Tips for Encouraging Sales through Your Home Builder Display

December 15th, 2016

As with many kinds of exhibits, making sales is one of the goals of the home builder display. Yet, unlike retail displays, these displays allow customers to build an entire residence and fill it with all of the appliances, furniture, and amenities they need to enjoy the home of their dreams. As a result, making sales through your home builder display means creating an experience for customers that will convince them that you can help them create a homey, welcoming, and beautiful living space. The following are a few of the ways in which you can create a home builder display that communicates just that.

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Display products and features that your customers can afford.

High end appliances, granite counter tops, and smart home technology make for a very eye-catching environment. Most people would be impressed by a home builder display that featured these beautiful and impressive items. However, these items also tend to be expensive. If your target audience has the money to spend on these products, than showcasing them is a good idea. But, if your customers tend to be working with smaller budgets, they are likely to view such high end products as expensive and undesirable. As a result, you need to make sure that your home builder display offers home solutions that fit the budgets of your target customers. For example, providing granite substitutes, less expensive carpeting, or energy efficient appliances might get you more business among a middle income crowd.  By stocking your home builder display with items that your customers can afford, you are more likely to earn their business. Plus, if you can offer lower-cost options that also look great, you can earn the trust of visitors who feel that you are equipped to build them a space that is both affordable and beautiful.

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Create a beautiful environment in your home builder display.

Everybody wants their home to be beautiful. Whether they have a million dollars or two hundred thousand dollars to spend, they want to add elements of beauty and elegance to their homes. As a result, when they walk into your home builder display, they will be looking not just for functional products but also for a beautiful environment. Part of the reason that beauty should be part of your home builder display is that when people enter your display, they will not be thinking about the fact that they are in a company’s exhibit. Instead, they will be thinking about the home that they want to create for themselves. When they see your display, they want to see a place that looks and feels like the welcoming environment they hope to build. As a result, work to create a beautiful space in your home builder display. When visitors walk into your sales center, they should feel as if they are walking into a space that they could easily call their home. For example, create a look that meets the needs of your target audience. Then, add elegant and appealing elements to the space. Achieving this look is more art than science. For example, the tilt of a mirror, the effect of the lighting, the angle at which the furniture is placed, or the accessories that dot the display all contribute as much to the look and feel of the space as the big-ticket items on display. If you wonder how to maximize the aesthetic appeal of your home builder display, consider using the services of an exhibit company, whose designers and expertise can help you to improve the overall appeal of the space. 

Make your home builder displays interactive.

Interactivity is an important element in many different kinds of displays, but it is especially important for real estate sales marketing centers. This element allows visitors to get hands-on, personalized looks at what your company can offer them as they build their home. As a result, it can engage them more deeply, and, ultimately, garner you more sales. In particular, interactivity is useful when you are displaying certain technologies (like smart home technology) or trying to help customers visualize how their home would look with your products in it (for instance, how would a living room or kitchen look with your products, and which products would best match the customer’s personal style and needs?). There are numerous ways to build interactivity into your home builder display. For example, you can include virtual displays that allow visitors to look at how their space would appear with certain items. You can ask vendors to set up displays that allow visitors to test the technology or products themselves. Your exhibit company should be able to help you identify areas where interactivity can enhance the experience for your potential customers. 

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Choose your display elements wisely.

If you are a typical home builder, you have numerous products you could showcase in your home builder display. Even choosing countertops or chairs to showcase might present you with multiple options. However, when creating a home builder display, it is necessary to pick and choose what you highlight. Otherwise, you end up with a crowded and incoherent look that does little to advance your goals for your home builder display. Of course, the elements you choose to display should include the affordability, beauty, and interactivity discussed above. However, there are other factors to consider as well before you begin to stage the display. For example, since your goal is to make sales, you want to highlight the products that will earn you the most money. As a result, you might want to showcase products that lead to further purchases (such as cabinets that then lead to requests for counter tops and other kitchen products). In addition, you want to display items that need space (such as large pieces of furniture). Finally, you might want to display items that come as a package or that have a finish or a texture that is best experienced in person (as opposed to being viewed online or in a catalog). Making sales through your home builder display means adding elements that will encourage your target audience to purchase from you. Affordable, beautiful products, a welcoming environment, interactivity, and wise product placements can all help you to engage and sell to your target audience.