Product Demo Tips for Your Trade Show Display

February 25th, 2019

There are few better ways of making an impression with your trade show display than by putting on a product demo. These live demonstrations of how a product works and the benefits it offers customers can add a memorable (and profitable) component to your trade show display. Here are five tips for creating product demos that wow, engage, educate, and, perhaps most importantly, convert.

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Trade show display product demos should tell a story.

Everyone likes a story. The narrative engages their interest and improves their memory of what is said. When you can turn your trade show display product demo into a story with a beginning, middle, and end, then you can more easily interest your attendees in the item that you are showcasing.

The secret to a really effective product demo story is to make the attendees, and in particular, the problems they are facing, the center of the story. Since every story needs a conflict, turn their pain points into the problem that the product solves.

For example, say your trade show display is showcasing a new pair of hiking boots designed for durability. Turn your product demo about these boots into a story about someone who needs to hike the Appalachian Trail. Those boots’ durability becomes the key to getting the hero of the story to their goal. Whatever story you choose to tell, highlighting the benefits of the product through a narrative will be the most effective method. As a result, structure your trade show display’s product demo to do just that.


Trade show display product demos should engage visitors’ senses.

While sitting and listening to you or your staff talk might be what people expect to do during a product demo in your trade show display, you want to go above and beyond expectations. That is why you should create product demos that engage your visitors’ senses.

How is this possible? The first thing to do is to consider what your product is capable of. For example, does it have moving parts you can turn on? Is it safe or durable enough to be handled by the audience during the demo? Can you add lights, color, or other eye-catching props to your demo table? Are there any scents you can incorporate that would relate to the product?

No matter what item you showcase, whether it be a pair of hiking boots, a new smartphone, medical equipment, flooring, or more, you can spice up your presentation with elements that engage multiple senses. This happy surprise will delight attendees and make your demo more memorable in the long-run.


Trade show display product demos should be hands-on.

Part of engaging attendees’ senses during a trade show display product demo should include interactivity. That is, create a hands-on environment that encourages people to look at, feel, use, and otherwise physically engage with the item you are showcasing.

This approach might feel a little risky. What if they drop the new smartphone? Or what if the product fails to perform as expected while someone is handling it? The benefits, however, far outweigh the risks of allowing people to see and feel for themselves how the product works. This hands-on element of your trade show display product demo can be built into your trade show booth design.

For example, you may choose not to allow attendees to handle the item during the demo, but direct them to the interactive parts of your booth afterward. You can set up a photo area where they can take photos of the item to share online. You may put the demoed item on display where people can see its benefits firsthand. Whatever you and your exhibit company choose, let visitors see and feel the benefits of your products.


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Trade show display product demos should wow attendees.

One of the goals of a trade show display product demo is to impress attendees. If they leave without a reason to remember your product over your competitors’, then you have failed. That is why your product demos should include elements that wow attendees.

These moments and elements do not have to be big. However, they should be memorable. Whether that is showing them how your product can complete a seemingly impossible task, unveiling your product in a memorable manner, sharing statistics in an engaging way, or another strategy, impressing your audience should be one of your primary event elements.


Trade show display product demos should be the focus of your booth design.

A product demo in your trade show display is a big event, and your trade show booth design should reflect that fact. When it comes time for your product demo, your customers should have no doubt about where to go for the big event. Staging, seating, lights, and other design elements should clearly point them to the location. In addition, consider holding the location of your demo in a central spot in your trade show display. Make the most of your design to attract the attention of visitors and draw them into your product demo.

Creating effective product demos within your trade show display means combining some smart scripting, and marketing with savvy design elements. When you create a story, engage visitors’ senses, create an interactive and hands-on environment, wow attendees, and create a booth design focused on your product demo, you will be well on your way to creating a demo that is engaging, and effective, for your business.