Here are just a few comments from our customers.

“Wow! They look JUST LIKE the NASCAR photo we liked so much! Please thank Mike and the team for us. They are stunning!”

Erin Lemons

“Good Morning All!

First, I want to express a huge THANK YOU to all of you for helping us out and getting everything done on such short notice!!  I greatly appreciate the teamwork and everyone coming together to help us execute even though I requested so much at the last minute.  I am very grateful and thank you so much!!!!”

Aaron Blinka
Meritage Homes

“As I mentioned in Austin, you and your team were a dream come true; in your work as well as in your patience and kindness.  If you ever need a testimonial, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Ben Siegler, PJ Media, NextGen Crowdfunding


“Larry Dunham and Imagecraft to the rescue!

After working on a display concept for over 12 months with various vendors, I finally hit pay dirt by connecting with Larry and the Imagecraft Team. The minute they took over our project, we produced a display that is second to none. What a difference it makes to deal with true professionals who make you feel that your project is the most important one they have ever had.

Thanks again [to] the wonderful folks at Imagecraft!”

Kenny Wamble, CIC, CRM, President
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 4.43.10 PM



“It’s gorgeous! We’re so happy with it. Thank you!”

Elizabeth Christian, President and CEO

“I wanted to let you both know what a fantastic job Corey and his team did with the AFP build-out. The Abila booth was by far THE MOST interesting, creative, and well-built booth on the floor, and it was no small feat. I cannot express how much of a relief it is to know our booth is in such capable hands with Corey at the helm. He is a great communicator and leader and consistently kept me in the loop of the show happenings and progress. It’s rare to find someone you can trust that much, but like both of you, I feel confident with him behind any project.

This show as a VERY BIG DEAL to our company and our bottom line and I want to thank you both for all the long hours you put in to make sure everything was executed beautifully. We very much appreciate everything you do for us and look forward to moving forward with plans for the next show.”

Erin Lemons, Marketing Manager

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your partnership this past year.  We have placed some hefty goals and timelines and you all came through masterfully!  It truly has been a pleasure working with you all.”

Bradley Rumer, Director – Sales | Elizabethtown, KY

“I want to express our sincere appreciation for the terrific work done by the design and installation teams at Imagecraft. They’ve really honed in on our needs as we strive to continue C Spire’s leadership position in the technology community.

Today, Imagecraft’s creative solutions provide our customers with an interactive and involving store experience. We look forward to the projects and solutions that are coming down the pipeline.”

Lauren Shields, Manager, Advertising & Creative Services | Ridgeland, MS

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your teams for the excellent work that has taken place on this project over the last year. As we evaluate the process and time it took to complete our very first store refresh, Elizabethtown, and compare it to last week’s completion of Leitchfield. The results are astounding and indicative of the work and adaptability that you supported.

The changes have not only made our stores more aesthetically pleasing, but truly have allowed our retail employees to deliver a better customer experience through use of our Experience tables/bars, thus contributing to our companies future in a big way. By no means are we done with this project, however I wanted to ensure that you each understand how pleased we are with the work that has taken place and thankful for the dedication.”

Jason Raymer, Group Manager – Retail Operations | Elizabethtown, KY

“Thanks again for helping to make the NACS show a big success for Wayne.

As you recall, Neil was very happy with the booth and on several occasions he told me it was the best booth that Wayne had ever done.

I’ve lost count of the number of employee attendees who have stopped by my office over the past few days to say the same.  Everyone, including Wayne employees, customers, and even competitors, had great things to say about the Wayne booth.

Now all we have to do is top it next year!!!”

W. Michael Hardin, Global Market Development Leader


“I would like to share with you and your team the great compliments we received on the Dickies display.

Everybody on our leadership team loved what you did, and because of that they will make all the others dare to compare displays based on the Dickies display.”

Zoran Todorovic, Occupational Shoes, Wal-Mart Store Inc.

“We LOVED your design, attention to detail, and the ease of working with you.”

Jenni Driver, AEREOS


“We so enjoyed working with you on this booth – I cannot even begin to tell you how many people commented on the booth and our overall look – you guys made us look really great! The client was THRILLED and I thought your team at Coastal was excellent. Since I was on a plane during strike, Rick called to confirm they had finished and that my shipped items had been taken care of – I really appreciated that. Thanks again for everything and we look forward to more future opportunities!”

Katie Lewis, Full Circle Events



“I could not have found a better ‘partner’ to help us create/install quality banners and clings. You were there for us from beginning to the end. More important was your planning to bring extra cling background so that we could completely cover the mirrors! The vibrancy of the prints was phenomenal, your QA team was on top of everything…alerting us when alterations were required to the files. Having you there for the install and de-install felt like having family on-site giving us personal attention. There were times when you were receiving input from three individuals at once and you handled it with ease and professionalism. You came totally prepared with everything that was needed to successfully complete the install. And, you also provided the solution for a location to ship our trinkets … truly appreciated.”

Annette, NextGen Crowdfunding


“It’s beautiful! Chad and I were greatly impressed with the signage and the layout of the [Clark Oil] store. The fueling positions were nearly full when we pulled up. In fact, Chad had to buy some gas for our station vehicle. We think it is a sharp concept looks like things are easier to find and very clean.”

Mickey Robinson, WDAM, Clark Oil project


“Very happy with the final results of the booth. You guys did a great job.”

Christian Heifner, Hero Health



“I want to thank both SparkSight and Imagecraft for all the hard work to raise Breker’s profile at this year’s DAC. We scanned more than 3x the number of badges from last year, and the cleverly themed booth with the supporting music and skit made all the difference. Thanks once again!”

Tom Anderson, Breker Systems



“Great job!”

Ian Stonington, KLD Energy Technologies