitors to your booth. This skin can be modified whenever you need to change your message. As a result, with a modular display, you have the ability to tailor your message to the specific audience you will encounter at each trade show. For instance, you can highlight one product at a certain trade show, and then modify your display to highlight a different product at another trade show. By doing so, you have the opportunity to more effectively target potential customers, raising your chances of closing sales and garnering leads.

Cost Effective

In today’s economy, many businesses are strapped for cash and hunting for ways to save money. Some do not have the money in their marketing budgets to support the development of custom trade show displays. Instead of missing out on the incredible branding and sales opportunities available at a trade show, these businesses may benefit from purchasing modular displays.

These displays offer high quality at a price that puts them within the range of even limited budgets. The displays themselves are relatively affordable. However, it is in the transportation and drayage costs that modular displays really save money. Because they incur very few transportation and drayage expenses, they reduce the overall cost of attending a trade show.

Portable trade show displays, such as modular displays, are only one type of trade show exhibit. To determine exactly which kind will work best for your company, you may benefit from the advice of one of the exhibit design companies, like ImageCraft, that make event exhibits their sole focus. However, the portability, versatility, customizability, and cost effectiveness of modular trade show displays make them an appealing choice for any business with limited resources that is looking to make a splash in the event exhibit world.