Housing Trends to Consider for Real Estate Marketing Centers

July 9th, 2018

Marketing centers provide a valuable opportunity for home builders to display the services and skills they can bring to new home construction. From modeling designs and amenities to inspiring clients and giving them a space where they can ask questions, these marketing centers can often make or break a sale. That is why every home builder needs to take housing trends into consideration when creating these centers. Incorporating these trends will enable home builders to also showcase their knowledge, experience, and ability in the field of new home construction. And, doing so will assure clients that the home builder can easily construct a modern home with the amenities and features they want. As a home builder, you are probably aware of the latest housing trends and design preferences. What follows is a look at how a design company, like Imagecraft, can incorporate some of these design trends into a real estate marketing center so that you can accurately showcase the modern features that you have available for your clients.

Include smart technology in a real estate marketing center.

Many new homeowners want the latest in smart home technology in their residences. From controlling the air conditioning to opening and closing the blinds with voice command, this technology adds convenience and efficiency to the lives of many new home construction clients. While smart home technology is often (and preferably) invisible to the casual observer (thanks to wi-fi integration), you can address smart home technology in your marketing center. For example, set up a demonstration of this technology that can be conducted by a member of the sales staff. Alternatively, set up an area advertising smart home capabilities. Include information and presentations, or even just discuss smart additions to basic features (for example, a traditional thermostat may be replaceable with a smart thermostat upon the homeowner’s request). Either way, clients who know that you can cater to their smart home desires will be more likely to choose your business for their new home construction.

Open up your real estate marketing center to create more space.

It seems as if open spaces have been a housing trend for awhile now, with merged kitchen, dining, and/or living areas a strong preference among homebuyers. Regardless of how long it has been around, though, the desire for open living spaces is showing no sign of dwindling. Clients still want to construct spaces that feel large, inviting, and unobstructed. To that end, opening up your real estate marketing center to create more space can be a smart move for communicating your ability to do just that in your clients’ new homes. For example, if you only have one room to work with, minimize furniture; incorporate colors that open up the room and calm the senses (like a light shade of blue or green), and consider unobtrusive recessed lighting or built-in storage to make the room look larger. If you have more space to work with, demonstrate your ability to merge living spaces by creating seamless integration between rooms, or by demonstrating how a living room and kitchen can be opened up to each other. By reducing distractions and maximizing space, you reassure your clients that you can handle their need for open and welcoming areas in their homes.

Emphasize affordability in your real estate marketing center.

The cost of purchasing or building new homes is a concern for many prospective home buyers. Faced with increasing prices, many buyers, especially younger ones, struggle to find places they can afford in the current housing market. That is why, if a home builder can emphasize the affordability of the features they offer, they stand a better chance of capturing new business. Of course, how much you focus on affordability depends in part on the type of homes you build. Those who specialize in luxury homes may not need or desire to emphasize cost savings. However, those targeting younger or first-time buyers, may benefit from showing how they can keep costs down. If you do choose to emphasize affordability, try to balance this discussion with the quality of the work you can do. For example, place high-quality but inexpensive fixtures in your real estate marketing center. Avoid pricey extras (like granite countertops). In everything that you do, ensure that what people see when they walk in are high quality materials and construction that they can also manage financially. Doing so will create an environment that not only welcomes potential clients but also inspires in them the confidence that they can afford new home construction.

Emphasize customization in your real estate marketing center.

Finally, when creating a real estate marketing center, build a look that will appeal to a large majority of your target audience, but do not forget to show them that customization is possible. Creating a space that is personalized and unique is increasingly important to homebuyers. They want to feel as if their residence is truly their space and reflects their personality and meets their needs. To that end, ensure that your home builder sales office reflects creativity and personality. For example, choose creative accents or incorporate creative millwork that is both beautiful and different. And make sure that visitors know what changes they can make to their new home construction in order to achieve a home where they feel comfortable. Creating a real estate marketing center means building a place where people can feel comfortable and inspired. Consider including smart technology, open spaces, affordability, and customization in your marketing center. The result should be a look and feel that appeals to your potential clients and communicates your ability to build them the beautiful home of their dreams.