Post-Show Marketing Tips

June 11th, 2013

February 14, 2012

Trade Show 101
Post-Show Marketing Tips

Contact Your Leads Quickly:  You have spent months preparing for the event and invested valuable resources to promote your brand, but surprisingly over 80% of leads are never followed, according to CEIR.  By training your sales team to qualify the leads, you can easily identify those who need follow-up quickly versus those that can be ignored.  Taking notes on the floor to accompany the contact info provides a much better opportunity to develop talking points and initiate the call after the event. Research has shown that the ideal time frame to connect with trade show leads is within 10 days following the event, while the experience is still fresh in the visitors mind.  Preparing your post-show marketing materials and drafting an email or call script for your sales team during your pre-show planning helps prevent any delays in reaching your leads within the 10-day window.  Be proactive not reactive!

Measuring Results? For most companies, it’s critical to measure your results and answer the question – how did we do? Before this question can be answered, objectives need to be established for your company. What was your objective for attending the show? Was it to increase your overall sales or to launch a new product? Were you trying to increase your brand recognition or generate a determined number of leads? Perhaps your goals include all of these, but without setting objectives, a measurement of success is impossible. A better indicator of a successful show is measuring your return-on-investment (ROI). By measuring your ROI throughout the year, you can make informed decisions on what shows to continue exhibiting at and what shows to eliminate from the budget.

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