Before you can approve a trade show booth design, you need to know what it looks like. This is why Imagecraft creates detailed 3-D renderings of your display before we ever begin to build. These renderings serve as a visual representation of your future custom trade show display, which is why we make them as lifelike and detailed as possible.

With our designs and renderings, you can expect more than a rough outline of your trade show exhibit design. Instead, you will receive multiple high-quality renderings depicting your display from many angles. The result is that you will get a clear idea of exactly what the finished product will look like. Then, we let you decide what you think. From tweaks to full revisions, you choose how to change renderings to better reflect your needs and dreams for your trade show exhibit.

Quality goes into everything we do, and our designs and renderings are no different. Our 3-D renderings are precise, detailed, and useful. Once you know exactly how a design will look on the exhibit floor, you will know whether it is right for you. With our designs and renderings, we make it even easier for you to pinpoint the look that will earn you trade show success.