Turn Your Rental Display into a Personalized Trade Show Booth Display with These Simple Tips
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Rental exhibits present an often ideal solution to the need to balance cost and quality in a trade show display. Inexpensive and beautiful, they give you access to a booth that meets your needs for a third of the cost of purchasing a custom exhibit. However, exhibitors often still worry about choosing a rental because of concerns about standing out sufficiently from the competition.

The good news is that rental exhibits are very customizable, allowing you to enshrine your brand in eye-catching ways. While your exhibit company can help you select the customization options that will work best for your business, there are also a few simple but effective ways to transform a rental exhibit into a personalized trade show booth display. Here are a few ideas.


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Turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display with personalized technology.

Technology, of course, is omnipresent, at a trade show and in almost every other area of life. The presence of technology alone will, therefore, not set your rental apart as a personalized trade show booth display. Your use of technology, however, will.

Most rental exhibits allow you to integrate whatever technology you choose, from virtual reality to tablets to RFID technology, and more. As a result, you get to choose, and tailor, the technological experience your booth visitors have. They may be entering a rental exhibit, but they should encounter your brand, and your targeted messaging, every time they interact with your booth’s technology.

For example, consider using virtual reality (one of this year’s trade show display trends) to give your visitors a tour of the rainforests your nonprofit is dedicated to preserving. Show them the creation of your custom furniture in process. Develop interactive presentations or games for them to use on your tablets as they learn more about your business. The options are limited only by your brand and goals.


Turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display with subtle graphics.

Any rental exhibit worth its salt will allow you to add your own branding and graphics to the walls, both inside and out. Replacing the “skins” of the display can transform the rental from a cookie cutter creation into a branded representation of your business. Your exhibit company’s design services can help you achieve the right branded look for your business.

However, if you want another simple, slightly less obvious, way to turn the rental into a personalized trade show booth display, consider more subtle graphical placements. For example, infill panels, which often contribute to the walls that divide spaces within the display or that appear at workstations or other parts of the exhibit, may be customizable. Infusing them with personalized graphics can create a unique look that carries your brand through every part of your trade show exhibit.

Since you do not want to overlook a potential graphical possibility for turning your rental into a personalized trade show booth display, do not hesitate to ask your exhibit company for ideas. They can show you every space available for graphical customization. And, they can offer you guidance regarding how to maximize that space with a tasteful, branded, and targeted look.


Turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display with accent pieces.

Technology and graphics are fairly obvious ways to customize a rental exhibit. After all, no trade show display can succeed without stunning graphics and some sort of technology. However, there are other ways to turn a rental into a personalized trade show booth display. A little bit of creativity is all you need. In particular, you can add personalized touches to your booth with the use of accent pieces and colors.

For example, creating a personalized trade show booth display may simply be a matter of setting the right tone. In that case, you may want to swap standard furniture for a few of your custom made wooden pieces to showcase your brand. You may want to add homey touches, like flower vases or wall hangings, to create a relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to create a personalized trade show booth display that boasts more direct branding, you may want to consider accent pieces like table covers that include your brand and brand colors. You may want to use different textures or colors on the walls in order to add small pops of branding to make your rental look less cookie cutter and more unique. Even lighting can serve as a way to add branded accents that transform your rental into a personalized trade show booth display.

There are, in fact, almost unlimited ways to customize a rental exhibit. The right exhibit company can walk you through all of your options to help you develop the look and feel you want for your target audience and trade show. The best part is that you can change the customization for every show you attend. However, if you are looking for relatively simple ways to upgrade your rental into a personalized trade show booth display, consider personalized technology, subtle graphics, accent pieces such as lighting and table covers, and more.

The result should be an exhibit that does not look like a rental. Instead, it should look like a customized, impactful, and appealing representation of your brand. If you need help creating this look, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft for the rental options, customization options, and support you need to thrive at your next trade show.

People at Trade Show Exhibit

When it comes to opportunities to not only show off your trade show exhibit but also earn business and leads for your company, you have plenty of opportunities throughout the coming year. Major gatherings in every industry offer businesses the chance to get their brand seen and known among their target audiences.

If you want a trade show exhibit opportunity, we here at Imagecraft have compiled a list of some of the biggest must-attend events of the year. Here is an overview of each of them.

