Five Differences When You Use a Certified Trade Show Marketer

February 11th, 2019

Many businesses know what to look for when hiring an exhibit design company to help them with their displays: Creative design services, affordable rates, plenty of options, years of experience, a strong portfolio, clear communication, etc. However, there is one more qualification that can make an exhibit company stand out from the others and ensure a positive exhibiting experience for clients: That of a certified trade show marketer (CTSM).

The CTSM certification is the result of an extensive program focused on detailed classroom instruction in multiple areas (including measurement and analytics, design, marketing, and event logistics), a final exam, and a trade show marketing portfolio. When an exhibit company has certified trade show marketers on staff, you notice a difference in your experience with that company. Here are five of the ways in which using a certified trade show marketer as your exhibit company changes (and improves) your overall exhibiting experience.


Fusion Trade Show Display

A certified trade show marketer has trade show expertise that goes beyond design.

One of the main reasons you hire an exhibit company is to create a trade show display design that stands out on the trade show floor. You need a booth that allows you to advance your trade show goals by appealing to, attracting, and engaging your target audience. That means you need a booth with exceptional design.

Creating an effective design often requires knowledge that goes beyond an understanding of aesthetics, graphics, and materials. A certified trade show marketer brings to the table trade show expertise that goes beyond what simply looks good. They also offer insights into a number of other areas that can guide your design and exhibiting choices. Here are just a few of the areas where they can offer you support:

  • Choosing Events
  • Effective Marketing
  • Managing Trade Show Services
  • Budgeting Considerations
  • Event Planning


A certified trade show marketer understands analytics.

Many businesses need to know how to measure the success of their trade show display. Without concrete numbers to back up their claims, they risk losing the opportunity to continue displaying at events in the future. In addition, being able to clearly see how an event contributed (or did not contribute) to the bottom line can help businesses make smarter choices about trade show booth design or event attendance in the future.

Trade shows can be notoriously hard to measure accurately. A certified trade show marketer, however, understands analytics. As a result, they know how to evaluate a trade show display for effectiveness and can offer insights into how to obtain the hard data you need to measure your trade show success.


A certified trade show marketer learns creative thinking skills.

Factual thinking, such as that which goes into budgeting, marketing, and analytics, is invaluable when it comes to designing and implementing a trade show display. However, creativity is another key skill. Being able to find an out-of-the-box solution to a design problem, for example, can help you create a more effective trade show display.

A certified trade show marketer learns creative thinking skills through their certification program. Combined with a natural talent for out-of-the-box thinking, this training equips them to handle sticky problems with confidence and success. As a result, by hiring an exhibit design company that has certified trade show marketers on staff, you enjoy access to creative thinking that can lead to a more effective, less expensive, display.


A certified trade show marketer understands branding.

One of the most important qualities of any trade show booth design is effective branding. Unless attendees know exactly what your booth is about as soon as they look at it, they are unlikely to engage further. Plus, building brand awareness is one of the top reasons exhibitors give for being at trade shows.

A certified trade show marketer is specifically trained in branding. This means that they know the importance of a brand and possess the ability to incorporate that brand’s designs, values, and personality into every aspect of a trade show display. With a certified trade show marketer, you enjoy effective branding as part of the design services you receive with your booth.


A certified trade show marketer forges a strong network of connections.

Finally, you may benefit from a certified trade show marketer because of their strong network of connections. The CTSM program is designed to encourage the growth of relationships among participants, allowing them to leave with connections that can support them throughout their professional careers.

By using a certified trade show marketer to create your displays, you enjoy the advantage of having access to these connections. Whether that means having access to more reliable transportation for your display, installation and dismantling support, access to materials and design solutions, and more, these connections can improve your exhibiting experience (and sometimes your bottom line).

A certified trade show marketer can improve the experience of working with an exhibit company. Imagecraft is a certified trade show marketer with years of experience in the field. Enjoy the difference a CTSM can make in expertise, analytics, creative thinking, branding, connections, and more and reach out today to discover how we can help you meet your display needs.