Letting the Good Times Roll

January 6th, 2014

…for the Benefit of Foundation Communities

Christmas Bowling Party

Now that we’ve rolled the calendar, we pause to take a quick look back at the Imagecraft Holiday Party, where we did a little rolling of our own. Destination: Mel’s Lone Star Lanes in Georgetown. The Austin-based crew gathered to eat, drink, bowl – even play a little shuffleboard – while celebrating another record year at ICE.

The venue was outstanding. The bowling – not so much. Oh there was the occasional young whipper-snapper that knew what to do with a 14-pound Brunswick Mastermind, but many of us were just trying to avoid injury. To ourselves. To others. (Count us as mostly successful in this effort.) American Shuffleboard in the back room was a kinder and gentler undertaking, and clearly some of our ICE folks have spent more than a passing moment sliding those plastic & metal pucks across the sawdust.

At the end of the day – with prizes awarded and rental shoes returned – a good time was had by all. ICE packs all around!

The price of admission?

Donation of Gifts and ToysA generous donation of gifts and toys were collected in support of Foundation Communities, a terrific local non-profit that provides first class, affordable homes to more than 2,600 low-income families in Central and North Texas. They also create amazing learning environments for more than 700 children, while helping 17,000+ low-income residents file their taxes free of charge every year – returning $27 million in refunds to the local economy. Find out more about this worthwhile organization on Facebook or go to www.foundcom.org.

And now, as we roll into the New Year, we wish everyone a happy and safe 2014!