People at Trade Show Exhibit


Trade Show Exhibit Opportunity 1: Cisco Live!

For businesses in the tech industry, keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and changes is critical. The annual Cisco Live! Event, which will be held June 9-13 in San Diego, CA, allows participants to learn about and discuss cutting-edge technological innovations, as well as network with Cisco leaders and representatives.

Attendees will also have the chance to explore the offerings of hundreds of Cisco partners and attend the Cisco Live! Celebration and other fun-focused events. As a trade show exhibit opportunity, this event provides access to the best and brightest technology leaders, as well as gives businesses the chance to highlight their performance on the leading edge of IT. Highlights include the following:

  • Networking opportunities with peers and Cisco representatives
  • Connection with hundreds of Cisco partners
  • Educational seminars and events
  • One-on-one meetings with industry leaders
  • Access to cutting edge technology and trends
  • Free Cisco certification exam


Trade Show Exhibit Opportunity 2: Comic Con International

Comic books can be serious business, and the largest gathering of comic enthusiasts will occur July 17-21, 2019, in San Diego, CA. This series of events and programs attracts more than 130,000 participants and boasts 460,000 square feet of trade show exhibit space.

Spread out over a convention center and a variety of additional locations, Comic Con offers numerous opportunities for comic book enthusiasts and industry participants to learn, discuss, and engage with the industry. Highlights include the following:

  • 700 educational and workshop events
  • Comic Arts Conference
  • Film screenings
  • Anime
  • Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
  • Parties
  • Art shows
  • Exhibit hall


Trade Show Exhibit Opportunity 3: The Great American Trucking Show

With 50,000 anticipated attendees sporting more than 150 trucks right on the exhibit floor, 500,000 feet of exhibit space, 554 exhibitors, and 52,000 products, the Great American Trucking Show is the event of the year for anyone participating in the trucking industry.

The show, which will run from August 22 to August 24, 2019, in Dallas, TX, offers participants a wide range of practical and fun events to attend, as well as information about the latest products, services, trends, and regulations in the industry. Companies can, therefore, use this event as a trade show exhibit opportunity to highlight their contributions to the industry. Highlights include the following:

  • Healthcare-focused exhibits and events to ensure that every trucker is fit for duty
  • The Pride and Polish truck competition featuring dozens of the most beautiful, upgraded trucks out there
  • The Rewarding Your Drive concert with free food for truckers and their families
  • More than 500 exhibits sporting thousands of the industry’s newest products and services
  • The Petro Truck Parking community, including more than 600 trucks and offering services ranging from showers to DOT inspections, maintenance services, and more.
  • Educational seminars on topics relevant to industry participants
  • Theater areas boasting educational and fun events and shows


Trade Show Exhibit Opportunity 4: Power-Gen International

Businesses in the power generation industry will want to use the Power-Gen International gathering from November 19-21 in New Orleans, LA, as a trade show exhibit opportunity. This gathering of more than 20,000 attendees and 900 exhibitors delivers information about the latest trends, changes, technologies, and products affecting the power generation industry.

Businesses looking for a trade show exhibit opportunity will have the chance to join nearly a thousand other companies in wowing attendees with the latest innovations, products, and services. Described as the “mecca for face-to-face business” in the industry, the exhibit hall provides companies who bring trade show displays unmatched exposure and opportunity within the industry. In addition, the show’s Knowledge Hubs is located right on the exhibit floor, attracting attendees to their educational presentations and ensuring a steady flow of attendees throughout the booths.

Highlights of Power-Gen International include the following:

  • 65 educational sessions featuring more than 200 presenters
  • Hundreds of exhibits offering access to thousands of products and services
  • The Knowledge Hub learning theaters
  • Networking opportunities


The right trade show exhibit opportunity offers your business the chance to stand out in your industry and reach your target audiences. Embrace the opportunities they offer by bringing a powerful custom exhibit tailored to your business needs.

If you need help creating the look you need, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We have deep expertise in helping clients prepare for the biggest trade shows out there. We can help you turn your next trade show exhibit into an unforgettable presence at your next trade show exhibit opportunity.

Dickies trade show exhibit design

With the New Year here, it is the perfect time for exhibitors to think about how to keep their trade show booth designs cutting edge for the upcoming year. While the basics of good design, and some of the trends from 2018 (like the use of texture and interactive technology) are still very much in style, there are also new trends entering the industry that require consideration from exhibitors. Here are four trade show exhibit trends for 2019 that businesses would be wise to incorporate.

