Tips for Using Retail Fixtures Effectively

November 16th, 2015

retail-fixtures When people enter your store, you want to convince them to buy. This means that every detail of your store should maximize appeal for customers. While they may not appear to be important, retail fixtures actually play a large role in creating this appeal. When used correctly, they can make the difference between a store interior that encourages customers to buy and one that subtly discourages them from making their purchases with you. Following are a few of the ways you can use retail fixtures effectively in your business.


Develop a theme.

If you have done your marketing correctly, your business should possess a brand that is clearly communicated throughout your store, advertising materials, and products. When setting up your store interior, your retail fixtures should mesh with this brand. For instance, the colors of your shelves and display tables should match your brand’s color palette. Add touches of elegance for an upscale brand, and down-home qualities (such as warm lighting fixtures) for a welcoming feel.


In addition, you can use retail fixtures to create a theme around which your products are organized. This theme makes it easier for customers to understand your store and more likely that they will stay and browse your products. Whether this look be one of quiet elegance (i.e. in a jewelry store) or off beat fun (i.e. in a costume store), it should match your brand and appeal to your customers. This is where the design services offered by retail fixture manufacturers can be especially helpful, because they can offer suggestions to help you create a cohesive look.


Use your retail fixtures to highlight your products.

While your retail fixtures should mesh with your brand, they are not the focus of your store interior. Their purpose is to draw attention to your products so store visitors will be more inclined to purchase from you. As a result, your retail fixtures should make your products more appealing. For instance, retail fixtures that show products in use (i.e. fine china set out on a table) can help customers visualize how those products would fit into their lives.


In addition, you should use your retail fixtures to draw attention to certain products. Lighting, bright spots of color, or wall displays can be used to draw attention to certain items (i.e. new products). Window displays can be used to attract the attention of passersby. You can also utilize simple, clean fixtures that make your merchandise visible at a glance. Retail fixture manufacturers will be able to guide you regarding which fixtures will best highlight your specific products.


Make it easy to locate merchandise on your retail fixtures.

The previous two tips focused on the form of the retail fixtures, on what they look like. However, function can be just as important as appearance. One important function your retail fixtures need to serve is to make it easy to locate merchandise. For instance, a common mistake is to install items (such as racks and shelving) that display merchandise too high or too low for customers to reach easily. Instead, keep items within easy reach, so even disabled or elderly customers can get what they want without discomfort. In addition, retail fixtures should display products within lines of sight to make it easier for customers to find what they need.


Finally, you should select retail fixtures that contribute to easy movement. An aesthetically pleasing table may not work if it gets in the customer’s way. Shelving that keeps customers from seeing the displays in the back may hide the item that your customer wanted. As a result, when consulting retail fixture manufacturers, allow them to not only recommend the most appealing and functional items for your store but also the items that will fit best your space.


Meet your customers’ needs.

Customer needs should also drive your selection of retail fixtures. Before installing anything, think through the needs of your specific consumers. For instance, if you run a toy store, you may benefit from retail fixtures that place some toys within a child’s line of sight, or that are durable enough to stand up to some abuse. If you run a clothing store, you may need to select mannequins that match the size of most of your customers. In this way, you create an atmosphere that is welcoming to your target customers and that makes it simple for them to find what they need.


In addition, you should give thought to factors such as the time of year, and the products that are most popular. You could create a shelving unit front and center that displays your most popular items so customers can find them quickly, or create holiday fixtures that match the season. Regardless of which fixtures you choose, they should enhance your customers’ experience in your store.


Keep your retail fixtures up to date.

By not regularly updating your retail fixtures, you risk losing out on opportunities to create displays that will attract more customers. For instance, the holiday season may be a good opportunity to rearrange your fixtures to allow for a more festive atmosphere. If certain products become more popular, you may need to craft designs that highlight those products. You may need to change up your lighting to take account of shifting patterns of daylight, or to draw attention to different products depending upon their popularity and the season.


Even just changing small details about your displays can make your store look fresher and more up to date. For instance, you can change the slipcovers on furniture or paint some of your fixtures for a quick new look. Your retail fixture manufacturer should be able to guide you regarding which updates and changes will work best to make sure your display is always fresh, modern, and relevant.


Retail fixtures allow you to create the look and feel you need to make your business welcoming to potential customers. From developing a theme to highlighting products to making it easy to find merchandise to meeting customer needs and keeping your retail fixtures up to date, you can use these fixtures to maximize the effectiveness and the appeal of your in-store displays.