Tips for a Compelling Custom Exhibit Display Backdrop

September 25th, 2018

Custom exhibit displays have many elements that, when done properly, work together to send a compelling message to trade show attendees. One of the most stunning of these elements is often the backdrop.

Usable on its own as a portable trade show display, or combinable with other elements to create a larger display, the backdrop provides an opportunity for exhibitors to immediately show their business off to attendees. When done right, the backdrop can instantly catch the eye of passersby and engage their interest. Here are a few tips for creating a backdrop that does just that.



Include critical information on your custom exhibit display backdrop.

The backdrop, traditionally, is one of the largest elements of a custom exhibit display. At times, large displays may even have two or more backdrops to create an even larger and more striking look.

Thanks to the sheer size of the backdrop in relation to the rest of the display, therefore, it is naturally one of the first places attendees’ eyes are going to land. This fact is doubly true if you utilize a hanging sign as a backdrop. The height of the sign will make the backdrop even more visible to attendees throughout the exhibit hall.

As a result, the backdrop is the ideal place to position information you want people to know right away about your business. For example, your logo, business name, central message (of a few words), and/or most compelling graphic all make good choices for this element of your trade show display. 

By giving attendees the most important information they need about your business as soon as their eyes alight on your backdrop, you are maximizing the chances that they will be interested in your business and stop by your booth to learn more. To make this information stand out, avoid a cluttered look and lots of text and aim for a message that is both simple and visually striking.


Create a proportional custom exhibit display backdrop.

As mentioned above, the backdrop is naturally one of the largest elements of a custom exhibit display. And rightfully so, since it is intended to turn the back of your exhibit into a dazzling representation of the best parts of your brand. However, it only looks great if its size matches the rest of the display. Too big or too small can both make your backdrop, and your business, look less appealing.

As a result, strive for a proportional size for your custom exhibit display backdrop. You want a backdrop that matches the size and the grandeur of the rest of your display. This means that a 10×10 display should have a 10×10 or similarly sized backdrop, while a 20×20 display would need a larger size (or two backdrops).

On the other hand, avoid selecting a backdrop that would overwhelm your display too much. That enormous hanging sign might work for your 20×40 exhibit, but would dwarf a 10×10 display. Don’t have attendees looking for the rest of your display because all they can see is your backdrop. A proportional backdrop will provide the beautiful and engaging look you need to complement the rest of your trade show exhibit.


Select a custom exhibit display backdrop that fits your needs.

As with every element of a custom exhibit display, you have many options from which to choose. In order to create the right look for your business, choose an option that works for your particular company’s needs.

For example, if you are concerned with shipping costs, or need to send a display with your staff members, you may want to select a lightweight aluminum backdrop, or a collapsible version that is easy to transport. On the other hand, if you are more concerned with creating an unforgettable look, a larger, and heavier, stand display might best suit your needs.

Your exhibit company and their design services should be able to help you sort through your options to find the one that matches your needs the best. Do not hesitate to outline your vision, budget, and goals to them in order to get guidance on the best elements for your custom exhibit display.


Choose a custom exhibit display backdrop that meshes with the rest of your trade show booth design.

Finally, when selecting a backdrop for your custom exhibit display, look for one that meshes with the design of the rest of your booth. For example, choose a pattern, colors, and design that match what you are doing in the rest of your display. Select the same color palette for the backdrop as you are using throughout the rest of your graphics and messaging. And implement the same tone and feel as you have for the rest of your display.

The result should be a backdrop that is visually striking but that does not clash with the rest of your custom exhibit display. Instead, it should serve to draw attention seamlessly to the rest of the display. Your goal is a cohesive brand message that works together seamlessly to give attendees a unified view of what your brand has to offer them.

Creating an effective backdrop for your custom exhibit display means creating a look that is proportional, complementary, and clearly messaged to coincide with the rest of your display. In addition, you need a backdrop that is proportional to the rest of your display in order to create a look that encourages attendees to stop what they are doing and learn more about your business and what your business can do for them.

If you need help creating the right backdrop, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We can help you create just the right backdrop, and just the right custom exhibit display, for your event needs.