 Dickies trade show exhibit design


Trend 1: Experience-Focused Trade Show Exhibits

Trade show exhibit trends have been moving in the direction of a more fully immersive experience for awhile. Take the trend of textured booths from last year, for example. Adding texture adds a physical and visual experience that is more engaging than are standard, smooth materials, and finishes.

The upcoming trade show year, however, promises an even more dramatic turn toward experiential exhibits. For example, exhibitors will begin incorporating elements that use all of the visitors’ senses: textured materials, yes, but also 3D presentations using technology like projectors, the incorporation of aromas, lights, and images to create a fully integrated experience.

In addition, this immersive, integrated experience will be focused not just on impressing visitors but also on creating a pleasant experience that will make them feel comfortable and at home within the display. This means that the experience has to work seamlessly together, offer intuitive opportunities for engagement, and feel at one with the brand and messaging visitors encounter.


Trend 2: Incorporation of Virtual Reality in Trade Show Exhibits

Technology has also been developing apace over the past year. While interactive elements have been an important trend all year, interactivity may reach new heights in 2019 with the use of virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual or augmented reality (also known as VR or AR), involves technology, such as devices that visitors can wear, that provides a 360-degree experience that mimics real life. This type of technology has strong advantages: Engagement and memorability being among the most obvious, thanks to its ability to use multiple senses at once.

Statistics back up the perceived success of this technology: 53 percent of people are more likely to make a purchase after using VR or AR.  That statistic, combined with the increasing affordability and accessibility of the technology, make VR and AR a smart addition to trade show exhibits in the coming year.


Trend 3: Increased Emphasis on Comfort in Trade Show Exhibits

Trade shows are inevitably uncomfortable at times. From hours spent walking the exhibit hall to endless noise, conversations, and stimulation, these events can leave attendees exhausted and their mobile devices depleted.

Lounge areas and comfortable seating have been important for the last year. However, it is likely that comfort will become an even more important element of trade show exhibits in 2019 as the focus continues to shift to providing attendees with an experience that is welcoming and centered on them.

To that end, comfortable lounge areas with charging stations should become more common in the coming year. These areas should include comfortable couches and seating, space to charge batteries, and even refreshments for tired attendees. The more comfortable your trade show exhibit is, the more likely it is that visitors will come, stay, and, in the process, learn more about your business.


Trend 4: Shadow and Light in the Trade Show Exhibit

Lighting has always been important in trade show exhibits. The ability to set a mood, highlight certain aspects of the display, and mesh with branding and messaging make lighting a critical element of any booth. However, in 2019, it looks as if the use of shadows and lighting in particular will become important in trade show displays.

For example, exhibitors may begin to utilize the science behind creating shadows and using them to set a certain tone or send a certain message. In some displays, shadows have already been used to create a modern feel and a stunning look that is guaranteed to draw attention to the booth using them. For other examples, projections have been used to create stunning images and wall-sized graphics to wow attendees.

In the coming year, the use of lighting and shadows to create impressive effects in trade show exhibits is likely to continue apace. As understanding of the usefulness of light and shadow, and the development of technology to create the impressions exhibitors want expands, so will the use of these techniques to draw attendees in and communicate the branding values. This will help set the mood for an environment where sales can flourish.

With 2019 here, exciting trends in the design of trade show exhibits are as well. Often building on the trends that have been predominant in 2018, these new directions and developments promise to deliver ever more exciting and rewarding experiences for trade show attendees.

For example, creating experience-focused trade show exhibits allows exhibitors to utilize all of their attendees’ senses in order to create an experience that is engaging and memorable. The use of virtual or augmented reality plays into this trend as well, as multi-sense technology engages attendees and improves the chances that they will engage with the business running the exhibit. At the same time, an increased emphasis on comfort can translate into beautiful lounge areas where attendees can rest, recharge, and learn more about your business, while the use of shadow and light to develop stunning designs could revolutionize the look and feel of trade show displays.


If you need help integrating new trends or classic best practices into your booth, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. Our design services can help you to develop a look and a message that will make a strong positive impression with attendees and give you an updated and modern look that will work for your business throughout the coming year.

