Need Effective Trade Show Exhibit Messages? Try These.

March 30th, 2018

A successful trade show exhibit is a beautiful combination of visually appealing elements and compelling messages. Together, these two parts of the display attract and educate attendees, encouraging them to engage more deeply with the business behind the trade show exhibit. While the visual aspect of trade show exhibits receives quite a bit of attention, the messaging that the exhibit contains is also a critical component of the design. As a result, getting the messaging right can be just as important as getting the graphics right. And, not every type of messaging will suffice. If you need ideas about the types of messages that can work with a trade show exhibit, read on. These are a few of the most effective things to communicate to trade show attendees. 

Provide solutions through your trade show exhibit messaging.

One of the main reasons that people attend trade shows is to find new products and services to buy. Why do they want these things? Because they want a way to meet their industry-related needs. Whether this be a need for new products and services, a need for education, dissatisfaction with current industry offerings, or more, what attendees want from exhibitors are solutions to these issues. For example, healthcare professionals struggling to accurately identify certain health problems might jump at the chance to purchase new imaging technology, while businesses looking to improve their environmental footprint might be interested in discussing the use of green materials in their newest office building. As a result, your trade show exhibit may benefit from showing (and telling) attendees exactly how you can solve their problems. Delivering this type of messaging means understanding your target audience and the struggles that they face and then crafting a message that directly addresses their priorities. This approach also requires exhibitors to put customers first in their messaging. You may want to make sales and capture leads, but you cannot meet these goals without focusing on helping customers meet their goals first. As a result, customer centric messaging on your trade show exhibit will, naturally, attract more customers while simultaneously increasing your own sales and making it easier to meet your own trade show goals. 

Communicate brand distinctives in your trade show exhibit messaging.

At the same time, customers do want to know how your business stands out from the many other exhibitors demanding their attention on the trade show floor. Generic statements like “High quality products,” “Timely delivery,” or “We put the customer first” aren’t likely to get your trade show exhibit the attention it deserves. Most other exhibitors can (and do) promise the same things. Instead, consider where your brand distinctives mesh with your customers’ pain points. Then, boil that down into a message that can be included within your trade show display design. Also known as a unique selling proposition, this intersection of your business and your customers’ needs can create a beautifully compelling message that brings people to your trade show door. In addition, make sure this message is delivered in your brand’s voice and look. Have a creative business? Come up with a creatively phrased message set within unique graphics. Working with a more traditional company? Stick to a more straightforward message and conservative visuals. Your exhibit company’s design services can help ensure that your message, and the graphics within which it appears, accurately represent your brand to your trade show attendees.

Incorporate your brand name into your trade show exhibit messaging.

This might seem like a pretty obvious way to improve your trade show exhibit messaging, but you might be surprised how easy it can be to focus on your selling propositions and your catch phrases and forget to tell customers who they should be shopping from. As a result, always make sure your trade show exhibit messaging includes your brand name. Whether it be declared from bold hanging signage, imprinted on your tension fabric background, or lit up in a backlit trade show display, making your name visible will make it stick in attendees’ minds.

Create a personal connection through your trade show exhibit messaging.

When you are trying to stand out from the other trade show displays in the exhibit hall, you will want to make a personal connection with attendees. When they can look at your display and feel, somehow, that you know and understand them, they will be more likely to come knocking on your proverbial door. And if, when they do, they find a business that feels approachable, friendly, and interested in them, they are more likely to stay. As a result, try to create a personal connection with attendees through your trade show exhibit messaging. Addressing their pain points and offering solutions is one such way to do so. However, you can also create this connection through tools such as friendly, conversational messages, free offers, wording that expresses empathy with their situations, and more. Even just a word or two can be crafted in such a way as to make the customer think “oh, this business gets me.”

Keep your trade show exhibit messaging simple and concise.

Finally, regardless of the approach you take with your trade show exhibit messaging, try to keep it simple and concise. Wordy sentences (or worse, blocks of text) are impossible to read at a glance (which is all that attendees will be giving you at first). And if attendees cannot read and understand your messaging immediately, they are not likely to spend even more time seeking out your booth and speaking with your staff members. As a result, work with your exhibit company’s design services to develop concise and impactful messaging that will grab trade show attendees’ attention from across the exhibit hall. When you can nail the messaging, and combine it with amazing graphics, you can capture attention and business that will help you meet your trade show goals.