How to Refresh Your Trade Show Display

May 11th, 2016

Trade show displays are investments intended to last for years. Yet, your display needs may change from show to show and year to year. For example, you may want to deliver slightly different messages at each trade show or incorporate new trends in graphics. Or you might simply need a different way to stand out after having used the same design for several years. In these cases, a refresh of your display might be just what you need. Here are a few ways to infuse new life into your exhibit.

Replace the graphics.

Graphics are some of the easiest elements to change in a trade show display. In fact, some types of exhibits (such as portable trade show displays) are specifically designed to make graphics replacement easy. Changing the graphics is a good choice for businesses that want to tweak their messaging for a new show or that want to replace an older look in order to get more attention at their next show.

Your exhibit company should be able to guide you through the process of replacing your graphics. Some companies will even inspect your display and give you the option of updating your messaging and graphics once a year as part of their trade show services. Changing the graphics can make a big difference in how your display looks while costing less than replacing the whole display. Updating the visual aspect of your setup is an economical way to get a new look for your exhibit.

Change the lighting.

Lighting has a big impact on your trade show display. The right lighting can bring your products to life, guide visitors’ attention, set the right mood, communicate your brand values, and turn your display into a more appealing space. This is why new lighting can give your display a new look. Changing the lighting is a good choice for businesses that want to change the mood or focal points of their display.

There are many lighting options available for trade show displays. Not only can you choose among many different types of lighting (such as LED or halogen), you can also choose where and how the lighting is used. For instance, you can add lights to banners to make them more noticeable. You can add colored lights to set a certain mood. You can move lighting around to highlight different products. Regardless of the lighting you choose, it can help you achieve a new look that still meshes with your latest brand and exhibit goals.

Add accessories.

Accessories are details that add an important aspect to how visitors experience your display. They help to bring the exhibit to life by giving it personality and by adding practical touches. For instance, literature stands make it easier for visitors to grab information about your business. Charging stations allow visitors to keep their mobile devices running. Tables and chairs give them a place to sit and relax. Adding accessories is a good choice for companies looking to create a more welcoming space for visitors.

There are many ways for you to update your accessories. For instance, if your exhibit consists mostly of open space, adding a few comfortable chairs might help you create a cozier feel. If your literature stands are worn out, new ones might do a better job of getting visitors to pay attention to your printed brochures. And, because accessories do not impact the basic design of your exhibit, they are easy to swap in and out when necessary.

Change the flooring.

Changing the flooring on your display can help you create an entirely new mood for visitors. While it is a relatively large element of your exhibit, the flooring does not usually require the entire display to be redesigned or reconfigured. Instead, you can simply swap out one type of flooring for another with the assistance of your exhibit company. This might be a good choice for businesses looking to make a big change to their exhibit on a small budget.

There are many types of flooring from which you can choose. Hardwood, laminate, and carpet are all common examples of the types of material you can use as your display flooring. In addition, you can select from a variety of patterns and colors. The goal is to create a fresh and eye-catching look that still complements the rest of your display. What you should aim for is making the flooring look like it belongs in the display while also helping the exhibit to look and feel newer.

Add technology.

Finally, your trade show display might benefit from the addition of technology. Thanks to the rapid advances always taking place in the technology field, it is likely that there are new forms of technology available to you. This is especially likely if you last updated your display a few years ago. Tablets, LCD displays, RFID trackers, and more allow you to target attendees, create presentations, provide access to your website, and showcase your products. New technology can help you to make your display more interactive and more interesting for booth visitors.

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Your exhibit company’s design services can help you to pinpoint which changes are needed to refresh your display. Whether that be replacing the graphics, changing the lighting, adding accessories, changing the flooring, or adding technology, these changes can give your display a new look and feel. The result should be a more successful trade show and a more economical way to make an older exhibit stand out.