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The time is almost here: In just two short months, the most creative minds in the interactive, music, and film industries will come together for several days of networking, collaborating, and learning.

And, as a business engaged in these industries and invested in making the most of this annual conference and set of festivals, it is crunch time. While you have (hopefully) been planning your SXSW trade show exhibit and prepping your activations in order to create an interactive and unforgettable experience for attendees, there are a few last-minute things you need to do to get ready.

Fortunately, Imagecraft stands ready to help you navigate the last few weeks before the SXSW trade show. Here are 4 last-minute things that need to be on your to-do list this month, along with some tools Imagecraft can offer to help you make it happen.


Austin, TX Skyline


Get local support in place for your SXSW trade show exhibit.

Regardless of where you are traveling from or who you chose to help you create your SXSW trade show exhibit, it is now time to find some local Austin support for those exhibits. Do you know who to turn to if your lights burn out the day after the show starts? Do you have a plan in place for minimizing installation and dismantling delays? What happens if your pricey SXSW exhibit design is damaged when it arrives in Austin? Or worse, what do you do if your display fails to show up at all?

With a plethora of minor and major crises alike possible, you need a backup plan. Let Imagecraft help. As a local, Austin-based business, we can get you the support you need quickly. From providing you with display supplies to sending over reliable partners and support, to offering rapid display solutions like rentals and portable exhibits, we can help you handle a variety of last-minute needs. Take advantage of our locally-based and experienced support to ensure a successful exhibit at your biggest event of the year.


Get a second opinion to save money and improve your SXSW trade show exhibit.

A custom trade show booth can be expensive, and even less costly options, like rentals, require a financial outlay. That does not mean that saving money on your exhibit is impossible. With the right design, you can minimize costs without losing that all-important wow factor.

If you want to make sure that your SXSW trade show display is both affordable and effective, consider getting a second opinion from Imagecraft. With a couple of months left before the SXSW trade show, you have time to tweak your design to improve its effectiveness or to save a few dollars.

Imagecraft possesses years of experience in the trade show field, and SXSW in particular. That means that our design services can help you identify areas where you can save money without compromising on look, or offer solutions that improve the effectiveness of your display. Have us take a look at your SXSW trade show exhibit, and ensure the most cost-effective and powerful look possible at SXSW.


Finalize your SXSW trade show exhibit now.

There are two months left before the SXSW Trade Show 2019, but now is the time to finalize your plans. Waiting any longer means having less time to deal with problems that arise, less time to make changes to your design, and less time to save on expenses.

As a result, take the opportunity to finish your preparation for SXSW this month. Do you need a second opinion? Reach out to Imagecraft for a second look. Are you still unsure where to get your trade show services? Utilize Imagecraft’s deep well of expertise. Do you need help finding affordable shipping? Ask Imagecraft for references to their tried and true (and affordable) partners.

Whatever you need to finalize your plans is available at Imagecraft. Take the last few weeks and make sure you are ready to impress the incredible pool of talent and potential who will be attending SXSW in March.


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It’s never too late to get ready for SXSW 2019.

At the same time, if you find yourself unprepared for SXSW 2019, take heart: It is never too late to get ready. Are you facing the worst case scenario: No display ready yet? Ask us about our quick turnaround options, like customizable rentals and portable trade show displays.

We can help you put together an exhibit that isn’t just quick, but is also powerful. There is no reason anyone needs to know you didn’t have an exhibit until January. All they need to know is that your display looks incredible.

Of course, other, less major, preparations are also possible within the next two months. If your to-do list feels overwhelming, take heart and reach out to Imagecraft. We are happy to lend our expertise and resources to getting you ready for the biggest event of the year.

SXSW 2019 promises to be bigger and more exciting than ever before. With a trade show that has expanded by 40 percent to interactive conference tracks on cutting edge topics like cryptocurrency and technology, to insights into virtual reality, any business related to the industry really needs to be there.


Let Imagecraft help you prepare in these last two months. From prepping last minute (but still incredible) trade show displays, to finalizing your SXSW trade show exhibits to getting a second opinion and finding local support, you can check off your to-do list with Imagecraft. And that means that when you show up at SXSW, you will be prepared to wow attendees and earn new business with displays that are as budget-friendly, interactive, and incredible as possible. Don’t let the size and scope of SXSW intimidate you. Get ready to stand out; thanks to expert local support and careful preparation that puts your business in the best possible light.

