Tips for Designing Point of Purchase Retail Fixtures

November 14th, 2017

Point of purchase displays are an opportunity for your retail business to make additional sales before the customers walk out of your store. Placed near or at the checkout lane, or at the ends of aisles, these types of retail fixtures show off products in such a way as to encourage customers to make quick decisions about choosing additional items to purchase. When you are looking to install retail fixtures for these point of purchase displays, the key is to select displays that spark interest, match your brand, and fit the products you are selling. Here are 8 tips for designing point of purchase retail fixtures that earn you sales.











Choose the right size retail fixture for the products you are selling and the space that you have.

The first step in creating a point of purchase retail fixture installation is to select a size that works for both the products you are selling and the size of your checkout area. For example, end cap retail fixture installations are large displays that fit onto the ends of shelves. They make good locations for large products or for multiple products. Counter displays, on the other hand, fit on a checkout counter and are good for small, impulse-buy items such as gum or candy. By understanding your needs and selecting the right size, you can create a retail fixture installation that encourages point of purchase sales.

Deliver clear, concise messaging through your point of purchase retail fixtures.

The second step in building retail fixtures for point of purchase displays is to create and use clear, concise messaging. Even the largest retail fixture installation will have limited space for your messaging. Being able to take that space and make the most of it with compelling information can mean the difference between earning and losing that extra sale.

Keep messages on your retail fixture installation at eye level.

In addition to presenting clear and compelling messaging, retail fixture installations also need to present that messaging at eye level. This presentation makes it easy for customers to see (and, therefore, respond to) your messaging. For example, if you are creating an end cap retail fixture installation, place the text at eye level, and use visuals above and below it to draw customers’ attention.

Create visual impact with compelling graphics on your retail fixture installation.

Compelling visuals are critical to the success of a point of purchase retail fixture installation. As customers are walking by the end cap, or perusing your checkout counter, you want their eyes to naturally alight on the products you hope they will buy on their way out the door. Use visuals that are bold, rich in color, branded, and/or that show off the products inside (i.e. Use detailed images of the tiny toy cars you are selling, or arrange clothing so that the graphics are visible from the front of the display).

Show customers how your point of purchase display will meet their needs.

The content of your messaging is just as important as the placement of your messaging when it comes to a custom retail display. In particular, your point of purchase retail fixture installation should demonstrate how the products in that display can meet your customers’ needs. Creating a retail fixture installation that does so requires understanding your customer: Their budget, their needs, their pain points, and how your products can help. For example, if your customers are families in need of a quick snack after a day of shopping at your baby clothing store, you might want to put healthy, kid-friendly foods in your display, while popcorn and candy are often popular items in the point of purchase displays at video rental stores, since customers are looking for something to enjoy with their movie.

Stay faithful to your branding with your retail fixture installation.

One of the most important elements in a point of purchase retail fixture installation is faithfulness to your overall branding. Customers associate certain values and certain experiences with your brand. By equipping all of your retail fixtures (including your point of purchase displays) with these brand elements (i.e. Color, fonts, phrasing, and images), you communicate these values and experiences to your customers. You build brand awareness, and you encourage customers to buy your products because they trust your brand and therefore trust the products you are putting on display in your retail fixture installation.











Tell a story with your point of purchase retail fixture installation.

Stories have a unique ability to connect with people, to help them remember, and to stir emotions. As a result, stories can be an effective marketing technique as part of your point of purchase retail fixture installation. These stories do not have to be complicated, because they do have to fit within the display’s limited space. However, with a few words and a great visual, you can craft a narrative and forge an emotional connection with customers that will encourage them to buy.

Create easy access to items in your retail fixture.

Finally, create an effective point of purchase retail fixture installation by creating easy access to the items in that display. Customers who decide they want to purchase your products should be able to quickly grab them and move on. For example, leave enough room for customers to easily remove the product, but make the display secure enough that the other items in the display do not fall out when one is removed. Attention to these kinds of details will make customers’ experience at your point of purchase display much easier and more pleasant, encouraging them to continue purchasing from you. Crafting effective retail fixtures for point of purchase displays means understanding your customer and creating compelling messaging and visuals to catch their eye. By choosing the right size, delivering concise messaging, keeping messaging at eye level, creating visual impact, demonstrating how your products meet customer needs, staying faithful to your branding, telling a story, and creating easy access to products, you can create an effective, and appealing, retail fixture installation for your point of purchase displays.