Preparing to Impress at SXSW 2019 with the Right Trade Show Exhibit

August 15th, 2018

For professionals in the interactive, film, and music industries, the annual SXSW conference held in Austin, TX, is the place to be. And with tens of thousands of participants flocking to the SXSW 2019 conference and set of festivals each year, it is also the place to be for businesses engaged in these industries. Rarely, if ever, is there another opportunity to reach such a large, engaged, and creative audience with your company’s industry innovations and contributions. Thanks to the impressive size of SXSW, and of the trade show in particular, (250 exhibitors attended the 2018 conference), it is key for exhibitors to stand out from the crowd with exceptional trade show displays. With the right planning, and the right exhibit company, however, it is possible to craft an exhibit (whether rented or custom) that will earn the attention your business deserves from leaders in your industry at this important annual gathering.


What qualities should a trade show exhibit at SXSW possess?

SXSW is known for bringing together tens of thousands of leading individuals from across the film, interactive, and music industries. This coming together of the brightest and most creative minds in three industries means that the conference has earned a reputation for innovation and creativity. This reputation extends to its trade show, which is billed as a place where the convergence points of the three featured industries are highlighted and explored. As a result, attendees at the trade show expect to encounter exhibits that highlight creativity, cutting edge innovation, and brand new products and services. In addition, the best trade show exhibits are often those that welcome attendees in to an interactive experience. Some areas of the trade show floor, for example, are devoted to free classes or other interactive pursuits. Others promote presentations within the film and music industries, while still more encourage participants to interact with the latest tools and techniques in the industries. Exhibits that encourage visitor participation embrace the ethos of SXSW while giving visitors a good reason to stay and learn more about what they have to offer. And, of course, a trade show display at SXSW should possess a striking appearance that will allow it to stand out on the trade show floor from the hundreds of other exhibitors vying for the attention of attendees. No bland or predictable exhibits are likely to succeed at a show where creativity and innovation are the focal points. Instead, creative, innovative design must accompany strong, interactive elements that showcase what is possible within the exhibitor’s industry.


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Why choose Imagecraft for an SXSW trade show display?

Perhaps the best place to start when building this type of trade show display is with an exhibit company who has the experience needed to design a compelling look, such as we here at the Austin-based ImagecraftExhibits. Here are just a few reasons to consider using our expertise and experience for your next trade show exhibit at SXSW 2019.


We have been building and managing trade show displays since 1971. With thousands of exhibit projects completed, we are intimately familiar with crafting a look and message for our clients that wins them visitors on the trade show floor. In particular, our design services specialize in customized solutions for customers’ budgets and design needs, ensuring an affordable, compelling, and unique look that captures the heart of their brand.  We have helped clients on the SXSW trade show floor since 2012. Some of our most compelling displays have included Home Depot (Full Circle Events), Dropbox, and pavilions for Great Britain, Brazil, and Australia, to name a few. We know what goes into a successful SXSW trade show display, and we know how to create the type of compelling and innovative look brands need for the conference. As a result, whether you are an experienced business with years of exhibiting under your belt or a young company just venturing into the exciting world of SXSW, you can be confident that you will get an exhibit that is customized, compelling, and effective for your brand.


We know that shipping costs can be quite significant for trade show displays. Keeping these costs down can play a large part in keeping overall expenses down for the exhibit. Imagecraft is an Austin-based company, which means that your SXSW trade show exhibit can be built and shipped to the event for a minimal expense. In addition to keeping shipping costs low, our location enables us to provide a fast turnaround for trade show displays. In particular, rental exhibits, modular, and portable trade show displays can be customized with your brand and messaging and sent to SXSW very quickly. This allows even businesses who may have had a late start to enjoy a strong presence on the SXSW trade show floor.

Project Management Services

Finally, Imagecraft makes a good choice for your SXSW 2019 trade show display because of our project management services. These services encompass every part of exhibiting your display, from taking it to the exhibit hall to setting it up, dismantling it, and storing it afterward. Thanks to these comprehensive services, you can enjoy the best rates, receive the support of our reliable partners, and encounter fewer issues with your experience at the exhibit hall. If you are considering a trade show display for SXSW 2019, you may want to consider Imagecraft as your exhibit company. From our decades of experience, including experience with SXSW displays, to our ideal location and comprehensive project management services, we are well positioned to help you create the innovative and compelling display you need to succeed at SXSW.