Tips for Showing Off Large Items in Your Trade Show Booth Display

August 3rd, 2018

Small items (such as jewelry) are naturally difficult to display effectively in an exhibit. But large items can also be hard to show off well. A car, for example, doesn’t exactly fit neatly on a shelf. A large piece of machinery doesn’t necessarily look appealing. And furniture might take up more floor space than you have available, especially in a smaller exhibit. However, with a little bit of planning and creativity, a large item can still become an integral and show stopping product display. The key is to use its large size to your advantage. Here are a few tips for making large items into incredible displays in a trade show exhibit.


Place large products on the floor of the trade show exhibit.

Traditionally, products are placed in display cases or on shelving, tables, pedestals, and other supports as part of an exhibit. These supports make it possible to show off the item in the best possible light, as well as make smaller items more noticeable and engaging. Plus, some supports, such as interactive display cases, provide additional information and engagement around the item on display. However, if your item is very large, you may need to forgo any sort of shelving or pedestal for the item and place it directly on the floor of your trade show display. For example, a car or a large piece of machinery simply will not fit on any sort of support. And besides, the item may be so large that it is eye-catching and impressive all on its own. It does not need additional supports to make it more visible to passersby. Just be aware that large items may require more floor space in your trade show exhibit. You need room not only for the large product but also for the other elements of your display, such as learning stations, presentation areas, seating, lounges, and so forth. A large product, therefore, may require more open floor space and a larger exhibit in order to be displayed appropriately.


Make large products the center of attention.

Product displays should be one of the primary points of interest in a trade show booth display, because they are usually what your business hopes to make its profits on at the event. However, large items in particular benefit from being made the center of attention. For example, consider a car or another large item that you must place on the floor of the trade show booth display. Since it is large, and essentially in the middle of where visitors will walk, it will naturally draw attention to itself. To try to minimize the amount of attention it demands from passersby, such as by placing it in a corner, is only going to make your exhibit look awkward and your product out of place. Instead, embrace the size of your item by making it the centerpiece of your trade show display. When you place it front and center where it is the first thing visitors see when they walk in, you take advantage of the size of the item and use it to create buzz and interest around your exhibit. And that can mean more visitors and more leads than you would have gotten with smaller items.


Exhibit fewer pieces in your trade show booth display.

Naturally, multiple small items fit easily into a trade show exhibit. Often, you need more in order to create a large enough display to attract the attention of visitors. The opposite, however, is usually true of large products. Usually, their size alone limits the number of items you can easily put on display. In fact, with some very large products, you may only be able to showcase one or two in your entire trade show booth display. More than this can clutter up your exhibit. Do not fear, however. With larger items, one or two is more than enough to create a compelling design that draws people in. In fact, creating a centerpiece display focused on one large item can be quite dramatic and compelling. And, if your items come in different colors or options, you can always use digital presentations and other materials to show visitors their other options.


Give large items context.

While a large product will usually have to sit on the floor and may be naturally eye-catching, your job is not done simply by plopping it in the middle of your trade show display. Instead, as with any product display, it will require context in order to look appealing and have a maximum impact on booth visitors. For example, consider adding banners and signs around the item in order to promote it or explain its significance. Add elements (such as ropes or furniture) to create an area that is set apart as the product display area so that the item and the space it occupies is defined. Some items, like machinery, may need to be given context in the form of a story, pictures, or other design elements that explain their importance and improve their visual appeal. If you need help creating a contextual exhibit for your large item, do not hesitate to reach out to your exhibit company’s design services. They can help you to put your item in an exhibit that maximizes its appeal no matter what its size is.


Don’t block traffic flow through the trade show booth display.

Finally, one concern with large products is traffic flow problems. A car, for example, placed in the wrong location, can make it very difficult for visitors to pass through your trade show booth display. As a result, opening up your space around the item so that people can get through is critical to successfully displaying a large item. Large items can make excellent choices for trade show booth displays. You just need to go about it in the right way. Don’t block traffic flow, give the item context, exhibit fewer pieces, make the item the center of attention, and place it on the floor. By doing so, you will find that a large item can serve as an excellent way to create interest and leads at your next trade show.