Tips for Creating Effective Event Exhibits

August 2nd, 2015


Event exhibits are much like other forms of marketing in that they must attract the attention of the target audience if they are going to succeed. In addition, event attendees expect to be impressed by what they see at the trade show. Up to 92 percent of them attend the trade shows with the express purpose of finding new products. As a result, creating an event exhibit that showcases your brand is one of the most important ways to ensure your success at these events. Following are a few of the steps you can take to create a trade show booth design that will contribute to your trade show success.



Know your goals.

The best custom exhibits succeed because they achieve the goals of the business they promote. For instance, if a business plans to conduct meetings during the trade show, their display may require the use of solid walls and comfortable chairs that create spaces where these meetings can be held. A business that wants to generate quality leads through its display may benefit from incorporating technology that allows booth managers to capture visitors’ information for follow up. A company that wants to promote a new product may need an exhibit that uses LCD display boxes and interactive technology to introduce visitors to its latest offerings. Once the business’ goals are clearly defined, the design elements that support these goals can be incorporated into the display, allowing for a finished product that allows the business to meet its trade show goals.


Communicate your brand.

Building brand awareness is one of the main goals of 83 percent of trade show exhibitors. As a result, exhibits should embody this goal by clearly communicating the company’s brand. Current trends in the design of exhibits provide businesses with greater flexibility than ever before in capturing the essence of their brand and communicating it to event attendees.


For instance, one of 2015’s exhibit trends is mixed media, in which a variety of textures, materials, and colors combine to give the display a unique appearance. Another trend in trade show exhibit design is the use of wooden elements that add warmth. A carefully crafted display can use trends such as these along with tried and true practices to display a business’ most essential characteristics in a visually appealing manner.


Use lighting to your advantage.

Lighting is becoming increasingly popular in custom exhibits and rental exhibits alike. It can also be cost effective, creating a striking look and feel for much less than other design elements. For that reason, display lighting can be not only an eye-catching element but also a cost-saving one for businesses operating within a tight budget.


Advances in technology now allow businesses to exercise a great deal of creativity in their use of lighting. For instance, one trend this year is to use LCD back lighting to enhance the exhibit. This lighting can be adjusted for color, brightness, and movement to create a look that will match a business’ brand.


Besides accentuating the display, lighting has a number of other uses within a trade show exhibit. For instance, it can be incorporated into the display itself, or used in LCD displays or other aspects of the design to draw attention to particular products that may be of interest to attendees.


As with every other element of trade show booth design, the use of lighting must match the goals and characteristics of the business. For instance, a brand that is characterized by elegance should incorporate lighting that creates a luxurious feel, while a brand that is characterized by edginess or innovation might benefit from neon colors and a bolder look.


Take advantage of technology.

Today more than ever, technology offers a way for companies to create displays that draw event attendees in. The potential uses of technology within an exhibit are numerous. For instance, recessed tablets can be used to create interactive elements for attendees. LCD display boxes allow you to showcase new products. Other technology allows trade show booth management to more effectively capture leads, or to communicate information to attendees without the use of brochures. Incorporating technology also allows any display to look more modern and more appealing to trade show attendees.


Showcase new products.

Since nearly all trade show attendees come looking for new products, showcasing yours is one of the most important things you can do to draw attention to your display. There are many ways to successfully promote your newest offerings. One method is to enclose these products in LCD display boxes, which electronically display information about the product.


An effective method for displaying your products at a trade show is to show off only your newest items. The temptation may be to display as many items, new and old, as you can fit into your exhibit. However, crowded displays make it difficult for visitors to locate the particular products in which they are interested. As a result, choosing a few of your best and newest offerings to showcase may bring in more visitors and leave them with a better impression than trying to display all of your products at once.


Successful trade show booth design will creatively and powerfully communicate your business’ brand, goals, and products. By knowing your goals, communicating your brand, using lighting to your advantage, taking advantage of technology, and showcasing new products, you, with the help of an experienced exhibit design company, should be able to develop the kind of exhibit that will enhance your next trade show visit.