Importance of a Professionally-Designed Lobby Display

June 22nd, 2017

A lobby is the introductory space to an organization. It is where visitors wait, collect information, meet others, and pass through on their way further into the building. And, for savvy organizations, it is a place where visitors can gain positive and useful information about the company. Of course, not every business understands how valuable a professionally-designed lobby display can be. A plain entryway might initially seem like a good idea, especially if you are cash-strapped. However, a lobby display provides a number of advantages that can actually serve the interests of your organization. Here are a few of them.

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A lobby display makes a good first impression on visitors.

Because the lobby is the first place visitors go, it provides the first impression they get of your organization. In fact, research shows that people tend to form a judgment of a person or a place with just 3 seconds of observation. You need to make those 3 seconds count. If visitors are confronted with a plain, outdated, dirty, or boring lobby area, they will make negative assumptions about your organization. If they enjoy a streamlined, modern, and appealing lobby display, however, they will make positive assumptions about your brand. A successful lobby display, therefore, communicates first and foremost that your organization is a desirable, and professional, place to be. This impression may not be a conscious or specific realization, but as long as it is a positive one, it will keep visitors interested in learning more about your company. 

A lobby tells visitors what to expect as they proceed further into your organization.

Since a lobby provides a first impression, it also represents what visitors can expect as they delve further into your organization. For example, visitors to a hotel lobby will assume that the level of elegance and service they enjoy in the lobby is representative of the elegance and service they will encounter in their rooms. That is why a poorly designed or a neglected lobby will send people away: If the lobby doesn’t appeal, they assume the rest of the organization will not either. A professionally designed lobby display will give visitors a more accurate representation of what your organization provides. Can they expect personalized service? Prompt assistance? Quick access to a real person? Then build a lobby display that reflects these qualities.

A lobby communicates brand values to your visitors.

Any display, whether it is a trade show display, a museum exhibit, or a lobby display, needs to focus on communicating brand values to visitors. These values tell people how your brand stands apart from your competitors, and they tell people how your organization can meet their needs. For example, say a hospital creates a lobby display. The organization may want to focus its lobby display on the fact that it provides cutting edge heart health care, or that it conducts groundbreaking research into breast cancer. These values make it stand apart from other nearby hospitals and reassure visitors that they will receive a high level of care at that facility. In addition, a lobby display can serve as a tool for communicating brand personality. For example, an investment company may want to create a reserved lobby display that focuses on their experience and conservative approach. A graphic design company, on the other hand, may want to create a more flamboyant lobby display that captures the organization’s youthfulness and creativity.

A lobby display can link multiple locations for a single company.

Because a professionally designed lobby display communicates brand values and sets expectations for visitors, it is an excellent way to link multiple locations of a single company. In fact, carrying brand elements over into each branch is important for almost every aspect of designing individual branches. For example, a hospital with multiple branches can use a similar lobby display to make each lobby look the same. These elements of similarity will communicate to visitors that they can enjoy the same level of care in each branch that they would receive from the main building. 

A lobby display provides a space for visitors to learn more about the organization.

Inquiring at the information desk is a relatively common way to get more facts about an organization. However, a lobby display can provide a more in-depth and interesting way to learn about a business. And, it can do so without requiring any extra staffing. For example, if you make your lobby display into a museum exhibit, you can take visitors on a walk through your organization’s history. This story will engage visitors in a way that a simple information desk cannot. At the same time, it also gives you an opportunity to focus on the brand values and benefits your organization offers. For example, a history of a hospital might talk about its long record of cutting edge research or groundbreaking treatment discoveries. Or, it might focus on how its emphasis has always been on personalized patient care. The key is to create a lobby display that offers information in an appealing way for whoever wants to learn more.









Creating an effective lobby display may require the services of an exhibit company.

Because the lobby is such an important area for your company, and since it is the first and last place visitors see when they enter your building, it may be worth it to hire an exhibit company to help you design a display for that entry space. Their support can help you to achieve the appealing, brand-focused lobby display you need to help your visitors learn more about you. A lobby display offers you a chance to put forth the best aspects of your organization. It provides visitors with a positive first impression, tells them what to expect from your company, communicates your brand values and personality, links multiple locations, and allows visitors to learn more about your company. When you hire an exhibit company to build this lobby display, you make it easier to achieve an entry space that is welcoming for anyone who comes in.