Benefits of a Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

November 2nd, 2016

Customization is a hot topic in the trade show display world. Everyone wants to customize their display with their logo, graphics, giveaways, and technology. However, many exhibitors, while dedicating time and money to customizing the outside of their displays, fail to consider the benefits of customizing the design itself. A custom trade show exhibit design promises you a number of advantages that will help you stand out, get attention, and meet your trade show goals.

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Custom trade show exhibit designs meet your design needs.

Every business has its own unique design needs. Even exhibitors going to the same trade show will have different needs based on their budgets, goals, style preferences, and so forth. Meeting these unique needs is necessary if you are going to maximize the effectiveness of your trade show display.

A custom trade show exhibit design can help you to create a display that satisfies your needs because it is created specifically for your business. Instead of using pre-built plans and display pieces, your display is built from the ground up based on your specifications. That is why, at Imagecraft, you enjoy a Discovery meeting before the exhibit is designed: This meeting allows us to hash out your needs and vision for the display in order to ensure that the final product is exactly right for you.

Custom trade show exhibit designs help you meet your budget.

Budgetary concerns are common for exhibitors. They often want to achieve a certain look and feel within a set budget. While custom trade show exhibits are not the least expensive option for displaying at a trade show, they do offer you a degree of flexibility in meeting your budgetary constraints. This flexibility can be helpful when you are trying to tailor a display to meet specific needs within a specific budget.

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For example, if you need to limit your shipping costs, your exhibit company’s design services can create a custom trade show exhibit design that incorporates lightweight materials and fabrics. If you want to include meeting areas despite a smaller exhibit space, a custom design might allow you to creatively use your limited space to achieve this goal. Thanks to the flexibility of a custom design, you may be able to stretch your exhibiting budget further.

Custom trade show exhibit designs embrace your brand.

If trade show attendees do nothing more than look at your display, you want them to come away with an accurate understanding of your brand. That way, they might recall your business later, when they need your services, and look you up. It is possible, of course, to communicate your brand through any number of customization efforts. The most common of these are the use of your logo, brand-specific language, and brand-compatible colors and images on the display.

One of the best vehicles for incorporating and displaying these brand elements is a custom trade show exhibit design. A custom design allows you to tell attendees about your brand at a single glance. Plus, you can create a structure and a layout that communicates your brand personality just as much as the branded logos and colors you are using on the exterior of the design.

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Custom trade show exhibit designs display your individuality.

Getting noticed at a trade show is all about embracing, and communicating, your individuality as a business. If you look and act the same as all of your competitors, people won’t know how you can serve them better. If, however, you can stand out by displaying your individuality and creativity, you have a better chance of getting their attention (and their business).

Custom exhibits are ideal for embracing your individuality because they allow you to incorporate the creative elements that distinguish your business from the others at the trade show. For example, if your business is all about establishing Fair Trade relationships between businesses and farmers, you might be able to incorporate 3D presentations into your design that introduce visitors to the farmers you are trying to support. Your exhibit company’s design services should be able to help you identify your individuality and then pinpoint creative and effective ways to display this individuality to trade show attendees.

Custom trade show exhibit designs are tailored to meet your trade show goals.

Finally, a custom trade show exhibit design is a smart choice for a trade show display because it can be tailored to help you meet your trade show goals. There are many goals from which you may choose as you plan for your exhibit. You might hope to garner a certain number of leads, close a certain number of sales, raise brand awareness, test the profitability of regular trade show exhibiting, conduct meetings with key potential clients, and so forth.

The specific goals you bring to the trade show will determine what you need from a trade show display. For example, if you want to educate visitors about a certain issue, you might invest in high quality presentations and interactive elements. If your goal is simply to raise brand awareness, you might emphasize your brand’s unique qualities. If you hope to garner leads, you might incorporate calls to action and lead-capturing technology.

A custom trade show exhibit design can be tailored to help you meet any of these goals. With the assistance of your design team, you should be able to identify and incorporate display elements that will contribute to a more successful trade show, as defined by your particular goals for the show.

Custom trade show exhibit designs have a number of benefits to offer exhibitors. From allowing you to more fully meet your design needs, to allowing you to meet your budget, embrace your brand, display your individuality and meet your exhibit goals, they can be a good solution for many businesses. If you wish to maximize your budget while receiving the kind of customization that can make you stand out on the trade show floor, consider a custom trade show exhibit design.