Streamlining Lead Generation: How Trade Show Displays Can Help

April 11th, 2016

As a marketer, any strategies you implement need to yield leads and sales if they are to be worth your while. That is why so much time is devoted to charts, statistics, and tracking: You want to pinpoint the strategies that bring in the most customers for the least amount of money. That is also why trade show displays continue to thrive as a preferred marketing effort. Despite their relatively large upfront cost, they have proven themselves to be an efficient way to streamline lead generation efforts. Here are a just a few of the ways in which creating a trade show display can make it easier and less expensive to garner meaningful interest in your business.

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Trade show displays provide access to valuable prospects.

Half the marketing battle is won by getting your business in front of the right audience. Only then can you be sure that your business is getting the attention of people who want your products and services. The trade show exhibit is uniquely suited to reaching these kinds of valuable prospects because it offers access to large numbers of interested and powerful people. For instance, if you choose the right trade show to attend, your business could get noticed by hundreds or even thousands of prospects in a single weekend. No sales team, even working around the clock, could get your business similar coverage from the office alone.

In addition, more than 80 percent of attendees have purchasing power, and almost half of them are in upper management, meaning that they can (and often do) make buying decisions based on what they see at the trade show. Attendees also come to the show ready to be impressed: More than 90 percent of them report that the purchasing information they receive at the trade show is extremely valuable. The result is that your trade show gives you direct access to the numbers and kinds of audiences you need to generate leads and close sales at a profitable pace.

Trade show displays provide access to new prospects.

In general, people do not make purchasing decisions immediately. Instead, it can take an average of seven contacts before the average person becomes a paying customer of a particular business. However, in order to lay the groundwork for an uptick in leads and sales, you also need to get your brand in front of new sets of eyes. And, one of the best ways to do so is through the trade show display.

Research shows that 67 percent of trade show attendees are new prospects. This means that they have never been in contact with your business before. The only way to reach them is to attend the trade show, where they can observe your display, talk with your sales people and, hopefully, leave their information so you can follow up with them later. In addition, thanks to the fact that most of these prospects are empowered buyers who are already inclined to make purchasing decisions, they may require less effort to convert into paying customers.

Trade show displays attract extended attention from attendees.

Not only are trade show attendees valuable, powerful, and new prospects for lead generation, they also tend to give the exhibit hall significant attention. In any other marketing endeavor, you are confronted with prospects who are there one moment and gone the next (to the next web page, newspaper ad, or television show). At a trade show, however, attendees spend an average of 9.5 hours on the exhibit floor.

While this does not mean that attendees will spend 9 hours looking at your custom exhibits, and while you still require an eye-catching design in order to snag their attention, it does mean that you have an unusually large amount of time in which to woo attendees. The result is that, while an attendee might not give your display attention their first time through the exhibit hall, you may win a lead during one of their subsequent visits.

Trade show displays save time and money.

Streamlining your lead generation goes beyond bringing in more leads. Ideally, it will also include minimizing your expenses for each lead. The result should be a more favorable ROI, and greater overall profit. Trade show displays help to maximize your ROI by minimizing the amount of time and money you spend per lead.

The cost-saving aspects of a custom exhibit may seem counter intuitive at first. After all, building, transporting, setting up, dismantling, and storing the display can cost a significant amount of money. In addition, you must factor in the cost of manning your booth. However, research has shown that landing a lead through a trade show display can actually cost 38 percent less than it costs through sales calls alone.

In addition, by exposing your brand to large numbers of valuable prospects, your display allows you to more quickly generate leads than your sales team could by staying in the office. Combined with the fact that each attendee will relate their experience to about 6 people, it becomes clear that the opportunity to quickly multiply your leads is one of the most valuable reasons to bring a trade show exhibit to your next event.

Trade show displays provide a one of a kind opportunity to streamline your lead generation. By making it possible for you to connect with valuable, powerful, and new prospects, to get your brand in front of people who are spending a lot of time in the exhibit hall, and by allowing you to save time and money in the process, they serve as a valuable and profitable marketing tool.