How Quality Can Lead to a Better Trade Show Display (Without Breaking the Bank)

June 14th, 2017

Budgets are a big deal for most companies, so chances are that when you decide to create a custom exhibit, you will be doing so within certain financial constraints. The temptation, especially if the budget is small, is to opt for the least expensive exhibit company, materials, and construction possible to put the desired trade show booth together. While saving money wherever possible might seem like a good idea upfront, the truth is that successful custom trade show displays are rarely the cheapest ones out there. When it comes to ROI and lead generation from a trade show booth design, it tends to be the quality of the design that matters. And while quality might cost a bit more in the beginning, it can still be affordable and pay for itself many times over throughout the life of your trade show display.














High quality trade show display materials last longer.

As with any project, you can select from a wide variety of materials to build your custom trade show display. These materials can range from very low quality to very high quality. While the lowest quality materials are the cheapest, you may actually save money and lengthen the life of your display by investing in high quality products. For example, while you may save money by choosing the cheapest flooring for your trade show display, you might find that the flooring wears out within a year or two, forcing you to replace it. A higher-quality flooring, on the other hand, might cost more in the short-term but last longer and look better. Over time, you might even end up saving money on flooring since you have to replace it less often.

High quality trade show materials give a better impression of your trade show display.

Quality also matters when it comes to making an impression at the trade show. Attendees may only spend a few seconds looking at your custom trade show display, but that will be long enough for them to decide what they think about your company. And if they see a display with numerous tiny mistakes, blurry graphics, or other problems caused by low-quality materials, they are likely to choose your competitor over you. Selecting high quality materials, on the other hand, allows you to present a more polished and professional looking trade show display. For example, high quality flooring might feel more comfortable, offer you a wider selection of upscale designs, and/or wear more slowly. The result is flooring that is overall more appealing and better fitted to the image you want to present to your target audience. Choosing high quality does not mean that the display has to be fancy. Even a simple (and therefore less pricey) booth can attract attention if it is well designed. The key is to invest in quality materials and resources that will give your trade show display an engaging and professional look.

Quality in your trade show display extends to the services you hire to design and build it.

Quality materials, of course, are important to the success of a custom trade show display. However, quality does not end with the materials you use. Instead, the services you hire to design and build the trade show display also play a large role in its success. To that end, it is wise to invest in a quality exhibit company, in order to ensure that the trade show booth you build will stand out in the exhibit hall. What makes for high quality trade show display services? A proven track record of success; a willingness to listen to and implement your vision; a commitment to keeping within your budget, creativity, and a high level of communication. State of the art technology and in house services are also bonuses that can help you to build the best possible custom trade show display.










A high quality trade show display is an investment, but it should not break the bank.

Of course, it can be tempting to go in the opposite direction and assume that the only good materials to use for your custom trade show display are those that cost the most. For example, you might be tempted to purchase the most expensive flooring out there, or hire the priciest exhibit company. The truth, however, is that quality is generally available for a reasonable price. For example, when it comes to flooring, there is usually a large number of high quality, but reasonably priced, options from which to choose. These options can give you the look and feel you want without the price tag of more expensive choices. The key to balancing your budget and the quality of your trade show display materials is to hire the right exhibit company. Their design services can help you to clearly articulate your vision, identify your priorities, and implement those things effectively, even on a tight budget. For example, a qualified exhibit company might be able to simplify your trade show booth design in order to make room for high quality materials. Or, they may be able to find a way to use fewer materials (such as create a design that requires fewer square feet of flooring) so you can afford better materials. Regardless, they can help you to find the sweet spot between frugality and quality so you can enjoy the most successful trade show display possible. By ensuring that you use quality materials, you can enjoy a longer-lasting and more effective trade show display. And, by hiring the right exhibit company, you can enjoy high quality services that help you to build an affordable yet high quality trade show display. The result can be a look that is professional, eye catching, and appealing for your target audience, all while helping you build your display within a budget.