Kathy Glidewell, Senior Account Executive

July 19th, 2013


Kathy Glidewell joined Imagecraft in 2004. Her introduction to the trade show industry began nearly 19 years ago as an account manager. Now, with 17 years in sales, she is focused on helping her clients build  brand awareness on the trade show floor with visually exciting booths and assisting new home builders by providing elegant and creative marketing centers/sales offices for their potential home buyers. She believes that first impressions in these venues are critical and has a passion for helping clients strike a balance between design and function.  Creativity is key!

Kathy has a passion for all things creative. She enjoys cooking – so much so, she even took a class taught by famed chef Dean Fearing.  Decorating is another passion, developed and nurtured through her exposure to and work with home builders. If she’s not cooking (or watching Food Network), she can be found perusing local art galleries or simply shopping. For home décor, of course!


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