Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out, Without Technology

April 27th, 2018

Most people know that making your trade show display stand out is the key to attracting visitors and meeting your event goals. What many people think this means is adding technology to their exhibits. And all of those screens, RFID trackers, digital presentations, and other technological advancements have their place in your trade show exhibit. In fact, it is safe to say that without incorporating technology, any custom exhibit will immediately be behind its competitors in looks, appeal, and impact. However, in the midst of exciting new technological advancements, it is important not to lose sight of the less technical methods that still exist to make an impression at a trade show. Here are just a few.


Incorporate creative swag into your trade show display.

Swag, of course, has been a trade show staple almost since the beginning. However, not all swag is created equal. And unfortunately, many businesses have fallen prey to the ease of boiler plate handouts, like pens and cup Koozies. However, just because swag appears in virtually every trade show display does not mean that it cannot contribute to a unique display. Instead, the right swag can make your exhibit stand out from all of those other, less interesting handouts. The key is to be creative. For example, instead of pens, consider giving away branded sunglasses. Instead of cup Koozies, give away laptop skins. Or use your imagination and come up with something completely unique. As long as it fits your brand, your budget, and your audience’s preferences, it can make you the talk of the trade show.

Make your trade show display feel like home.

Trade shows, of course, are professional events. They exist in order to allow businesses and organizations to build brand awareness, grow sales, and connect with customers. To that end, a professional look and demeanor within the booth is both expected and required. However, at the same time, chances are good that attendees are going to be tired and ready for a break at some point during the trade show. At these times, your trade show exhibit, if designed correctly, can provide a warm and welcoming place for them to recharge. Offering hospitality in the form of refreshments, charging stations, quiet music, comfortable chairs, and a low key environment can be a way to make your trade show display the one attendees prefer when all they want to do is put their feet up for a few minutes.

Be bold with your trade show display graphics and copy.

Sharp graphics and compelling copy are trade show display standards. Without those two qualities, a trade show display is unlikely to attract very much attention. However, when you are one exhibit among many, all sporting strong graphics and messaging, how do you make your trade show exhibit stand out? One strategy is to embrace boldness with your graphics and your copy. Don’t just create a strong message for your exhibit walls. Make that message large, and use bright colors that will attract attention (just remember to keep the colors and graphics in line with your brand). Splash your messaging across large hanging signs. Choose graphics that can cover an entire wall, or incorporate creative visuals by using your own products as part of the interior. When you choose to go big and bold, your graphics and your messaging take on a life of their own. And that can make them far more noticeable and appealing to the trade show attendees you are trying to reach.

Use natural materials in your trade show exhibit.

Using synthetic materials that mimic the look of natural materials is a very popular technique among trade show displays. For example, laminate flooring that looks like hardwood, or tension fabric that looks like stone, can add the look of natural materials without the cost (or weight). However, there is something to be said for including real materials in your trade show display, especially when you are trying to stand out. They provide a striking appearance that is different from the standard synthetic materials, even the high quality ones that do a good job of mimicking the look of the natural materials. They also give attendees a way to encounter different textures within your booth, making your exhibit more interesting than your competitors’. When adding natural materials to your trade show booth design, think small. For example, use the natural material as a highlight to add pops of texture and interest. Place your natural materials where they will have the most impact, and save the lighter, less expensive materials for the majority of your display. By doing so, you will create an affordable exhibit that still possesses the unique appeal of using real stone, wood, brick, etc.

Include banners and hanging signs in your trade show display.

Finally, consider including banners and hanging signs in your trade show display. These hanging advertisements for your company have the advantage of strong visibility (i.e. it is hard to ignore a giant sign suspended from the ceiling). In addition, they tend to be very attractive and impressive, making attendees wonder what is behind such a bold and creative company. To this end, consider asking your exhibit company’s design services for help creating these kinds of large and striking signs for your trade show display. Just make sure you create and use them in line with any regulations (such as height, size, etc.) your venue places on the use of such booth elements. With the right graphics and messaging, these large banners and hanging signs can serve as eye catching additions to your booth. Creating a compelling look goes beyond incorporating new technology. The right displays use an effective mix of technology and captivating design elements to catch people’s attention. By handing out creative swag, providing a place to rest for attendees, using natural materials and hanging banners and signs, you can attract attention at almost any trade show.