How Do Modular Trade Show Displays Work?

December 12th, 2018

In the world of exhibiting, modular trade show displays are sometimes overlooked or misunderstood. Different from custom exhibits, rental exhibits, and even portable displays, they offer their own unique advantages to exhibitors who want to make the best impression possible while simultaneously working within their financial and other constraints.

So how does this type of exhibit work, and what can it offer to exhibitors? Here is a look at some of the things that make modular trade show displays what they are, and why they are a smart addition to many exhibitors’ inventories.


Wave Nimlok - 10 ft modular trade show displays


Modular trade show displays are made of lightweight materials.

Similar to portable displays, modular trade show displays are characterized by their construction of lightweight material. For example, aluminum is often used for their frames, because it weighs much less than do other materials. However, many other materials can also be used in these displays.

This lightweight construction is necessary if modulars are to succeed as the flexible, versatile display solutions they are marketed as. The key is to use materials that provide the display with its versatility so that it can both satisfy the customer’s display needs and maintain its qualities as a design that can be configured in a variety of ways.

Modular trade show displays allow for various setups.

One of the keys to a successful modular trade show display is the ability to be configured in a variety of ways. This ability comes from the fact that the parts of the display are interchangeable.

This term refers to the fact that each part can be connected to a variety of other parts, depending upon the shape and size you want it to take in your exhibit space. For example, the same display may allow for a 10×10 or 10×20 set up, a square or a rectangular space, and so forth. The look you achieve depends upon how you put the various pieces of the display together.

When created by an experienced exhibit company, these pieces can allow you to move seamlessly between various events without needing to use a different exhibit for each event. As a result, modular trade show displays make good choices for exhibitors who want to attend events that have very different requirements or spaces, without purchasing or renting multiple displays.


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Modular trade show displays come with room for accessories.

As with outfits, accessorizing can be key to creating the look you want. Fortunately, modular trade show displays are designed to allow for the addition of a wide range of accessories. For example, you can choose to add furniture, literature stands, technology, tablet stands, and more to your display. In addition, you may choose to add lighting to your trade show display in order to combat the often dim or fluorescent lighting that can create rather than banish shadows in your display.

Thanks to the ability to accessorize the modular trade show display, exhibitors can create the functionality and the look they want for their booth. For example, lighting alone can be used to set a certain mood, while furniture, graphics, and technology can all craft the exact messaging and experience you want your booth visitors to have.

As a result, modular trade show displays can be a good choice for exhibitors who want a budget-friendly, yet customizable, way to promote their business at an event.


Modular trade show displays are not the same as portable trade show displays.

Occasionally, exhibitors confuse modular trade show displays with portable trade show displays. While they can have characteristics in common (such as being constructed of lightweight materials), portable trade show displays are created specifically to be easy to transport. They can often be carried by staff members and set up without I&D help. However, as a result, they are often smaller exhibits, and they usually lack the versatility in size and shape that modular displays possess.

Modular trade show displays, on the other hand, are created primarily to be versatile in their set up. As a result, they tend to be larger than portable exhibits. In addition, they are easier to configure in a variety of ways in order to allow you to use them a variety of situations and at a variety of events.


Modular trade show displays allow for interchangeable graphics.

Finally, as noted above, modular trade show displays are primarily defined by the interchangeability of their pieces.

In addition to these interchangeable pieces, however, modular trade show displays also often boast the ability to handle interchangeable graphics. This means that you can easily switch your old graphics for new ones between events, without requiring the design or purchase of a new booth.

Thanks to this feature, modular trade show displays can easily be customized, not just for your brand, but also for each event you attend, and for each target audience you hope to reach.

Modular trade show displays offer a number of advantages to exhibitors. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to move. Their room for accessories and interchangeable graphics is ideal for creating a unique look for your brand, event, and target audience. Finally, the versatility of modular trade show displays makes them ideal for a variety of setups. And because they are not portable trade show displays, they have their own unique advantages to attract exhibitors.

The next time you need an exhibit, consider a modular one. And do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We can assist you in finding, designing, and purchasing the right trade show exhibit for your particular needs.

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