Lighting Ideas for Portable Trade Show Booths

March 12th, 2019

Portable trade show booths can be the right choice for exhibitors looking for inexpensive displays that they can easily and inexpensively transport. With numerous design options, it is also possible for exhibitors to create a powerful look that stands out on the trade show floor.

One way for exhibitors to create this impact with their portable trade show booths is to add the right type of lighting. Carefully crafted lighting can create the mood and appeal you need to compete alongside larger exhibits. Here are a few lighting ideas and options to consider for your next portable trade show booth.


RTI Surgical Trade Show Booth


Portable Trade Show Booth Lighting Idea 1: Floodlights

In order to combat the dim, fluorescent lighting that characterizes most exhibit halls, you will want to create bright and beautiful lighting in your portable trade show booth. One of the best ways to do so is to use floodlights.

This lighting option creates bright swaths of light that you can use to illuminate particular areas of your booth or to create general lighting for the entire booth. For example, illuminate your products; light up your literature table, or create a bright environment where your entire booth can stand out.

The best floodlights for  portable trade show booths are the ones that clamp onto tables or the sides of the booth. This feature makes them easy to install and allows them to be easily disassembled when it is time to move the display.


Portable Trade Show Booth Lighting Idea 2: Spotlights

For more focused lighting in your portable trade show booth, consider installing spotlights. These lights, instead of illuminating large areas, are designed to shed intense but narrower beams of light on particular areas, products, or people.

For example, you may use a spotlight to illuminate individual products in your product display. You may choose a spotlight to highlight a speaker in your portable trade show booth. You may even want a spotlight to show off your logo or other graphics.

The best spotlights for portable trade show booths, similar to the best kinds of floodlights, are those that clamp onto the walls, tables, or other parts of the booth. This feature makes the lights themselves portable and allows you to adjust exactly where the light falls.


Portable Trade Show Booth Lighting Idea 3: Mini LED Lights

One less common, but still powerful, lighting option for your portable trade show booth is the mini LED light. This lighting option consists of tiny LED lights arranged to provide intense illumination in a small package. They allow for dimming, as well as for high contrast. Like other lighting options, exhibitors may choose to install them through the use of clamps.

Mini LED lights serve a number of purposes in a trade show exhibit. For example, the mini lights can become part of a floodlight. They may appear in backlighting for banners. They can even be used in spotlights. Their advantage is in their tiny but bright size that provides a higher contrast lighting experience than regular floodlights, spotlights, or backlighting.


Portable Trade Show Booth Lighting Idea 4: Banner Stand Lights

Portable trade show booths often include banners. The exhibits use these banners as backdrops or accessories to further accentuate the brand and communicate the desired messaging to audiences.

Banner stand lights are designed to illuminate these banners. As clip-on lights, they provide the right amount of illumination to draw attention to the banners. As a result, they serve as an effective way to draw attention to your brand’s primary messaging and graphics.


Portable Trade Show Booth Lighting Idea 5:Track Lighting

Track lighting can be an effective addition to a portable trade show booth. This type of lighting consists of lights arranged in a row. This method of lighting allows for the gentle illumination of a larger but specific area of the booth. For example, you may choose track lighting to illuminate a product display, or even to illuminate a banner. With its longer area of lighting, it can illuminate a larger area than can a spotlight, but with less intensity than a floodlight.


Portable Trade Show Booth Lighting Idea 6: Lighting Variety

Chances are that not one single lighting solution will meet your needs for your portable trade show booth. In fact, the best lighting experience is created by implementing several types of lights throughout the trade show exhibit.

For example, perhaps you want to use track lighting for your banner, but implement spotlights to draw attention to individual products in your product display. At the same time, you may choose a floodlight or two in order to illuminate the rest of your booth and prevent unattractive shadows from dampening the effect of your design. The key is to find the mix of lights that most effectively communicates the mood, messaging, and goals of your portable trade show booth.

When you are ready to illuminate your portable trade show booth, you may want to consult an exhibit company, like Imagecraft. They can help you to identify not just the right display for your needs, but also the right lighting to make it stand out on the trade show floor. In addition, they can serve as a resource for obtaining the highest quality lights to accompany your design and graphics, and they can provide the customization necessary for a display that pops. With the right design services on your side, as well as the right lighting, you can turn your portable trade show booth into a display you can be proud of.