Reasons to Buy (Rather than Rent) a Custom Trade Show Booth Display

May 11th, 2018

Rent or buy? That is the age old question when it comes to selecting a new display. And the truth is that there is no right or wrong answer to that question. Some exhibitors benefit from the lower cost and greater convenience of renting, while others do better owning their own custom exhibit. What works best for your particular business will depend upon a number of factors, like your budget, your exhibiting schedule, and your branding needs. But if any of the following situations apply to you, purchasing a custom trade show booth display, rather than renting it, might be the best choice for your business.

Consider a custom trade show booth if you have the budget for it.

Custom trade show booth displays have the potential to significantly improve your performance in the exhibit hall because of the level of customization you can achieve with them. Bringing a visually striking exhibit that accurately represents your brand to an event can be a good way to draw attention to your business and earn more interest over the course of the trade show. However, these custom trade show booths require a financial commitment that not every business has in their marketing budget. If you have set aside the funds to purchase a custom display, than doing so might be the best move for your business. Chances are you will make the money back over time in business earned from the display. But considering your financial situation is often the first step in determining whether a custom exhibit will work better for your business than a rental exhibit.

Consider a custom trade show booth if your branding and marketing will stay the same over time.

Custom trade show booth displays are intended to last for up to 5 years. This means that once you commit to the purchase of one of these displays, you may not be able to significantly change your marketing message or branding for 5 years, unless you purchase another display or begin renting exhibits. As a result, custom trade show booths tend to work best for businesses whose marketing and branding are relatively stable. If you are confident that you will be able to use your display consistently over the course of several years, and that your business will not change significantly during that time period, a custom trade show booth can be an excellent choice for representing your brand impactfully at all of your events.

Consider a custom trade show booth if you attend multiple events per year.

The extent to which businesses attend trade shows varies quite a bit. Some companies attend many events every year, while others only attend one. Businesses new to exhibiting might never have attended a trade show before deciding to try one out. While there is no right or wrong number of trade shows to attend every year, custom trade show booth displays tend to work best for businesses that attend three or more trade shows per year. At this level of involvement, purchasing a trade show display becomes a more cost effective option than renting one. For example, if a rental exhibit is one-third the cost of a custom exhibit, than you will have paid the purchase price of a new exhibit by the time you rent your third display. At that point, you may be better off purchasing your own display in order to cut back on expenses and enjoy the benefits that a fully customized display can offer you.

Consider a custom trade show booth if your competition is using similar displays.

Knowing what your competition is bringing to a trade show can be a good way to determine what type of display you need to bring. For example, if your main competitors are using rental exhibits, then you can feel more comfortable bringing your own rental to the trade show. On the other hand, if you are going to be surrounded by custom displays, you will need to think carefully about whether you can get that same effect from a rental. The key is to evaluate the main strengths your competitors will be bringing to the trade show as far as their displays are concerned and then evaluate the best way to make as much of an impact (or a greater impact) with your own exhibit. An experienced exhibit company can help you decide if a custom trade show booth display or a rental is your best choice in these situations.

Consider a custom trade show booth if you are attending large events.

Finally, you may want to consider purchasing a custom trade show booth if you are planning to attend large events and trade shows. In general, these larger events are more likely to include custom exhibits rather than portable displays and rentals. In order to compete alongside these displays, you may need to bring your own booth as well. The key is to evaluate the trade show and your competition before committing to a certain type of trade show display. Armed with information about what to expect from the trade show, you can make a smarter decision regarding your booth and avoid bringing the wrong type of display to your next event. Purchasing a custom trade show booth display can be exciting and rewarding as you put it to use at your trade shows. Knowing when a custom exhibit might work better than a rental means understanding your brand, your budget, and your trade shows. If you have the budget, the stable branding, a busy event schedule, and big competitors and trade shows, purchasing a custom exhibit might be right for you. If you have any questions about what type of display will work best for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We can help you find the perfect rental or craft an incredible custom exhibit, depending upon your needs.