Meet Our New Friends at Chameleon Cold-Brew

March 14th, 2014

Sometimes you just come up a winner.

That’s what happened to us at Imagecraft when we met our new friends at Chameleon Cold-Brew.

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We were fortunate enough to meet and get to know this new Austin-based company who’s
making a splash in the very unique market of cold-brewed coffee. Setting themselves apart from their competition, they custom roast every ounce of Chameleon Cold-Brew for more than 16 hours. They use only 100% organic, Fair Trade, hand-selected Central and South American Arabica beans. They use only purified Texas Hill Country spring water. Apply a unique cold-brewing process, and the results are an amazingly smooth, highly caffeinated, less acidic coffee that can be enjoyed hot or over ice.

After repeated starts and restarts, founders Chris Campbell and Steve Williams – neighbors and self-professed geeks (I took that right off of their own website) – captured the essence of coffee and bottled it. They tell the story on their site better than I ever could, so please check them out here:

Our excitement here at Imagecraft was rewarded with the opportunity to design and produce their exhibit booth which made its inaugural appearance at the Natural Products Expo West conference in San Diego on March 8. We hope that we’ve captured just a little of their uniqueness and Austin-centric spirit in our 10’ rental solution. Chris was kind enough to share, “The Imagecraft booth was fantastic. The RTD was well received and it looks like we’ll launch with about 200-300 stores by June, with more to come afterwards.” The lightweight aluminum frame is skinned with a detailed, color graphic that looks so real you have to touch it to prove to yourself that it isn’t corrugated tin. A stressed-wood patterned back-wall with outdoor lamps conjures up comfortable local venues where we’ve all enjoyed our favorite beverages with great friends. And best of all, the counter is designed to house coolers filled with ice-cold single-servings of their new line of ‘ready-to-drink’ coffees launched in 2013.

So here’s to our new friends – Chris, Steve, and all the great folks at Chameleon Cold-Brew. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Austin, Texas.