How to Make People Feel at Home in Your Real Estate Marketing Center

July 6th, 2017

When you invite people into your real estate marketing center, you probably have a number of goals: Educate them about your offerings, encourage questions, inspire them regarding their own home, and engage them in the process of envisioning their own dream home. While the goals might be varied, the key to achieving them remains primarily the same: To make your visitors feel, first and foremost, comfortable in your space. A sense of welcome will make it easier for them to envision using your products and services to create the same feeling in their own homes. The design of your real estate marketing center is one of the most important parts of a welcoming atmosphere (your sales team being the other critical component). Here are a few suggestions for building comfort and welcome into the fabric of your sales center.









Add elements of comfort to your real estate marketing center to encourage visitors to stay.

Physical comfort can be a big draw for your sales center visitors. If your space is comfortable to be in, they will likely spend more time exploring the center and the options you have to offer them. To this end, consider building elements of comfort into your real estate marketing center. Plush seating, cozy bedding, and inviting kitchen chairs can all make visitors feel right at home. These comfortable touches have an added bonus: If visitors like what they see (and feel) they might just decide to put those elements in their own homes.

Add touches of elegance to even budget-minded sales centers.

The most successful real estate marketing centers cater to a particular demographic. For example, high-end finishes and luxury upgrades should be used to reach wealthy customers, while durability and affordability should characterize sales centers trying to reach middle class families. However, when creating a real estate marketing center for middle income families, elegance can still make a difference. While offering expensive custom items to budget-conscious consumers will probably mean fewer sales, even customers who have their eye on affordability appreciate elegance. And offering them touches of elegance in your sales center can be a good way to make them feel welcome in your space. For example, thoughtfully selected decorative elements like vases and pictures can add touches of beauty to your sales center. Features such as built ins or higher-end light fixtures can also create a feeling of elegance. And in the kitchen, adding upgraded features such as granite counter tops or high end appliances can encourage even budget-conscious visitors to dream about how to stretch their dollars to get the welcoming environment they want in their own homes. 

Strive for perfection, even in the details.

While a little bit of clutter and less than perfect cleaning is acceptable in a home, these things will turn visitors away in your real estate marketing center. If you want to make visitors feel welcome, you need to create a space that is carefully designed and perfectly organized. For example, tiny details such as a dusty picture or a misplaced rug can give visitors a negative impression of your space. Even if they cannot quite name what is making them feel uncomfortable, they will notice the small elements that are not quite right. As a result, focus on a look and feel that is perfectly executed. With the help of a skilled exhibit company’s design services, you should be able to create a home builder display that pulls every detail together into a cohesive and appealing whole.

Engage visitors’ senses to help them feel at home in your real estate marketing center.

If you want to create a welcoming space within your marketing center, you will also need to think about the overall experience your visitors will have there. The primary goal, of course, is to allow them to learn about and gain inspiration from the products and services you offer. However, by engaging visitors’ senses with thoughtful elements, you can make this educational and inspirational experience much more appealing. As a result, consider engaging all of your visitors’ senses within your real estate marketing center.  For example, add gentle music to establish a relaxing atmosphere. Provide refreshments to make your visitors feel like guests in your home. Add soft lighting to make the space look more appealing. Instead of spending time listening to a dry recitation of home builder features, your visitors will enjoy the opportunity to explore a space that looks and feels (and smells and tastes) like home.









Simplify decision making with the accessible arrangement of your sales center displays.

Home builders have many decisions to make. Overwhelming them with a cacophony of options, however, can leave them reeling (and less likely to commit to anything). In order to create a welcoming space, simplify the decision making process by arranging your displays in a clear and accessible manner. For example, remove distractions from the products within your displays. The use of white cabinets, walls, and display cases, for example, can help visitors to focus on what is in the display. Place items at easy-to-see heights. Provide tables and chairs where visitors can comfortably make purchasing decisions. And ensure that decorative touches do not overwhelm the space with busyness. The result should be an area that is more comfortable and less distracting for home builders looking to make decisions regarding their own homes. The real estate marketing center offers a way to connect with potential clients in a meaningful way. By using the center to demonstrate the quality, creativity, and depth of your offerings, you communicate your ability to handle their home building needs. In order to make visitors feel comfortable and welcome in your space, pay attention to details and to the thought processes of your visitors. Add elements of comfort to your marketing center; add touches of elegance; strive for perfection in your presentation; engage visitors’ senses; and simplify decision making. By doing so, you will set up a marketing center that will encourage visitors to trust you with their home building needs.