Tips for Lighting Product Displays in a Trade Show Exhibit

November 13th, 2018

While there are many areas of your trade show exhibit that might benefit from the attention-grabbing, mood-setting properties of lights, your product displays are probably one of the primary areas you want visitors to see when they come to your booth. After all, most attendees visit a trade show hoping to see new products, and cultivating new leads is usually a main goal for businesses. As a result, using lighting to make products visible and appealing can be a wise choice. Here are a few tips for using illumination to create product displays that are appealing and effective for your trade show display.

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Reserve the use of your accent lighting for your trade show exhibit’s product displays.

Accent lighting consists of lighting solutions that highlight a particular area or item. For example, spotlights direct focused beams of light on a small area, in order to draw attention to a speaker for an event, a kiosk where people can learn more about the business, or a display case, where products are being illuminated so visitors can examine them.

Accent lighting is an excellent choice for a trade show exhibit because it makes it simple to draw attention to the most important areas of the booth. However, the overuse of this type of lighting can diminish its effectiveness and even make it confusing for attendees to decide what to focus their attention on.

As a result, if you want to highlight your product displays, you may want to consider reserving the use of accent lighting for those displays. For example, only use LED track lights to show off certain items and not to invite attendees to register their names at your kiosk. Reserve spotlighting for your large, centerpiece product instead of also using it to illuminate your lounge area. By doing so, you will naturally encourage attendees’ eyes to fall on your products, where they can be wowed and educated about your company’s latest offerings.


Consider illuminating individual items within your trade show exhibit’s product displays.

If you have several items to show off within your product display (i.e. Jewelry, phones, various models of an item, etc.), you may want to consider giving each product its due with individual lighting. Providing each item with its own mini-spotlight can create a beautiful, and eye-catching, feature within your trade show exhibit. At the same time, this strategy allows visitors to focus on the individual qualities of each item.

For example, consider placing each product within a separate shelf or cubby within the display. These shelves can be wall mounted or part of a more traditional display case. Then add small spotlights (or even LED track lighting) to each shelf in order to shower the individual items with light. The entire product display will end up illuminated, while each product receives its own focus for inspection. This approach can be quite attractive, without detracting from either your business as a whole or from the appeal of each individual item.


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Do not forget to include ambient lighting within your product displays.

Accent lighting is an excellent choice for product displays because of its ability to draw attention to the details of the product, as well as allow your products to stand out from the other elements within your trade show exhibit. However, accent lighting on its own may not be enough to properly illuminate your product displays. At times like these, ambient lighting may be a good choice for making the entire product display area stand out to attendees.

Ambient lighting will probably be required throughout your trade show exhibit. Thanks to the high, fluorescent lighting of many venues, as well as the tendency toward darkness and shadows that that lighting creates within booths, you will need broad-based lighting solutions to properly illuminate your display.

Your product display area is no exception. While a few lights shining in the dark may look cool, they are not likely to show off your products to good effect. Instead, you will need to add sufficient ambient lighting, such as wall-mounted lights, table and floor lights, and recessed lighting, to provide enough illumination for the entire area.


Consider the mood you are setting within your trade show exhibit’s product displays.

Finally, one of the primary benefits of trade show display lighting is the ability to set a particular mood. Whether you want to go with fun and energetic, composed and professional, or low key, the right lighting can communicate the right feeling to attendees.

Use this ability to set mood to your advantage within your product displays. Do you want to get attendees excited about a brand new, cutting edge product? Use lighting within the display to communicate that energy. On the other hand, if you want to present your products in an elegant and luxurious light, the right illumination can do the trick.

The next time you have products to show off, ensure that they are represented in the right way. Reserve the use of your accent lighting to highlight your items; consider illuminating individual items; include ambient lighting, and consider the mood you want to set with your product lighting.

And, when you are ready to create an effective trade show exhibit that includes beautifully illuminated product displays, do not hesitate to reach out to Imagecraft. We can create custom exhibit displays that represent your brand in a compelling way, and that include building product displays, and lighting, that put your offerings in the best possible light. We can help you to send the right message through lighting, and other features, that will accurately, and compellingly, represent your business.