Creative Trade Show Booth Design Strategies: The Video Wall

January 29th, 2019

Creative trade show booth design can go a long way toward attracting and keeping visitors. People are naturally drawn to the different and unique. One way to take a standard display element and add this kind of uniqueness to it is to build a video wall. This feature has the ideal combination of eye-catching appeal (there is no way to ignore a literal wall of images) and substance (the right messaging can make a video wall incredibly useful to visitors). Here is what you need to know about this creative trade show booth design strategy.


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What is a video wall?

As part of a creative trade show booth design, a video wall is a large set of screens linked together to create a literal wall of video content and interactive elements. The screens can consist of any type, from LCDs to LEDs, from standard screens to interactive screens. Regardless of what type of screen is utilized, there are two qualities that video walls have in common: The screens are linked in order to work together to deliver images and messaging, and the bezels, or edges, among the screens are very narrow to reduce the amount of interruption in the video. As a result, a video wall delivers a seamless video experience across a large area.


What are the advantages of using a video wall?

A single large screen or projector can also deliver a large image on a wall, and for less money. As a result, what advantages are there to using a video wall? While not right for every exhibitor, there are distinct benefits to this creative trade show booth design element. Here are just a few:

  • Improved Pixel Density and Brightness

When you use a projector, enlarging the image decreases the resolution and the brightness. With a video wall, however, the pixel density (the amount of color available per square inch) remains the same no matter how large the wall gets. Similarly, the video wall retains its brightness no matter what size it is. That makes for a clearer, and more compelling, look.

  • Compelling Look

Creating a look that demands visitor attention is a strong reason to use a video wall as a creative trade show booth design element. There is no question that a wall of video will attract more attention than a single screen or a projector. That appeal alone may be enough to make the extra cost of the wall worth it.

  • Creative Setup

If you want to take your creative trade show booth design a little further, changing the shape of the video wall may be a good idea. Since you can stack screens in a variety of configurations, this creative trade show booth design feature gives you flexibility in developing a truly unique look for your booth.


What practical factors should exhibitors consider when utilizing this creative trade show booth design element?

Video walls are a bit more complicated to set up than simply hanging a few screens together on the wall. As a result, you do need to consider a few factors before moving forward with your screens. The first is what you hope to accomplish with this creative trade show booth design element. All elements of your display should deliver substance in addition to flair. That is, they should contribute to your goals for your display.

To that end, you should first consider what goals you want to achieve with your video wall. What messaging do you want to deliver? Do you want visitors to interact with your content? Receive information about new products and services? Simply receive guidance through your booth or information about special features to ask your staff about? Make sure your video wall delivers substantive, useful information that advances your trade show goals.


What technical factors should exhibitors consider when utilizing this creative trade show booth design element?

Besides the practical factors of what you hope to accomplish with this creative trade show booth design element, you also need to consider some technical factors before implementing a video wall. For example, features such as the size of the video wall, the resolution, the pixel pitch, the amount of power the wall will require, and more, can vary. The right combination of these features depends upon the space you have and the use to which you are putting the wall. As a result, take these factors into consideration when speaking with your design services about this creative trade show booth design element:

  • The size of your space
  • The distance from which people will be viewing the wall
  • Whether or not the wall will be interactive
  • The size of your trade show display
  • The size of the wall you will be using
  • The location of the display and the wall
  • Your total budget


A video wall offers exhibitors a way to incorporate a compelling and creative trade show booth design element into their booths. With its improved images (such as improved resolution and brightness) as well as natural appeal, this feature can easily attract visitors to your booth. The key is to create a wall that delivers substantive content that advances your display goals. In addition, you will need to work with your design services to take all applicable technical features into account in order to ensure that you get a video wall that works with your space and budget. However, the right implementation of a video wall can deliver your messaging in a stunning and unforgettable way.