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Contact us for a SXSW Exhibit Assessment

Venique custom exhibit design

While there are many areas of your trade show exhibit that might benefit from the attention-grabbing, mood-setting properties of lights, your product displays are probably one of the primary areas you want visitors to see when they come to your booth. After all, most attendees visit a trade show hoping to see new products, and cultivating new leads is usually a main goal for businesses. As a result, using lighting to make products visible and appealing can be a wise choice. Here are a few tips for using illumination to create product displays that are appealing and effective for your trade show display.

Venique custom exhibit design


Reserve the use of your accent lighting for your trade show exhibit’s product displays.

Accent lighting consists of lighting solutions that highlight a particular area or item. For example, spotlights direct focused beams of light on a small area, in order to draw attention to a speaker for an event, a kiosk where people can learn more about the business, or a display case, where products are being illuminated so visitors can examine them.

Accent lighting is an excellent choice for a trade show exhibit because it makes it simple to draw attention to the most important areas of the booth. However, the overuse of this type of lighting can diminish its effectiveness and even make it confusing for attendees to decide what to focus their attention on.

As a result, if you want to highlight your product displays, you may want to consider reserving the use of accent lighting for those displays. For example, only use LED track lights to show off certain items and not to invite attendees to register their names at your kiosk. Reserve spotlighting for your large, centerpiece product instead of also using it to illuminate your lounge area. By doing so, you will naturally encourage attendees’ eyes to fall on your products, where they can be wowed and educated about your company’s latest offerings.


Consider illuminating individual items within your trade show exhibit’s product displays.

If you have several items to show off within your product display (i.e. Jewelry, phones, various models of an item, etc.), you may want to consider giving each product its due with individual lighting. Providing each item with its own mini-spotlight can create a beautiful, and eye-catching, feature within your trade show exhibit. At the same time, this strategy allows visitors to focus on the individual qualities of each item.

For example, consider placing each product within a separate shelf or cubby within the display. These shelves can be wall mounted or part of a more traditional display case. Then add small spotlights (or even LED track lighting) to each shelf in order to shower the individual items with light. The entire product display will end up illuminated, while each product receives its own focus for inspection. This approach can be quite attractive, without detracting from either your business as a whole or from the appeal of each individual item.


Venique trade show exhibit


Do not forget to include ambient lighting within your product displays.

Accent lighting is an excellent choice for product displays because of its ability to draw attention to the details of the product, as well as allow your products to stand out from the other elements within your trade show exhibit. However, accent lighting on its own may not be enough to properly illuminate your product displays. At times like these, ambient lighting may be a good choice for making the entire product display area stand out to attendees.

Ambient lighting will probably be required throughout your trade show exhibit. Thanks to the high, fluorescent lighting of many venues, as well as the tendency toward darkness and shadows that that lighting creates within booths, you will need broad-based lighting solutions to properly illuminate your display.

Your product display area is no exception. While a few lights shining in the dark may look cool, they are not likely to show off your products to good effect. Instead, you will need to add sufficient ambient lighting, such as wall-mounted lights, table and floor lights, and recessed lighting, to provide enough illumination for the entire area.


Consider the mood you are setting within your trade show exhibit’s product displays.

Finally, one of the primary benefits of trade show display lighting is the ability to set a particular mood. Whether you want to go with fun and energetic, composed and professional, or low key, the right lighting can communicate the right feeling to attendees.

Use this ability to set mood to your advantage within your product displays. Do you want to get attendees excited about a brand new, cutting edge product? Use lighting within the display to communicate that energy. On the other hand, if you want to present your products in an elegant and luxurious light, the right illumination can do the trick.

The next time you have products to show off, ensure that they are represented in the right way. Reserve the use of your accent lighting to highlight your items; consider illuminating individual items; include ambient lighting, and consider the mood you want to set with your product lighting.

And, when you are ready to create an effective trade show exhibit that includes beautifully illuminated product displays, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We can create custom exhibit displays that represent your brand in a compelling way, and that include building product displays, and lighting, that put your offerings in the best possible light. We can help you to send the right message through lighting, and other features, that will accurately, and compellingly, represent your business.