Trade Show Display Storage FAQs
Trade Show Display

Custom exhibits can be eye-catching presences on the trade show floor. Visitors may be impressed with their ability to sit down at tables, or talk with you in a separate meeting room. Double decker displays can ensure that your business is seen by everyone at the trade show. Once the show is over, though, and you are faced with the task of breaking down, packing up, and storing your display, you may start to wonder where to put it. To help you navigate trade show display storage, following are a few common questions (and answers) about the process.

Trade Show Display 

What should I look for in custom exhibit display storage?

When you store your custom exhibit display, you want to make sure it will reemerge in the same excellent condition. As a result, you need to find a storage facility that is free of anything that could harm your display. Following are a few of the most important qualities to seek in your storage location.

Temperature Control

Large swings in temperature can harm your display by continuously shrinking and expanding the materials. These changes can lead to the breaking down of the material in the display. Shifts in temperature may also degrade laminates and glues. As a result, seek a trade show storage unit that is temperature-controlled.

Pest Control

Mice, termites, and other pests can easily destroy a custom exhibit display. As a result, be sure that you store your display in a location that is guaranteed to be free of pests.


Wet conditions can quickly destroy a custom exhibit display by eating away at the wood and other materials. As a result, it is essential that you store your display in a location that is protected against dampness or flooding.


Your custom exhibit display represents a significant investment of time and money. As a result, it is important to select a storage location that provides enough security to protect this investment. You may also want to choose a storage facility that gives you the ability to track your inventory.


What are the benefits of storing my custom exhibit display with my exhibit company?

You have a number of options when it comes to storing your custom exhibit display. You can store it yourself, provided you have the right kind of space available. You can use a self-storage facility. Or, you can store your display with the exhibit company that built it. This latter option is usually the smartest choice for most businesses. The reason is that exhibit companies work with displays every day and know what is required to keep a display safe. As a result, the storage they provide will be specifically designed to keep your display secure and undamaged in between trade shows.

In addition, when you store your display with your exhibit company, you enjoy easy access to their other trade show services. For instance, you can ask the company to update or inspect your display before a show without needing to pay for transportation from a separate storage facility to the exhibit company. In addition, you can more easily use the exhibit company’s transportation, drayage, installation, and dismantling services. The result is that you may be able to get your display to and from your trade shows with very little effort on your part.


What are some mistakes to avoid when storing a custom exhibit display?

Regardless of where you decide to store your custom exhibit display, there are some mistakes you need to avoid in order to keep your display safe between trade shows. These mistakes can put your display at risk, or add cost and inconvenience to your display experience.

Failure to Inspect the Storage Facility

Because it is important to store your display in a safe environment, you need to know what the facility provides before you allow your display to be stored there. Confirm with the storage company that the area is secure, temperature controlled, dry, and free of pests. Once you know what the space is like, you can more confidently entrust your display to that space.

Failure to Buy Insurance

In the case of accidental damage to your custom exhibit display, you will want insurance to help cover the cost of your investment in your display, especially if the storage facility does not cover the cost of damage caused by catastrophes such as flood or fire. As a result, proper insurance can save you money in the case of an unforeseen problem.

Failure to Preview the Display

Finally, failing to inspect your display before you move it to your next trade show can mean surprises on the trade show floor. You want to know if there are any problems with the display while you can still fix them. Otherwise, you may only notice problems after the display has been assembled in the exhibit hall. Often, exhibit companies will offer you this inspection as part of their storage services.


Properly storing your custom exhibit display can be the difference between being able to use your display for years to come and encountering a damaged or unusable display the next time you have a trade show. As a result, choosing the right storage facility is important for guaranteeing your display’s safety. Next time you need to store a display, consider going beyond your exhibit company’s design services to also use their storage options. By doing so, you will be more likely to achieve safe storage, access to other trade show services, and a more convenient storage experience.

exhibit display storage

Custom trade show displays represent a significant investment of time and money. Because of this investment, they are meant to last for years. However, in order to keep your display profitable for more than just an exhibiting season or two, you have to take steps to maintain it. Without careful maintenance, the display will quickly wear out, and you will find yourself spending even more money to replace a display that should have lasted longer. Fortunately, routine maintenance of your display is neither complicated nor overly expensive. Following are a few simple steps you can take to keep your trade show exhibit beautiful.

 exhibit display storage

Clean your trade show display after every event.

