Money-Saving Tips for Shipping Trade Show Booth Displays

January 13th, 2018

Trade show booth displays are an exciting way to improve your business’ visibility and success at events like trade shows. However, they also require a significant investment, both in their creation (especially custom exhibits) and in their transportation to and from the exhibit hall. Finding ways to cut back on these expenses can make obtaining an effective exhibit more achievable even for businesses working with limited budgets. In particular, cutting back on transportation expenses can be a smart way to stick to a tight budget and/or free up money to put into a more impactful design. What follows is a look at a few ways to save money when shipping your trade show booth display.

Choose trade show booth displays that are less expensive to transport.

When it comes to cost, not all displays are created equal. Some exhibits cost more to ship than do others. When you are looking to cut back on transportation costs for your trade show booth display, the most straightforward solution is to choose an exhibit that does not cost much to ship. For example, rental exhibits will save you significant money by eliminating transportation costs. The rental company, instead of you, will be responsible for shipping the exhibit to and from the trade show. All you worry about is paying the rental fees, which can be a third that of purchasing a custom trade show display. Just make sure that your situation warrants a rental exhibit, because even with shipping costs, it can still be a better idea to buy an exhibit outright under certain circumstances. Another low-cost option for shipping your trade show booth displays is to select a modular or portable trade show display. These exhibits are intentionally designed to be lightweight (having been created out of materials such as aluminum) and compact enough to be carried by a single staffer. When you use portable exhibits, you have no need for heavy crates and expensive shipping companies, and can usually save on installation and dismantling costs as well. Selecting a rental, modular, or portable trade show display is the easiest way to save significant money on transportation costs.

Create or use a lightweight trade show display.

Custom trade show displays have an appeal and an advantage that can make purchasing them worthwhile, despite their greater shipping costs. The amount of visibility and impact they have can offer a more than adequate ROI and earn your business significant advantages at the trade show. If you choose to use a custom trade show display, you can still save money on transportation expenses by minimizing the weight of your display (Most shipping companies will charge you based on the weight of your exhibits, and drayage charges for transporting your display from the exhibit hall to your display space are also based on weight.). The key is to carefully select lightweight materials for the construction of your exhibit. For example, aluminum is a lightweight metal, and certain fabrics weigh less than others. The type of furniture, display cases, and flooring you select can also lower the overall weight of your trade show booth display. With the help of a creative and experienced exhibit company, you should be able to find solutions that minimize the weight and, therefore, the shipping costs of your custom exhibit, without compromising on its quality or on its visual appeal.

Take advantage of your exhibit company’s trade show management services.

Many exhibit companies will offer trade show management services intended to make the process of shipping, installing, dismantling, and storing your display easier. For example, the exhibit company may send someone to oversee the installation of your display, partner with shipping companies to get your display to and from the storage facility, and offer storage in a dry, secure environment. These services are often provided at a lower cost that you could obtain for yourself by arranging them separately. For example, exhibit companies often provide high quality storage for a very low price for customers who choose to use these services. When it comes to shipping your trade show booth display, the same holds true: You can access convenient, reliable, and affordable shipping services through your exhibit company. For example, your exhibit company may have long standing relationships with reliable transportation companies and be able to obtain low shipping rates for you as a result. These rates may be lower than any you could obtain for yourself. And, you get to enjoy those low rates without having to take the time to find a shipping company and arrange transportation yourself.

Make plans to ship your trade show booth display early.

The saying, “The early bird catches the worm” applies as much to shipping trade show displays as it does to other areas of life. When shipping your exhibit, you can often get the best rates when you make arrangements well in advance. Last minute requests for transportation will often cost you significantly more, as well as increasing your chances of not having your display at the venue on time. Making arrangements early, on the other hand, can often net you discounts that will lower your overall transportation costs. If you want to know how much to lower your expenses by, and how much in advance you should make your arrangements, consult with your exhibit company’s trade show management services or check with the transportation companies you are considering to make sure you do not miss any deadlines. You can save money on shipping your trade show booth displays if you do it the right way. Choose exhibit types that cost less to ship; use lightweight materials in your trade show display; use your exhibit company’s trade show management services, and make your shipping arrangements early. Doing so will free up money that you can put to good use elsewhere or that you can use to create an amazing trade show display design that will contribute to a successful event.