Little-Known Reasons to Use Exhibit Design Companies

February 4th, 2019

Exhibit design companies, like Imagecraft, have much to offer exhibitors. Perhaps the most obvious service they provide is the design and building of booths for events of all kinds. However, what you may not realize is that even if you are not building a custom exhibit, there are still reasons to utilize an exhibit design company.

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Use an exhibit design company for creative design solutions.

Most exhibitors have been there: You have an important event coming up, and a huge problem. Maybe you ended up with a really bad exhibit space because you forgot to reserve your location far enough in advance. Maybe you pulled your old exhibit out at the last minute, only to discover rodent or water damage. Perhaps you need to make a big splash with a small trade show display.

Regardless of what the problem is, creative design solutions are available through the right exhibit design company. Far from limiting their services to standard design approaches and exhibit sizes, the right business will deploy its design services to solve even tricky problems.

In fact, one of the marks of a quality exhibit design company is its ability to offer creative design services that take your unique needs and incorporate them into a stunning display. You should even consider contacting one of these companies if you need a quick solution in order to meet deadlines or make it to an upcoming event.

Do not settle for less: If you have a tricky design problem, look for an exhibit design company like Imagecraft with a track record of creative design solutions.


Use an exhibit design company to access a variety of display options.

As mentioned above, custom exhibits do not constitute the only reason to reach out to an exhibit design company. That is, they are not the only exhibit products available through these companies.

Instead, exhibit design companies are a resource for a wide variety of display options. For example, exhibitors who need a smaller and more flexible set up can access portable or modular trade show displays. Others who need to flesh out existing trade show booth displays can rent or purchase elements like backdrops, furniture, or lighting. Even pop ups or other types of exhibiting options exist at exhibit design companies.


Use an exhibit design company to manage a tight exhibiting budget.

Many exhibitors make the mistake of equating an exhibit design company with big bucks. While custom exhibits can be a significant financial investment, the reality is that there are almost as many trade show exhibit options as there are budgets. An exhibit design company usually has access to many of these choices so they can equip you with an outstanding display no matter how much (or little) money you have to spend.

For example, exhibit design companies like Imagecraft often offer rental exhibits, which cost about a third of a custom exhibit. Lightweight portable trade show displays and versatile modular trade show displays also offer budgetary relief. Because all of these display options are customizable, they allow you to work within your financial constraints without compromising on appearance.

In addition, if you are building a custom exhibit on a budget, an exhibit design company can offer you creative design services that shave money off the total cost without shaving quality off the final product. For example, they may be able to reduce the weight of your display by using lighter materials. By doing so, they reduce your costs without affecting the look of your display.


Use an exhibit design company to access trade show services.

Many exhibit design companies go beyond design services for their clients. In addition, they offer a wide range of trade show services to make handling the trade show display easier for their clients.

For example, here at Imagecraft, we give clients the option of having an Imagecraft supervisor on site during the installation and dismantling of the custom exhibit. Their presence reduces set up errors.

We also offer transportation of the display through reliable partners who offer competitive prices. We can even help you handle subcontractor paperwork and combine multiple invoices into a single document. These types of services make the entire exhibiting process, not just the design and building phase, easier and less stressful.


Use exhibit design companies to design more than just exhibits.

Finally, exhibit design companies can design more than just trade show exhibits. Instead, they can apply their expertise and skills to a variety of spaces.

For example, here at Imagecraft, we assist clients with lobbies, home builder centers and sales offices, retail spaces, and more. Turning a variety of areas into compelling spaces designed to attract business allows us to serve a large number of client needs. If you require a certain space to look beautiful and compelling, consider an exhibit design company to assist you.

Exhibit design companies offer clients a wide array of services and products to meet their unique needs. Instead of simply being a place to buy a custom exhibit, they serve as a resource for any exhibit project. Their services include everything from offering creative design solutions to offering a variety of display options to managing a tight exhibit budget to offering trade show services and designing more than just exhibits.

The next time you require a trade show display or any other type of exhibit service, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We can offer you an array of services and projects to help you stand out, whether on the trade show floor, in a lobby, or anywhere else.