Tips for Using a Logo in a Trade Show Booth Display

April 20th, 2018

When it comes to visually representing your brand, your logo is the face of your company. Think of companies like Target, FedEx, and Toyota. What makes them instantly recognizable? Their logos. The bright target, the characteristic purple and red of FedEx, and the distinctive shape of the Toyota logo conjure up feelings, expectations, and values associated with each company. The power of the logo is one reason that yours should be prominently displayed on your trade show booth display. Especially if your brand is not yet famous, the consistent display of your logo will gradually communicate your brand values and goals to your booth visitors. And the next time they see your logo, they will be all the more inclined to engage with your business. So how do you effectively place your logo on your trade show booth display? There are simple strategies you should follow to make sure it gets all the attention it deserves. Here are a few.

Place your logo on all the giveaways within your trade show booth display.

The first place your logo belongs within your trade show booth display is the giveaway you plan to have available for booth visitors. The giveaway, or swag, can be whatever you deem appropriate and interesting to your booth visitors (although you may want to avoid clich├ęd offerings like pens). However, what these items should have in common is the presence of your brand. For example, custom wrapped candy, monogrammed tote bags, free flash drives, and more should all be imprinted with your logo and business name. Think that is too expensive for a small business? While it may cost you a little bit upfront, it can more than pay for itself in the levels of brand awareness you will raise and the business these items will hopefully earn you in the long run.

Elevate your logo.

Successful exhibiting requires visibility. Attendees have to see your business and find it appealing. And the most important piece of information that you want to have visible is your logo. If attendees see nothing else, at least they will see your logo, associate it with your brand, and hopefully recognize it the next time they see it. As a result, your goal should be to elevate your logo within your trade show booth display. Rather than placing it just at eye level, where it will be seen only by passers by, placing it up high will make it visible to people across the exhibit hall. As a result, consider placing it on hanging signs, near the top of your graphics, and as part of your large backlit trade show displays.

Make the logo large enough to be easily seen on your trade show booth display.

Because visibility is so important, size is just as critical as height when it comes to adding your logo to your trade show booth display. As a result, you may want to consider enlarging your logo when you integrate it into your design. For example, is it going on a large hanging sign above your display? Consider making it the focal point of that hanging sign so you can devote a large portion of the available space to it. Is it part of the messaging on the walls of your exhibit? Enlarge it so that it becomes a focal point along with the rest of the text. When you get the right size for your logo, you make it easier for people to spot it from across the exhibit hall, and you make it easier for passers by to see, understand, and respond to your business even if they never walk into your display.

Ensure that the logo on your trade show booth display is clear.

All of the graphics on your trade show booth display should be sharp and clear. High quality graphics communicate professionalism and competence, as well as have the added benefit of being easier to see and understand. However, clarity is especially important when it comes to the logo you place on your trade show booth display. As a result, ensure that your logo is crystal clear on the graphics where it appears. This may mean providing native files to your exhibit company’s design services, double checking the renderings before your display is constructed, and checking out the logo as well as the rest of the exhibit during pre-show examinations of the display. In addition, you may need to ensure that the technology you use is high quality. Are your screens high resolution? Are the projected graphics crystal clear? Are your display panels visible from across the exhibit hall? Clear logos, thanks to clear graphics and good technology, will go a long way toward improving their overall look and effectiveness on your trade show booth display.

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Include your business name along with your logo.

Finally, make sure that your logo is always accompanied by your business name. Because most businesses are not as famous as Target, FedEx, or Toyota, chances are your logo is not as recognizable as these businesses’ are either. As a result, your company name should always appear alongside the logo in order to ensure that attendees know which company goes with the logo they are seeing. If you are creating a trade show exhibit, you may need to carefully consider the placement of your business logo. When you can imprint it on all your giveaways, elevate it, enlarge it, ensure its quality and clarity, and include your business name along with it, you will be well on your way to creating a logo that raises brand awareness for your company. An experienced exhibit company like Imagecraft can help you to decide where the logo should go and how it is best displayed in order to reap you the benefits of a visible and recognizable logo for your business.