Museum Installation Services

A step into one of our museum exhibits or showrooms is often like taking a step back in time.

Each environment is designed with immersion in mind. At Imagecraft Exhibits, we strive for nothing less than delivering world-class products, and our previous projects are a testament to that goal.  We have designed numerous museums and lobbies for our previous clients, and each one has shown the level of imagination, accuracy, and depth we work to design. Our visual stories will make a lasting impression that will have visitors remembering your exhibit long after they leave.

The professional management team of Imagecraft Exhibits is here for you with just one phone call. We can discuss your goals and expectations for a proper installation and craft an overall project plan to ensure your needs are properly met.

Imagecraft Exhibits provides a wide variety of services, including proper casing, interactive technologies, narrative graphics, dynamic design, and projects with an authentic feel to a museum. Whether the project is a small showroom or an elaborate display, our professional team has all the tools needed to exceed expectations and make an abiding mark on all your visitors.

View our portfolio for more examples.