Hurricane Harvey

September 15th, 2017

Hurricane Harvey was a defining moment in the lives not only of Houstonians but of all Texans. The rains that poured down on the Houston area seemed as if they poured down on all of us. As houses were submerged, cars floated away, and reports of deaths came in, we felt as if the tragedy were happening in our own city and to our own neighborhoods.











And, in the aftermath of that epic storm, that bond has been expressed in the outpouring of support that has descended upon those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Donation centers have been inundated with supplies. Money has come pouring in to provide for the needs of those who lost everything in the floods. Volunteers have arrived in droves, both during the storm to rescue those trapped in flooded homes and now to help ensure that those affected by the storm have the resources they need to start putting their lives back together.


Here at Imagecraft, we also stand ready to help in the Harvey recovery efforts. In particular, we recognize that the needs of those affected by Hurricane Harvey extend beyond the need to rebuild their homes and neighborhoods. At the heart of any thriving city lie thriving businesses, both small and large. These businesses, built with love and hard work, are the backbone of an area’s success.


Just as homes and cars were destroyed in Hurricane Harvey, so were many of these businesses in the Houston area. Treasured institutions were demolished by the wind and the waves. New companies just getting their footing and businesses that had served their communities for decades were alike damaged or destroyed.


Now, the renovation and rebuilding of the Houston area has to include the renovation and rebuilidng of these companies. And these business owners will need support to envision a new and beautiful start. What they are faced with are ruined buildings. What they need is help to transform those ruins into functional, beautiful spaces where their businesses can thrive again.














Here at Imagecraft, we are eager to help in the restoration of the businesses affected by Hurricane Harvey. As a business ourselves, we know the many hours of hard work, the careful branding, the relationship building, and the space design needed to succeed. We understand what a company needs to stand out in its chosen field, and in its chosen community.


In addition, we possess the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to put this understanding to work in rebuilding ravaged businesses. Our 46 years of experience in trade show displays, lobby design, museum exhibits, sales centers, permanent and semi permanent installations, retail fixtures, and commercial millwork mean that we are equipped to help business owners transform their ruined spaces into appealing stores and offices once again.


Perhaps even more importantly, we have a desire to stand in solidarity with our fellow Texans. What happened to the victims of Hurricane Harvey happened, in a way, to all of us. And we want to be part of the process of restoring those victims to the lives they had before disaster struck.


As the Houston area begins to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, we here at Imagecraft look forward to providing our services and skills to help business owners get back to work in spaces that are appealing and functional. Whether a lobby needs repair or a home builder sales office needs a complete renovation, we are prepared to make these projects happen. Harvey could not dim the spirit of the Houston area, and we are ready to make sure that it does not dim the vibrant livelihoods of those who live there.