During a trade show, your exhibit will see a lot of visitors. People will walk around, touch your graphics and products, use your technology, sit in your chairs, etc. In addition, even with firm rules in place, you may find that people occasionally eat or drink in your display. The result of all this use is a certain level of grime. While the display may not appear dirty after only a few days, this dirt and grime have a way of building up. If neglected, your display may begin to look shabby.

In order to keep your trade show exhibit looking fresh and appealing, you need to clean your display after every event. Wipe down all of your graphics with a soft cloth dampened with water and a mild soap that will not damage sensitive materials. In addition, wipe down tables, technology, shelving, and other elements of the display. Allow the entire display to dry completely before you get it ready to ship. The result should be an exhibit that looks new longer.


Inspect your display for damage after every trade show.

Big problems with your display usually begin as small issues. By addressing these smaller problems early, you can forestall major (and costly) breakdowns. For instance, if you notice that a bolt is coming loose, you can tighten it before it falls out and takes some of your graphics with it. If you replace burned out bulbs at the end of your trade show, you won’t have to scramble for lighting at your next event.

As a result, it is important for you to carefully inspect your display for any problems after each trade show. These issues can be small, so your inspection should be thorough and detailed. You should look for burned out bulbs, loose bolts, missing pieces, or small areas of wear and tear. Once you know what the problems are, you should have them repaired before you store your display. By doing so, you prevent small problems from snowballing into large and less manageable issues further down the road.


Pack and ship your display professionally.

Another area where being proactive can help maintain your display is packing and shipping. During transport, there are many opportunities for your display to get damaged from being dropped, bumped, or shifted around. In order to prevent this kind of damage, you need to make sure your crates are in good shape.

Some exhibit design companies will build crates for your display that are specially designed to protect your particular display. Consider using these services to ensure the best possible crating. In addition, inspect each crate before packing your display away and replace crates that show signs of wear and tear.

In addition, always pack your display away carefully. It may take time to dismantle and fold all the pieces correctly, but doing so ensures that the display will remain secure in its shipping containers. You might also want to consider having your display shipped professionally, preferably through your exhibit company. In the hands of professionals who understand the value and fragility of your custom trade show display, your exhibit is more likely to arrive safely at its destination.

Store your display in the right environment.

Another important step in maintaining your custom trade show display is to store your exhibit in the right environment. There are three qualities of a safe storage space for your display: Dryness, consistent temperature, and an area that is pest-free. The dryness prevents mildew and rotting; the steady temperature prevents damage caused by large temperature fluctuations, and a pest-free area prevents damage from animals and insects.

Sometimes, your exhibit company will offer storage for your custom trade show display. This storage, because it is offered by a company that knows what display storage requires, is ideal for keeping your exhibit safe. In addition, it is often available at a reasonable rate. Proper storage can prevent issues that might harm or even ruin your custom trade show display in between trade shows.


Purchase upgrades.

Finally, in order to keep your custom trade show display looking modern despite the constant changes in design and technology, consider adding upgrades to your custom trade show display. Often, your exhibit company will inspect your display for you before your trade show and allow you to update your graphics to achieve the message you want to send.

In addition, you may be able to buy more space in your exhibit, purchase different pieces of technology to improve its functionality, or invest in other elements that will improve your display’s overall appeal and usefulness. Your exhibit company’s design services may be able to help you pinpoint the upgrades that will work for you. The result can be a more modern display for much less money than you would spend creating an entirely new exhibit.

Custom exhibits deserve the best care you can give them. By cleaning your display after every event, inspecting it for damage after every show, shipping it professionally, storing it in the right environment, and installing upgrades, you can maintain your display’s appearance and profitability for years to come.