Creating Focus with Custom Retail Displays

October 14th, 2016

Driving sales at your retail store starts with driving people’s attention to your products. That is why focal points are a critical aspect of your store layout. These are areas of your store (either a single item or an entire display) that stand out from the rest of your displays. When used correctly, they help to increase sales by improving customers’ experience and by promoting high-value items such as popular, new, or on-sale merchandise.

Creating focal points within your retail store requires a smart combination of marketing strategy, branding, lighting, merchandise choice, and retail fixtures. If you want to improve the overall success of your focal points, you might want to consider custom retail fixtures that allow you to choose the look and feel you want. Following are a few of the ways in which you can use custom retail fixtures to create the focal points your store needs to increase sales and customer engagement.

Use custom retail fixtures to break up your space.

Focal points contribute to a positive customer experience by giving people a place to rest their eyes. A sea of displays can feel overwhelming to customers, because it makes the process of identifying the merchandise they want more difficult. Trying to differentiate the sales items from the regular items, trying to locate your new products, and so forth, might feel like too much work. Customers need to be guided visually through your space.

While there are a number of elements that contribute to a successful focal point in a store, the place to start is with the placement of your custom retail fixtures. You can use these fixtures to create a layout that naturally breaks up your space into areas which you can then differentiate visually. For example, if you have a series of tables set up to display shirts, you might want to place a clothing rack, display case, or other type of fixture when customers enter a different part of your store. The goal is to use these items to tell visitors it is time to get their bearings, switch gears, or pay attention to a particular item or area.

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Change up your retail fixtures for holidays and special events.

Holidays and other special events (such as your annual spring sale, for instance), need to be promoted clearly in your store in order to earn sales from shoppers who want to get discounts on their merchandise. Focal displays are a great choice for showcasing these kinds of events, because they allow you to create an entire display around a single theme. For example, you might develop a display promoting your winter clothing or your on-sale gift items.

Custom retail fixtures can contribute to a successful focal display by providing you with the flexibility you need to change out your displays temporarily. For example, custom retail fixtures can be movable, crafted to meet your display goals, or built with certain colors and themes to match your store’s special events. By using these fixtures, you begin your focal display with a base that is already designed to catch customers’ attention.

Brand your custom retail fixtures.

A focal display’s success rests primarily upon its ability to catch and direct customers’ attention. You will use everything from lighting to certain types of merchandise to signage to accomplish this goal. However, because your retail fixture is the base upon which the display rests, you can add to your focal display’s appeal by using one that is also uniquely designed.

For example, an inexpensive, cookie cutter display stand might not catch anyone’s eye. However, a stand that has been created by a retail fixture manufacturer especially for your store might include messaging, colors, and even shapes that match with your store’s brand (or the theme of the focal display you are building). The difference these details make will help to catch the attention of customers who expect to see a bland display and who instead are rewarded with the sight of a branded and appealing fixture.

Use the right custom retail fixtures for your merchandise.

In general, you will create your focal display around a certain type of merchandise. Often, the best type of merchandise for a focal display will be something that you sell often and that is reasonably priced (i.e. your most popular mid-range engagement ring, instead of your highest-priced 3-carat diamond ring). Customers will see your focal display and come further into your store to investigate a product that they find appealing, useful, and/or affordable. Hopefully, in the process, they also find other items that they wish to purchase.

Once you decide what type of merchandise to highlight in your focal display, you can use the types of retail fixtures that work best for that kind of merchandise. For example, you might want a display case for your engagement rings, a table for your fine china, a rocking chair for your stuffed animals, and a 4-way clothing rack for your summer dresses. By selecting a retail fixture that works with the merchandise you are highlighting, you make it easier to draw people’s attention to the focal points of your store.

Never underestimate the impact of creativity.

Finally, never underestimate the impact of creativity when it comes to building a focal display. The goal is to get customers’ attention so you can rest their eyes, guide them through the store, make sales, and so forth. Sometimes, creative, out of the box thinking will be exactly the kind of approach you need to make these kinds of displays successful.

As a result, hire a retail fixture manufacturer who can create and innovate alongside you. Allow them to build custom retail fixtures that creatively and uniquely satisfy your retail needs. For example, maybe you need a little sleigh to highlight your Christmas sale. Or perhaps you need an oversized heart to display your Valentine’s Day jewelry. If you find the right retail fixture manufacturer, you expand the retail fixture options available to you.

Creating focus in a retail display starts with your custom retail fixtures. By using them to break up your space, changing them up for holidays and special events, branding them, using the right fixtures for your merchandise, and never underestimating the power of creativity, you can use these fixtures to contribute to a truly outstanding focal point in your retail store.